Saturn-Moon Conjunction Forms Vish Yoga: Financial Storm Approaches 3 Zodiacs!

Vish Yoga: Saturn in astrology is a planet that is feared by every individual. When it is appeased, it bestows a native with many splendid gifts; however, if a person angers Saturn or Shani Dev, it can turn you from a King to pauper in no time. On the contrary, the Moon is a peaceful and calm planet that emits feminine energy. But what happens when anger meets calm; when fire meets water? We’ll discuss this Saturn-Moon celestial dance in this blog by AstroSage that will bring troubles for 3 zodiac signs!

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Saturn-Moon Conjunction Forms Vish Yoga

We all know that every planetary conjunction forms either an auspicious or inauspicious union that gives favorable and unfavorable outcomes to 12 zodiac signs accordingly. In this regard, a union of Saturn and Moon will be formed on 13 May, which is being considered as fatal or disastrous by the learned astrologers of AstroSage. This is because when Saturn and Moon come together, this conjunction gives rise to Vish Yoga

Vish yoga is not a pious yoga in Vedic Astrology. It will be formed on 13 May and will negatively affect the natives belonging to 3 particular zodiac signs. Let’s find out who these natives are.

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Vish Yoga To Bring Trouble For 3 Zodiacs


The Vish Yoga formation will take place in the eighth house of Cancer natives, and the ruling lord of Cancer itself is present in the same house. Hence, it is going to be a disastrous placement for you. Along with this, you’re going through the Shani Dhaiya phase which is also not a very fruitful time for you. Due to this, the expert astrologers advise you to avoid starting anything new or significant during this period. Besides this, you must take care of your health and avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. Also, be careful while driving a vehicle or investing your money. Make sure to stick to a tight budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.


This yoga will form in the sixth house of the Virgo natives and will bring a challenging time for the people belonging to this zodiac. Your enemies might bother you or you could get into an unnecessary argument with someone, which will disrupt your peace. AstroSage suggests you to be careful at your workplace while doing any task and avoid excessive expenses to avoid financial crunch. 

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Vish yoga will spread its claws through your twelfth house. This period will bring unwanted travel for you, during which you might get into an argument or fight with someone. You might lose your luggage. There are chances of ill health and someone could accuse you falsely of something. Also, due to Shani Sade Sati going on over Pisces natives, you could face financial and health troubles, so beware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Vish Yoga

This yoga is formed when Saturn and Moon form a conjunction.

Q2: Which gemstone is used in Vish Yoga?

Lapiz Lazuli Stone is used in Vish Yoga only after consulting a good astrologer.

Q3: What is the effect of Vish Yoga?

This yoga leads to misery and sadness in a person’s life.

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