Alert! Vish Yoga Spells Trouble For 2 Zodiacs; Are You On The List?

Vish Yoga, as we can understand from the name itself is an inauspicious yoga and affects us in different negative ways. It is formed when Saturn and Moon are either conjunct together or are in full aspect of each other. 

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In this regard, one Vish Yoga was formed recently on 13 May with the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn. Now, the second Vish Yoga is set to form just within 13 days, i.e. on 26 May. For your information, the second one is being formed with Saturn and Moon’s complete aspect on each other.

Additional Information: As we know, Saturn and Moon are enemies and Saturn’s aspect casts an evil eye whenever it aspects a house or a planet. As the moon is the ‘karaka’ of our emotions, Saturn particularly disturbs the moon and gives rise to the Vish Yoga. 

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Vish Yoga: Date & Timing

Vish Yoga will be formed on 26 May, at 08:49 PM, and will last till 29 May, 08:55 PM. 

Vish Yoga: Impact

  • This Yoga affects the mind and the body by putting stress on the mind and our physical body as well. It creates disturbed thoughts and affects the development of a child. 
  • It also affects the education of a native and with the presence of this Yoga, natives might even fail their exams
  • This Yoga impacts the career and the professional life of a native negatively
  • It affects the marriage and love life of a person
  • This Yoga also negatively influences the mother’s health or an individual’s relationship with their mother.

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Vish Yoga Will Bring Troubles For These 2 Zodiac Signs!

This time the Moon will be situated in the Leo zodiac sign and Saturn is in the Aquarius zodiac. This yoga is formed by aspect, so it will particularly impact the Leo Zodiac and the Aquarius Zodiac the most. 

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This Yoga may affect the mental peace and create disturbances in the home environments for the natives belonging to the Leo zodiac. It may bring troubles related to your mother’s health as well. Students may find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. Fights may erupt between couples and disturb their married life as well. Their finances could be adversely affected too. 


Aquarius natives must not lend money to anyone or make huge investments during this time as you may face financial hurdles. Take care of your mother’s health as it could be a concern. Your own health may take a downturn. Your bosses may not be satisfied with your work or your intentions could be misjudged due to misunderstandings between you and your authorities or your colleagues at work. Be very careful and mindful of what you speak and how you say it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is yoga visha?

Vish Yoga is formed when Saturn and Moon are in conjunction or are aspecting each other.

Q2: Which stone is used for Vish Yoga?

One must wear Lapiz Lazuli Gemstone after consulting an astrologer for Vish Yoga.

Q3: What are the benefits of Vish Yoga Puja?

It can help you get rid of financial troubles.

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