Saturn Transit 2025: Saturn’s Wrath On Few Zodiacs In 2025 & Blessings On Others!

The planet Saturn is very important in astrology. Saturn, according to Vedic astrology, is the god of justice and the provider of karmic outcomes. These are the slowest moving planets, thus they stay in one zodiac sign for two and a half years. In astrological terms, this time period is known as Dhaiya Lagana. The favorable and adverse effects of Shani Dhaiya are long-lasting. If Saturn is in an unlucky house in a person’s horoscope, the person will have inauspicious results, which may include a variety of ups and downs in life. On the other hand, if Shani Dev is situated in an auspicious house in a person’s horoscope, it offers them success in all aspects.

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Saturn’s fortunate influence causes the person to become hardworking, diligent, and fair-minded. Saturn’s blessings help the person attain success in his career. The individual becomes serious about his work. If Saturn is afflicted and in an inauspicious position in the horoscope, the person may suffer difficulties. Saturn entered Aquarius at 05:04 p.m. on January 17, 2023, and will remain there until next year, 2025. Saturn will transit Pisces after two and a half years. In this AstroSage blog, we will present information on the impact on all 12 zodiac signs till 2025.

Saturn Transit 2025 Impact On 12 Zodiac Signs


In relation to Aries, Saturn will treat you well through 2025. It’s possible that your income could increase unexpectedly this year, and you’ll have an accurate source of money. You will now reap the benefits of all the difficulties you have encountered thus far and the diligent work you have put in. You will achieve your goals and have your wishes granted. Your confidence will return and you’ll start to finish the unfinished plans you had planned. You won’t experience financial hardship at this time.


Up to 2025, Taurus sign individuals will reap significant advantages. There is a good possibility that you will succeed greatly in both job and business. Your career will stabilize in due course. There will be opportunities for employment advancement and promotion, business expansion through new initiatives, and business growth. You will have plenty of opportunities to go overseas for work-related purposes, and by doing so, you will be able to advance your career.  You’ll feel in excellent health and be in good shape at this time.

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Astrologically speaking, this will also be a great time for Geminis. You will have the opportunity to make your fortune through hard work, so the more hard work you put in, the more results you will be able to get in this time. Long journeys will create chances of success in your life during this period. However, your relationship with your father may deteriorate and this time will be weak for his health as well. Your salary might rise significantly, but you’ll need to work hard to do that. It will be advantageous to take business risks at this time.

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There will undoubtedly be some challenges at work at this time, but success is possible if you put in your best effort. You’ll succeed in reaping the rewards of your hard work while experiencing some work-related pressure and mental tension. It’s possible to find yourself suddenly wealthy. Your in-laws might provide you money or bring you happiness. You will be concerned for the child. In partnerships including love, there will be ups and downs. In terms of their education, students will have to put in a lot of work. There is a possibility of switching jobs and landing a nice position.

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People born under the sign of Leo, you can start new projects together and have your spouse’s support at this time. You have a strong possibility of succeeding in business, and your productivity will do so. will travel great distances for employment. Along with taking walks outside, you will have the opportunity to go on some enjoyable adventures with your spouse. It will be crucial for you to refrain from becoming overly preoccupied and thoughtless, as this could lead to health issues.


Saturn is in this position to strengthen you, thus this is going to be a tough moment for your opponents. No matter how hard they try, your rivals will be unable to overpower you because you will defeat them. You will find that this position of Saturn will be quite beneficial for your career. Your standing at work will strengthen and you’ll become an expert in what you do. It is likely that you will be dealing with physical issues during this period since you will be working harder than necessary to obtain a favorable financial situation. You’ll need to make an effort to keep friendly connections with your siblings throughout this time.


By 2025, you’ll be stress-free. Your relationship will blossom into something very lovely and you will have the opportunity to give your sweetie a hug if you are sincere and faithful to each other. There would be difficulties for the students in their academics. You will appear to be disciplining your kids intensively at this period. Married life will benefit from this period. If you like someone and want to marry them, then during this period you will certainly achieve success and your love marriage can happen. In addition to feeling more love for your partner, your spouse will also put you in a financial advantage.

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You can have a lot of ups and downs till 2025. Saturn’s influence may cause one to become more distant from relatives. You could have to leave your family behind and experience intense emotions. In addition, you can succeed in building a house by applying for a bank loan. Make sure you thoroughly investigate any property you plan to purchase during this time, legally speaking. It’s possible that your mother’s health will deteriorate, therefore it’s important that you look after her.


Whatever work you choose to accomplish during this time, you will do it with utmost dedication and success. If you work, your colleagues will back you wholeheartedly, and it will be thanks to them that you can advance to a strong position in your company. Your boldness and courage will grow. You can successfully achieve the anticipated expansion of your organization by enhancing your inclination to take calculated risks in business. You’ll succeed in romantic relationships. You’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to get your love. Additionally, students will achieve academic success.


It is predicted that family members might experience stress and discord until 2025, but with dedication and diligence, you can successfully navigate through every challenge. It will begin to strengthen your financial condition. During this time, all of your previous hard work will pay off, and your bank balance will begin to grow. You will not step back in fulfilling your family needs which means your place in life will be high in the eyes of your family. This will also be the time when your social status rises. 

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if you put a lot of effort into your task. You will obtain better results in proportion to the amount of hard work you put in. Career-wise, this will be a really good time. You might also succeed in international business. You’ll hold a solid position at work as well. You will become a better person during this time. You’re going to develop a powerful personality. Your siblings will be there for you, although they might experience some sort of health issue. 


You might report experiencing discomfort in your ankles, feet, or from a sprain or injury during this time. In addition, you can experience symptoms including impaired vision, eye pain, or wet eyes. Take some care of this. Right now is the ideal time to travel if you want to go overseas. You can travel overseas and find a nice job. Through international trade, there is a possibility of obtaining additional foreign currency. The only way to win is to spend for your opponents and court-related matters. You’ll have to travel far this time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. When will Saturn change its zodiac sign?

Answer: On March 29, 2025, the sign of Pisces will transit.

Question 2. Where will Saturn be in 2025?

Answer 2. Saturn will be in Pisces.

Question 3. Where is Saturn in 2024?

Answer 3: Saturn is presently located in Aquarius, one of its own signs of the zodiac.

Question 4. When Saturn become weak?

Answer 4.  If you find yourself in constant financial difficulties and lack of funds, recognize that Saturn is weak in your horoscope.


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