Venus Transit in Aquarius: Love Is In The Air For 5 Zodiacs!

Venus is the planet of love, as we all know. Given that Venus is known as the Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, these are the same domains that it governs in astrology as well. It controls how you feel about money, beauty, and extravagant luxuries of life. But probably more infamously, our Venus signs provide insight into our preferred methods of courtship and romance, including how we express affection, enjoy sexual pleasure, fall in love, value close relationships, and more. If Venus is your governing planet, you are fortunate. You have a strong connection to love and devotion and your life will be full of romance and love.

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If one is running under the Mahadasha of “Venus,” one can anticipate better outcomes related to Venus. The day Venus rules is “Friday” and “Diamond” is the precious stone for Venus. The planet of love is in charge of the Poorva Phalguni, Poorvashada, and Bharani constellations. Copper, silver, brass, beryl coral, jade, diamond, and alabaster are the lucky metals and gems. Its lucky colors are ivory, white, and cream. Venus in the celestial sphere rules the signs Taurus and Libra. The degree of exaltation for Venus is 27 degrees in Pisces and debilitation degree is 27 degrees in Virgo.

In this blog post by AstroSage, you can find additional details about the Venus Transit in Aquarius, including its time and date of occurrence. Fortunately, this transit will bring great love and romance into the lives of five Zodiac signs. We will also discuss how it impacts other aspects of life. Finally, there will be effective remedies that will allow you to profit from this Venus Transit in Aquarius. We provide genuine remedies to combat the negative impacts of transits of different planets. This blog is dedicated to the transit of Venus in Aquarius on 22nd January, 2023 at 15:34. Let’s see which signs will Venus bless with an amazing love life.

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Venus Transit In Aquarius Impact On Five Zodiac Signs: General Prediction

According to Venus Transit in Aquarius, the romantic relationships of natives might be filled with disputes and conflicts, and their marriage could also experience difficulties. They might not be able to control their emotions, which will affect how they act. As a result, natives can end up hurting themselves. Venus rules affection, love, and emotions, thus when it is in an unfavorable position, it has a big impact on romantic relationships. Let’s take a look at the other aspects of life and how it will be affected by the Venus Transit In Aquarius.

Diseases: It causes ovarian illnesses, mucous diseases, skin conditions, Bright’s disease cysts, swelling, goiter, gout, anemia, and other problems from overindulging in entertainment, food, alcohol, and other activities, such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

Profession: Musicians, Gamblers, Actors, and Producers in the movies, etc drama, music, etc are some professions ruled by Venus in general. Apart from this individuals who work in the transportation industry, including those who are involved in the trade of cars, railroads, buses, taxis, lorries, airplanes, ships, the food industry, farms, coffee, tea, and rubber estates, among other things. Opticians, workers in glass industry, mica, and plastic, drapers of linen, tailors, painters, jewelers, musicians are professions ruled by Venus. Venus is known as Kavi or poet, therefore having a strong second house can make you a poet, singer, or musician.

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Venus Transit In Aquarius Will Fill Romance In  The Life Of These Signs


With Venus’s current transit through Aquarius, Venus will transit through their 11th house. Aries natives will stand out among your friends and loved ones. Your social network will expand during this transition. During this time, you will look for unconventional partners and commit to them. There are chances you might find your spouse amongst your friend circle. Additionally, a romance at work will blossom to its full potential. The amount of money coming in will astound you. Your honey-coated attitude and impending salary increase will make you the center of attention amongst your colleagues. Your wife and family will be quite understanding. Time to gear up your business.


For Libra natives Venus becomes the 1st house and the 8th house lord. Venus transits through your 5th house. Libra natives will be very creative during this venus transit and be able to express themselves creatively. Even in their love relationships they will be very vocal and romantic with their partner. Love will blossom and your relationship may even move a step closer towards marriage. For some, depending upon the placement of Venus in your natal chart and the Mahadasha you could also get married during this transit.

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This Venus transit in your 4th house with Venus also being your 7th house lord will make you want to pay extra attention to your home life. You will want to spend some quality time with your partner at home and will be a cooperative partner. This is a good time to mend relationships with your partner and fill in the cracks developing in your relationship.


Venus moves to your 2nd house of family in your horoscope. This is a good time to formally introduce your partner to your family if you’re looking to take things forward. You will be spending more time with family and engaging more in family matters. Your family could also introduce you to a potential partner at this time. Love and relationships will bloom and become better for the coming time.


Venus will be placed in your ascendant during this transit. You will be pampered by your partner. Dinner dates and spending some quality time with your partner may be a routine while this transit lasts. Aquarius natives may also find themselves enjoying homely comforts. Your spouse will be the source of your happiness and luck will also be in your favor during this time.

Remedies To Strengthen Venus Planet In Horoscope 

  • Wear white or pink color clothes more often as both these colors are very dear to Venus
  • Use perfumes and take good care of your overall personal hygiene. 
  • Donate white coloured things like ghee, sugar, rice, curd, etc in the temples or to the poor.
  • Observe fast on Fridays to strengthen Venus.
  • Stones such as Diamond, Opal or Zircon can be worn after deep analysis of the horoscope. 

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