What Zodiac Sign Am I? Find Out Now!

Are you confused about What Zodiac Sign Am I? Do you wonder amidst the horoscope predictions for all the signs which one to follow? Have you ever read about the sun sign, moon sign or rising sign? Read below to find out about your star sign and get the solution to your question: What Zodiac Sign Am I?

What Zodiac Sign Am I? Best Astrologers On Call Reveal The Answer!

What Zodiac Sign Am I? Sun Sign, Rising Sign Or Moon Sign?

What Is My Sun Sign?

The Sun takes approximately a month to transit in a zodiac. The position of the Sun in the zodiac sign during the time of birth is determined as the Sun Sign. As per the western astrology, there is a specific month dedicated to each Sun Sign.

  • Aries: 21st March -19th April
  • Taurus: 20th April – 20th May
  • Gemini: 21st May – 20th June
  • Cancer: 21st June – 22nd July
  • Leo: 23rd July – 22nd August
  • Virgo: 23rd August – 22nd September
  • Libra: 23rd September – 22nd October
  • Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November
  • Sagittarius: 23rd November – 21st December
  • Capricorn: 22nd December – 19th January
  • Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February
  • Pisces: 20th February – 20th March 

Know yours: Sun Sign Calculator

What is My Rising Sign?

As per the Vedic astrology, the zodiac that appears in the sky in the eastern direction at the time of birth is taken into consideration as the rising sign of an individual. Your personality and physical appearance are influenced by your rising sign. Know yours: Rising Sign Calculator

What is My Moon Sign?

The Moon takes 2.5 days for moving from one sign to another, the zodiac, in which the Moon transits at the time of the birth of the individual is taken as the Moon sign. Your thoughts and feelings are influenced by your moon sign.

Know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator

What Zodiac Sign Am I? Get Your Answer Now!

Am I Aries?

You are bold and dynamic, nothing can hold your spirit back. Always on toes for starting something new and adventurous. You don’t give a thought on completing it though. You are never scared of getting into the competitions, as these are your passion. You have all the power in you to turn a boring game into an interesting challenge. The colour of love and depth red is the one that charms you the most. High in energy, nothing can stop you from leading the world. Your quick temper and impatience get you to blow at times. Nevertheless, you are innovative enough to make new ways to fulfil your personal interests.

Am I Taurus?

What zodiac sign am I? Am I Taurus? Know now! You are truly headstrong and determined. Once you hook on your eyes onto something, you never leave it, that is your stubbornness. With a dashing sense of humour, which is good at advising the masses. You maintain your calm and love the stability in the relationships. You truly look for trust and loyalty in your partner, in return, you will never lay back to share the same. Always drawn towards consistency, you look up for reliable things. Your refined taste buds push you to try versatile cuisines. Comfort and luxuries are your foremost charm and aiming for the finest things are one of your choices.

Am I Gemini?

You are the charming bubble, with a dimple on your chin and soft wavy curls. High in intelligence is the jack of all but master on none. You are fun to be around and quite flexible and easy-going. This makes you pretty much friendly and flirtatious at times. You are inquisitive to know about anything and everything. Your sarcastic sense of humour truly attracts attention. A multi-tasker, you get bored up with monotonous things around you. A true dual sign is good at manipulating things or situations in your favour. Communicating is your strength and you don’t resist using it.

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Am I Cancer?

You are truly sensitive and highly emotional beings. Nurturing and protecting your loved ones is your prime goal. This uplifts your mood and brings contentment to your soul. Wavering moods and intense concerns, makes you appear clingy at times. Also, your unpredictable moods make you a bit dramatic amongst the crowd. Truly devotional and dedicated to your dear ones, you expect the same care from them in the hearts of heart. Your intuitive sense and cautious acts are like true protection for you and it helps you in your challenging situations. Your faithfulness and selfless concerns are something that makes you charming. Searching for true love is your only aspiration.

