Jupiter In Taurus Till 2025: No Shortage Of Money For Zodiacs

Jupiter Transit 2024: According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is a fortunate and auspicious planet that changes signs every year. As a result, any changes observed in Jupiter’s movement, state, or position have an impact on all living things on Earth. Furthermore, a person has favorable outcomes when Jupiter’s auspicious gaze lands in any sign or house of the zodiac.

In the same way, discover which zodiac signs will profit from Jupiter’s transit in 2024 with this exclusive AstroSage blog post. Without further ado, let’s begin this unique article with learning the date and time of Jupiter’s transit.

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Jupiter Transit 2024: Date & Time

As we previously informed you, Jupiter transits every year. It passed through the sign of Taurus last month, namely on May 1 at 02:29 pm, and it will remain in this sign for 14 days in the upcoming year. It will remain in this position until May 2025. We would like to inform you that Venus is the lord of Taurus. In this case, if Jupiter stays in Venus for a full year, certain zodiac signs may benefit. Jupiter will also be retrograde, set, rising, and direct during this year. Certain zodiac signs may experience changes in their lives as a result of this. Let us now reveal which zodiac signs Jupiter will bring happiness into their lives.

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Jupiter Transit: These Zodiacs Will Be Wealthier 2025  


Jupiter’s transit in Taurus will be advantageous to Aries individuals. During this time, unfinished or stagnant work will begin to be completed. Additionally, there will be a rise in income. As an Aries, you are ruled by Jupiter, which is the lord of your ninth and twelfth houses. The ninth house in your horoscope represents luck, and following its transit in Taurus, Jupiter will stay in the second house of your zodiac until 2025. As a result, these people will always be in luck, and your financial situation will also get better. These folks will have larger bank accounts, which will allow you to save money as well.

In addition to growing in popularity, this zodiac sign’s people will also be more loved and respected by society. Also, you are likely to hear some good news in the family. If you own your own business, you’ll see rapid growth and the opportunity to complete those long-pending tasks. Jupiter will be aspecting your sixth, eighth, and tenth houses while it is in the second house of Aries. As a result, these people will get freedom from old debts. Students born under the sign of Aquarius will excel academically and are likely to make new acquaintances. In addition to spending quality time with your partner, you will achieve great success in your job.

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Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh houses in the horoscope of Taurus individuals. After transiting, it will now be in your ascendant or first house, and for these natives, Jupiter will bring good fortune. You’ll succeed greatly if you work in intelligence, astrology, or research-related fields. Also, this will be a fantastic period for your financial situation and you’ll have a stronger propensity towards spirituality.

Jupiter rules your eleventh house, thus you will see strong financial gains. These individuals will receive income increases from new sources. However, you should take precautions with your health, since this could lead to worsening of your issues. With Jupiter’s blessings, you will experience love in your marriage and in your relationships. Individuals who were having marital issues will now vanish. On the other hand, there’s a good probability you’ll go on religious travels when Jupiter’s ninth aspect falls on the Bhagya Bhava. In that case, you’ll seem happy and satisfied. 

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Jupiter, who is currently in Taurus and moving to your eleventh house, is the lord of your sixth and ninth houses for those born under the sign of Cancer. These people’s fortunes will therefore be at their peak, and the issues preventing you from achieving your goals will immediately disappear. Pupils born under this sign will excel academically, and Lord Jupiter will also assist in gaining success in other spheres of life. Society will regard you with more dignity and respect. 

These individuals’ relationships with their bosses will continue to be friendly. These folks are going to be very successful in their careers. Additionally, your third, fifth, and seventh houses will be aspected by Lord Jupiter in the eleventh house. This means that if you own your own firm, you will make considerable money from it. Your relationships with these people’s siblings and sisters will be lovely, and the issues you were experiencing will now be resolved. You will have the ability to make a good living while Jupiter is in transit.


Jupiter rules your fifth and eighth houses if you are a Leo. It will now go through your eleventh house. This Jupiter transit will be advantageous for you in that case because it will present new business prospects. Additionally, there is a possibility of receiving recognition for one’s hard work and a career advancement. Their bosses will recognize the effort these individuals put forth to finish the task.

This will be an excellent time for you to invest in your finances, and you will make significant gains. It’s likely that you will inherit property or receive unexpected rewards. You’ll have secure finances as well. Jupiter will bring sweetness into your romantic life; in this kind of situation, you can organize a long-distance trip with your significant other, which can fortify your bond. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Which zodiac is ruled by Jupiter? 

Answer 1. Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius. 

Question 2. What will be the duration of stay of Jupiter in Taurus?

Answer 2. Jupiter will stay in Taurus from01 May, 2024 to 14 May 2025.

Question 3. How to please Jupiter planet?

Answer 3. You can appease Jupiter by observing fast on Thursday and worshiping Lord Vishnu. 

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