Planetary Positions 2024: Chances Of Divorce & Discord Between Partners!

Planetary Positions 2024: In human lives and relationships, the planets & stars play a crucial role. The planetary influence will result in success in the lives of natives, and some may also face troubles or difficulties in reaching certain goals. Your hard work will yield the best outcomes across the workplace. The auspicious position of planets in the horoscope can result in the right decisions of natives across different sectors. Also, the inauspicious effects can result in bad outcomes in the lives of people. 

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As per astrology, the planetary positions 2024 may result in failure in love life or separation from the partner. In this blog, we will discuss the position of planets that can result in the breakup of a relationship, divorce, or discord in the marriage. 

Planetary Positions 2024: When Does The Divorce Situation Occurs In Marriage?

Due to the planetary positions 2024 in the horoscope, there are chances of separation or divorce between the wife and husband. Let us check the positions: 

  • With the positioning of Saptamesh in the sixth or eighth house, there are chances of divorce between the husband and wife. 
  • The presence of the ruling planet of the sixth and eighth house along with the Saptamesh of the seventh house will result in troubles in married life. If there is a vision of inauspicious planets on them, then the chances of different troubles in married life also increase. 

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  • The association of Mars with any inauspicious planet in the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth house, will result in divorce or separation in your married life. 
  • The presence of Saptamesh in the sixth house and the vision of Mars on it will result in sudden separations in the husband-wife relationship. 
  • If in the boy’s horoscope, the planets Saturn and Mars have a vision of each other by being in the first and seventh house, and if in the girl’s horoscope, these two planets have a vision in the fifth eleventh house, then are great chances of marriage troubles in the lives of people. 
  • If both Saturn and Mars are having visions of the seventh or eighth house, then there are chances of troubles in the married life of natives. 

Planetary Positions 2024: Venus Dosha Can Result To Separation Between Husband And Wife 

As per astrology, the Venus planet is considered the factor of love and the Venus Dasha, or inauspicious positioning of Venus in the horoscope, will result in bad results for the love life. It can result in troubles among partners and can result in separation among both. There might be obstacles or hindrances in the marriage of people due to the Venus Dosha. Due to Planetary Positions 2024, there are chances of repeated failures in love relations. Even if somehow, the relationship reaches the point of marriage and also happens at the correct timelines, the differences with the spouse will remain. There are chances of constant fights between the husband and wife. In such a situation, your spouse can develop a relationship with another individual. 

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Planetary Positions 2024: Rahu Doesn’t Allow Long-Lasting Relationship

In astrology, Rahu is referred to as the shadow planet and is also considered a sinful planet. The belief is that the person’s intellect gets affected due to Rahu’s effects and they can make harmful decisions for themselves. The speech of the person or their words can get bitter, due to which their persons start staying away from them. Due to the influence of Rahu, in love life, there are always chances of rifts and differences between the husband and wife. Love won’t last in their lives despite all their hard efforts and there are chances of conflicts arising within the family. Also, due to Rahu Dasha, the marriages get late, and in case they get married, there are chances of fights between husband and wife. Because of Planetary Positions 2024, the relationship can reach the point of divorce in different cases. 

Planetary Positions 2024: Shani Dosha Causes A Lot Of Harm 

In case the Shani Dosha is formed in the person’s horoscope, then there are chances of troubles in the marriage. There can be delays and obstacles in the marriage of natives. Your relationship will get broken and strengthen again and again in this period. Due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn, there will be bad outcomes in the married life of natives. Due to Shani Dosha, there are chances that your spouse won’t be dedicated towards you. 

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Astrological Remedies To Overcome Troubles In Married Life

In astrology, there are many remedies that can help people come out of their married life or relationship troubles. Let us check the solutions –

  • Wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha to improve marital relationships. 
  • For peace and happiness in married life, worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. 
  • In case of troubles due to Jupiter’s positioning in the horoscope, donate yellow-colored food items or turmeric, clothes, etc. to needy people. 
  • If the natives face troubles in their marital life due to Mangal Dosha, then donate Jaggery on Tuesday. 
  • The storm caused by the Moon’s positioning in the horoscope can be eased out by wearing Silver jewelry. This will help natives to ease different marital troubles. 
  • In case the natives face troubles due to the Sun, then donate wheat and jaggery to the needy and poor people. 
  • Mop the floor with salt water once a week, to maintain happiness and peace in the family of natives. It also enhances the mutual coordination between husband and wife. 
  • To maintain love in married life, the women can wear yellow-colored bangles or gold bangles. 
  • On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, avoid the cutting of nails. 
  • In case of discord among the families of the partners, take seven pieces of raw turmeric, three copper coins, saffron, & jaggery. Include all these products in the yellow cloth and throw it towards the in-law’s house or property. 

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