Am I Leo?

Born leaders are always bright and optimistic in nature. You are a fair, honest and loyal person. You stay away from any kind of drama or whimsical stuff. You are rigid and don’t twist or bend for anything. You are arrogant at times and this attitude is something which is not appreciable by your dear ones. You are full of ambitions and don’t give up at anything. You are good at commanding and delegating responsibilities. You always look for quick and easy solutions so you don’t have to slog yourself for achieving your goals. You never let people take an advantage out of you be it personally or professionally. This gives the answer to your question: What zodiac sign am I? Am I Leo?

Am I Virgo?

You are good at analysing things and pass critical comments with minute details. You believe in complete tasks with utmost finesse, thus perfection is something you always aim for. You truly maintain your calm and are good at giving genuine advice. Giving consultations is one of your hobbies. You take your sweet time in getting started, which makes you appear traditional and conservative towards the adaptation of ideas. Even the minute change in your daily regime puts you in an uncomfortable place and generally counts on your health. You are a reliable person and people look up to you for solving their issues.

Am I Libra?

You are true socialites and prefer to maintain balance in everything around you be it in personal or professional life. You are good at conversations and prefer to keep peace and calm in your surroundings. You have a sophisticated taste and are good in taking initiatives be it work or relationships. When in a romantic relationship you are completely involved in your partner. You like posing off at times and will always aim to maintain those picture-perfect life standards and goals. You are good at listening to people around you, however, you will not get too attached or carried away with their verses.

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Am I Scorpio?

Am I Scorpio Zodiac Sign? Here is the answer!

You are a bit difficult to be understood by most people and have a mysterious personality. Although you are represented by the Water element, looking at your passion and intensity, some may think of you as the Fire element. It is hard to fool you since you look at everything with a sceptical vision, which makes you have trust issues.  You are never afraid of competition. You do not have a forgiving nature if someone breaks your trust and sometimes tries to take revenge. Mood wise, you are mostly on the extreme end, either high or either low. For you, a promise is promise-fulfilled; your word is your life.

Am I Saggitarius?

You are truth seekers and always on a quest for knowledge. You are full of enthusiasm and are not afraid of aiming high. You remain optimistic about your future. You believe in honesty and straightforwardness, which some people may not like as you are not diplomatic. You like being independent and like to live your life on your own terms and do not like if someone enforces terms on you. However, when things in life do not move the way you expect, you tend to get restless and lose your patience. Considering your intelligence, it is very hard for anyone to deceive you. 

Am I Capricorn?

You belong to the Earth element, therefore, you always remain grounded. You are quite ambitious and take discipline very seriously. You are a genuine person with a heart of gold. You are extremely loyal at both your personal as well as the professional fronts. You have an extremely strong sense of your responsibilities, which makes your personality a serious one. You do have a bit of an unforgiving nature at times. You like perfection and hate careless mistakes. When it comes to relationships, you are pretty much sincere and committed about it. You take time to enter in one however when you are into someone you believe in having open communication. 

Am I Aquarius?

You are full of ever-evolving self-consciousness. You have a keen interest in making the world a better place for all. You are always on the front-line when it comes to helping others. You make rational decisions and have a good sense of judgement. You are always open to new perspectives and have an open mind. You are never afraid of talking about the unpopular opinion and will go cross all borders to stand by fair means. You talk intellectually and like things around you to be organised. You will stand for your principles which can sometimes make you socially distant from others. 

Am I Pisces?

You feel stuck between reality and imagination. You are compassionate and empathetic in nature and believe in selfless deeds. You are creative and have boundless imagination, which is why, if you choose your career in the field of art, you can get unlimited success. You are sensitive and can get easily emotional when you see someone in pain. You are complex individuals with very high emotional intelligence. You can be very moody; to the extent that you sometimes deceive yourself. You are the best friend and will always be there when in need. As a partner, you are a very devoted one.

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