Venus Rise In Cancer – 5 Zodiacs To Reap Business Profits

In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered a planet of feminine elements. Moon’s zodiac sign, Cancer, is the enemy of Venus and now it will rise in the same zodiac on 11th July at 07:59. 

According to astrology, the rise of a planet means that it’s coming out of combustion. Due to Venus rise in Cancer, people will get all kinds of materialistic comforts and luxuries, will feel like going on long trips, they will focus on their family and will try to increase the family’s happiness. 

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Although the Venus rise in Cancer will impact numerous aspects of one’s life such as health, financial condition, etc, certain zodiacs are expected to get unmatchable profits in their business. We are going to disclose those zodiacs in this blog further so let’s move ahead and find out if you are one of the zodiacs who is going to make immense profits from their business. 

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Immense Profits In Business For These Zodiacs 


Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house of the Aries zodiac and now, it will rise in the fourth house. Your comfort is going to increase in this period. If you use your intelligence in your business, then you will surely get the chance to make immense profits in your business. 

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For the Taurus zodiac, Venus rules over the first and sixth house of this zodiac and it will presently rise in your third house. There are chances of long-distance trips. Along with this, you will also be successful in your hard work and efforts. You may travel a lot in regards to your business in this period but the good thing is that these trips will be proven fruitful for you. 

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Virgo has Venus as the ruling planet for their second and ninth house and now it will rise in the eleventh house. You will gain financial benefits in this period and are also destined to get the support of your luck. You will be able to fulfill all your wishes to a great extent. There are even speculations that you may start a new business which will help you fulfill your goals only. 

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Venus rules over the first and eighth house of the Libra zodiac and currently, it will rise in the tenth house. You will be very careful about your work in this period. This will help you get immense success in your workspace. The business natives will get the opportunities to make good profit in this duration. This will leave them atisfied. 

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Venus is the ruling lord of the fifth and tenth house of Capricorn and currently, it will rise in the seventh house. There are chances of benefits from numerous business trips. You will be successful in maintaining a good image in your professional life. You may also sign a big business deal in this period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which planet spins backward? 

Venus spins backward on its axis.

Which disease is caused by planet Venus? 

Diabetes, skin diseases, and headaches are caused by Venus. 

Which planet is responsible for the death?

Rahu and Saturn are responsible for death.

Which is the lucky gemstone of Venus?

The gemstone of Venus is Opal. 

What to do to please Venus? 

You must pay attention to cleanliness to please Venus.


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