Venus Transit – 5 Zodiacs Face Trouble In Paradise!

On 12th June, at 6:15 in the evening, Venus will enter Gemini. It will stay in this zodiac till 7th July and after this, will move to the Cancer zodiac. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of love and that’s why, when it enters Gemini, the love life of all zodiacs is going to get affected. 

If the presence of Venus is strong in a person’s birth chart, they stay satisfied throughout their life, their health remains the best and they have a strong mindset too. Besides happiness and enjoyment, they also get auspicious results in their life. They become successful in earning money and getting happiness plus prosperity in their life. 

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Now, the Venus transit in Gemini going to happen in June will affect all the zodiac signs and there are some special zodiac signs whose love life will be especially influenced by this transit. In this blog further, we are going to discover the zodiacs who may have to go through a hard time in their love life due to Venus’s zodiac change. 


Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house of Aries zodiac and right now, it will transit in the third house. This transit of Venus may not be favorable for your love life. There are chances of problems related to ego and arrogance to occur between you and your partner. On the other hand, there are chances of a downfall in the health of your partner as well.  

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For the Scorpio zodiac, Venus is the ruling lord of the seventh and twelfth house and currently, it will move to the eighth house. You may end up getting into a fight with your friends. There are even chances of disagreements between you and your partner and due to the same, you two may end up with an argument. 

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Venus is the ruling lord of the sixth and eleventh house of the Sagittarius zodiac. At present, it will transit in the seventh house. The Venus transit in Gemini can disturb your relationship with your partner and friends. There are chances the bond between you and your partner may weaken. The two of you may feel less connected and this can reduce the happiness of your marriage. 

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For the Capricorn zodiac, Venus is the ruling lord of the fifth and tenth house, and at the moment, it will transit in the sixth house. You may get stressed or worried about your future. The trust between you and your partner may shake. Due to the same, there are chances of the disputes to increase between the two of you. 

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Now, Venus is the ruling lord of the third and eighth house of the Pisces zodiac and currently, it will move to your fourth house. During this period, there can be a reduction in your familial happiness. There are chances of a great change to come into your life. Also, the mutual coordination between you and your partner can be reduced. You may not be happy or satisfied with your love relationship in this period. 

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Impact Of Venus On The Love Life 

In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered as the planet of love. The feeling of romance in a person is dependent on the placement of Venus in their birth chart. Venus influences our attitude towards love and attraction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the relationship between Venus and Love?

Venus is the planet of love in Vedic Astrology. 

How to strengthen Venus for love? 

Wear white clothes and apply perfume. 

Which planet is responsible for love?

Venus is responsible for love in Vedic Astrology.

Which planet is responsible for love and beauty?

Venus is the planet responsible for love and beauty.

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