Venus Rise In Cancer – 7 Zodiacs Gaining Professional Spotlight!

In Vedic astrology, under the movement of planets besides the planetary transits from one zodiac to another, their rise and combustion are also described and considered important. The way planetary transits impact the lives of humans, likewise the planet’s combustion and rise also leaves an influence on human lives.  

On July 7, Venus will enter Cancer and after this, on July 11, 2024, at 7:59, it will rise in the same zodiac. This phenomenon will leave vast impacts on several people and their lives. In this blog, we are going to discuss the natives who are going to achieve phenomenal success in their careers when Venus rises in Cancer.

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Venus Rise In Cancer – Progress In Career For These Zodiacs 


Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house and now, it will rise in the fourth house. Your happiness will multiply in this period. The employed natives will have to travel long distances due to work. They are expected to get great benefits from these business trips. 

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For the Taurus zodiac, Venus is the ruling planet of the first and sixth house and at the present, it will rise in the third house. With respect to your career, you will touch great heights in your career due to your hard work and efforts. Your seniors will be in your favor and will also appreciate your work. Your work is also going to be recognized in this period. 

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Venus rules over the fifth and twelfth house of the Gemini zodiac and at the moment, it will rise in the second house. There are chances of financial gains in your life during this period. Your respect and honor will increase, and along with this, your seniors will also appreciate your work. You are expected to have great success in your career. 

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Venus is the ruling lord of the fourth and eleventh house of Cancer zodiac and presently, it will rise in the first house. All your wishes are going to be fulfilled during this period. The employed natives are going to get amazing opportunities. You will feel satisfied with your life in this period. 

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For the Virgo zodiac, Venus is the ruling lord of the second and ninth house and now, it will rise in the eleventh house. You will earn a lot of money in this period. Along with this, your luck is going to support you till the very end. Concerning your career, there are going to be several new opportunities for the employed natives. Happiness will tag along with these career opportunities for the natives. 

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Venus rules over the fifth and tenth house of the Capricorn zodiac. It will now rise to the seventh house. You can expect profit and numerous other benefits from the trips. You may even get a new job in this period which will make you happy and there will be favorability in your life too. 

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Venus is the ruling planet of the third and eighth house of Pisces zodiac and now it is going to rise in the fifth house. You may think about changing your jobs for better career opportunities which will satisfy you a lot. 

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Importance Of Venus In Astrology

Venus is a planet of feminine elements that also represents love, beauty, and attraction. If this planet is strong in a birth chart, then the natives will get all kinds of materialistic comforts and desires. While, if it is weak in someone’s birth chart, then the native may have to bear the loss in their business. Along with this, they are deprived of comforts and luxuries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the exalted sign of Venus? 

Pisces is the exalted sign of Venus.

What happens when Venus is strong?

A strong position of Venus in the birth chart means success in business and professional career. 

Which food strengthens Venus? 

You need to feed ghee and jaggery chapati (roti) to cows. 

Which planet blesses you with a good life partner? 

If Venus is strong in the seventh house of the birth chart, then one is blessed with a lovely life partner. 

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