Astro Special: PM Modi’s Victory Incomplete Without Amit Shah? These Planets Are Responsible!

In Vedic astrology, an individual’s birth chart carries significant weight, delineating their life’s entire trajectory from birth. The alignment of planets and constellations at birth forms a complex web within the chart, often resulting in favorable outcomes for both the individual and their associates. In the realm of politics, the support garnered from one’s birth chart can hold substantial importance. Presently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi benefits greatly from the support indicated in the birth chart of Home Minister Amit Shah. This alignment underscores the correctness and national interest alignment of Modi’s decisions. Let’s delve deeper into how Amit Shah’s birth chart bolsters Narendra Modi.

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What The Stars Say About Amit Shah

It’s worth mentioning that prior to the 2019 elections, Amit Shah faced questions about the BJP’s readiness for the Lok Sabha polls. Was he apprehensive about facing the voters? To this, Amit Shah confidently replied, “We initiated preparations for the 2019 and 2024 elections since May 27, 2014.” As a passionate chess player, Amit Shah has consistently approached challenges in politics with unique strategies, distinguishing himself from other leaders. Amit Shah was born on October 22, 1964, with his moon sign in Aries. While the ruler of his moon sign, Mars, is placed in the fourth house, suggesting debilitation, it occupies Aries in the center of the fourth house, forming a potent Rajyoga through a sign exchange, contributing significantly to his political triumphs.

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How Amit Shah Boosts Modi’s Victory

Amit Shah possesses a strong alignment of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. Mars symbolizes vigor, territory, authority, valor, and courage. Mercury signifies intelligence, trade, oration, complexion, and affluence, while Jupiter denotes happiness, prosperity, renown, wealth, and intellect. Their robust influence often leads to remarkable success in the political realm, with each strategy proving efficacious. Moreover, the guidance from Mercury and the auspicious presence of Jupiter aid in making astute decisions. It is their support that ensures the fruition of Narendra Modi’s initiatives.

Furthermore, although Amit Shah’s Sun experiences debilitation, the placement of Venus in the Sun’s sign within the fifth house mitigates its adverse effects. Consequently, their keen intellect exerts significant pressure on the opposition.

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Amit Shah’s Birthchart



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What Makes Modi’s Horoscope Remarkable?

Astrologers note the exceptional strength and power of Modi’s Sun, Moon, and Venus. In his palm, the prominence of the Sun and Venus is evident, with Venus in a strong position signifying global recognition and fame. It’s believed that Venus tends to manifest miracles swiftly. Moreover, Modi’s horoscope displays a debilitated-exalted combination yoga. This combination suggests immense success in life following challenges, a pattern clearly observed in Narendra Modi’s journey.

Modi’s Birthchart



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Sonia Gandhi’s Influence Keeps Rahul & Congress Strong

The positioning of the Sun in Sonia Gandhi’s horoscope ensures stability for Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. An extraordinary combination yoga named Shash Yoga exists in Sonia Gandhi’s horoscope, greatly accelerating her destiny. Sonia Gandhi’s influence within the party is rooted in the strength of her Ketu, Rahu, and Pluto. According to astrology, Sonia Gandhi hasn’t ascended to power due to the weakening of her Jupiter, resulting in a lack of internal party support. Presently, despite auspicious yoga, Ketu dominates her horoscope, impeding her from achieving favorable results.

Sonia Gandhi’s Birthchart



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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What is Amit Shah’s zodiac sign?

Ans. Amit Shah’s moon sign is Aries.

Ques2. What is Narendra Modi’s zodiac sign?

Ans. Modi’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Ques3. What should be present in the horoscope to become an administrative officer?

Ans. The Sun should be in the Aries sign in the ascendant, and if three or four planets are in auspicious positions, it makes the individual eligible for administrative positions.

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