Venus Transit In Taurus (May 19th): Amazing Fortune For 5 Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Taurus: In the month of May, several planets will be transiting through the Taurus zodiac sign. Indeed, while the Sun had previously transited through Taurus, Venus will also enter Taurus on May 19. In this special blog, we will explore the effects of this transit of Venus according to the zodiac signs, ways to mitigate its negative effects, and much more.

We will also learn why it is essential for Venus to be strong in the horoscope. If Venus is distressed in the horoscope, what kind of troubles can a person face, etc. In this blog by AstroSage, we will learn about the Venus Transit In Taurus. Along with this, we will explore highly effective and accurate remedies to strengthen the Venus planet.

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Venus Transit In Taurus: Date & Time

Before we proceed, let’s delve into the timing of Venus transit in Taurus. Naturally, the feminine planet Venus will move into the Taurus zodiac sign on May 19th, 2024, at 8:29 AM. As we already know about the Sun’s transit into Taurus, the conjunction of Venus and the Sun will commence in Taurus on May 19th.

Venus As A Planet In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Venus planet is considered a benefic planet. Its influence brings physical, bodily, and marital happiness to the natives. This is why Venus is seen as a significator of material comforts, marital happiness, luxury, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance, desire, fashion designing, and more in astrology. While Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, it is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo.

Speaking of transits, the transit of Venus lasts for approximately 23 days. This means Venus changes its sign after residing in a sign for 23 days.

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Effects Of Strong & Afflicted Venus In Birth Chart

When Venus is strong, meaning it occupies a fortified position in an individual’s birth chart, those individuals experience marital bliss. There is constant love between spouses, and they enjoy all the comforts and luxuries in life. Romance flourishes, and individuals take pleasure in various physical comforts. Additionally, they show interest in literature and the arts. 

However, suppose Venus is afflicted in the birth chart. In that case, individuals may face marital discord, unnecessary issues between spouses, financial difficulties, a decrease in physical comforts, and various mental, emotional, financial, and social hardships.

Venus As Per Religious and Astronomical Perspectives

In religious texts, the Venus planet is referred to as the guru of demons, hence it is also known as Shukracharya. In English, it is called Venus and is termed as the “Planet of Beauty,” associated with aesthetics. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Venus is described as the son of the sage Bhrigu and is also known as Bhrigu. Venus’s association with the goddess of wealth, Ma Lakshmi, is also noted, which is why people observe fasts on Fridays to seek wealth and prosperity.

From an astronomical standpoint, Venus is classified as an inferior planet. It is the closest to Earth in terms of size and distance, often referred to as Earth’s sister. The atmosphere of this planet contains the highest concentration of carbon dioxide gas. Venus appears to shine the brightest in the sky shortly before sunrise and after sunset, earning it the title of the “morning star” or the “evening star.”

When discussing weak and strong Venus placements, individuals with a strong Venus in their birth chart possess attractive personalities, and wealth, and enjoy various luxuries in life. Moreover, they cultivate an influential presence, establish themselves in society, and often find beautiful life partners. When Venus is auspicious or exalted in the house of karma, individuals thrive in fields such as art, entertainment, film, media, and fashion design.

Conversely, if despite efforts, you struggle to maintain marital happiness, it could indicate a weak Venus in your birth chart. Such individuals may engage in extramarital relationships even after marriage. A weak Venus may result in infertility issues, an unsuccessful love life, and sometimes even betrayal or cheating in relationships. Additionally, frequent or severe skin problems may also suggest a weak Venus placement.

Eye, intestinal, skin, kidney, or sugar-related diseases are also symptoms of a weak Venus. Additionally, individuals with weak Venus may need more wealth, and comfort, and have stronger self-confidence. In such situations, knowledgeable astrologers suggest some simple remedies to strengthen the Venus planet. Let’s explore what these remedies entail.

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Venus Transit In Taurus: Remedies To Strengthen Venus In Your Horoscope

  • Start observing Friday fasts.
  • Include milk, yogurt, rice, and sugar in your meals.
  • Perform puja on Fridays and then donate white-colored clothes and fragrant items to a poor Brahmin.
  • You can also donate cosmetics, camphor, sugar candy, and yogurt. This will further strengthen the Venus planet.
  • Additionally, if desired, consult a knowledgeable astrologer, show your birth chart, and wear a diamond or opal gemstone. This also strengthens Venus.
  • Perform puja of Goddess Lakshmi and Jagdamba.
  • Recite the Shri Sukta.
  • Bring a Venus Yantra to your home today and then worship it regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What does it mean when Venus is in transit?

Ans. When the Venus planet changes from one sign to another, it is called Venus transit.

Ques2. What illnesses are associated with the Venus planet?

Ans. Venus can cause diseases related to jaundice, infertility, reproductive system, and skin.

Ques3. What happens when the Venus planet is strong?

Ans. When the Venus planet is strong, it provides positive results to the native.

Ques4. Which ring should be worn for Venus?

Ans. Wearing a silver ring strengthens the Venus planet.

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