Vicious Vish Yoga in Sawan Month; 3 Zodiacs Will Still Benefit!

Vish Yoga: The movement of planets across zodiacs has an impact on the lives of individuals. The combination of the Moon and Saturn forms a destruction yoga in the Sawan month. It brings some kind of effect to all zodiacs. There are a few zodiacs benefiting from Vish yoga and the blog highlights it.

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Vish Yoga in Sawan: Date & Time

The Vish Yoga also referred to as Destructive Yoga is the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn. It started on 6 July 2023, at 01.38 pm as the Moon has entered Aquarius and will stay in the zodiac till 02.58 pm, 8 July 2023.

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The coming together of Moon & Saturn is expected to cause trouble for zodiacs and affect the mental well-being of individuals. Contacting world-class astrologers will be the top option to manage the timeline. But, the Vish Yoga also benefits three zodiacs and the details are mentioned below.

The planet Saturn is taking two and a half years to change its zodiac and the Moon changes its position in two and a half days. The Moon-Saturn Conjunction has happened just now and it will be an opportunity to get the best results out of business deals. Vish Yoga in Kundli has different effects, but the movement of planets has effects across all the signs.

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List of 3 Zodiacs Benefiting From Vish Yoga


The period of Vish Yoga is very auspicious for Leo natives and it brings luck in career & personal life. If you’ve pending promotion in your office or payments in the business then the chances of success will be real within the time. There will be peace within the family and the fight within the relationship also solves. The period is also lucky for students and they will be able to concentrate on their studies smoothly.


The Vish Yoga for Libra people will bring a sense of spirituality into their lives. Also, the possibilities of working out suitable business deals in your business. Obstacles in life will reduce within the timeline and it will ease the complexities. The natives will be able to find the right balance between work life & family life. Your meditativeness will increase and the stress levels will be reduced.

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For Aquarius natives, it will be time to invest time with your partner for love in the relationship. It will be time to invest in your business and your health will also remain safe. Luck will favor the individuals and the right steps will lead to career success. There will be an opportunity to fix the old troubles and recover from the sins. Make an effort in solving the family difference and the success rate will be high.


What is the Impact of Vish Yoga?

Ans. It assists the natives to come out of troubled situations and also faces the challenges swiftly for desired outcomes.

How Does Vish Yoga Affect Marriage?

Ans. It might lead to troubles in the marriage and also bring good time for some partners to overcome the troubles.

What is the Power of Vish Yoga in Kundli?

Ans. The situations will vary as per individual horoscopes and different natives can benefit a lot from the positioning.

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