Sita Saptami: Auspicious Yogas & Maa Sita To Bring Luck For 4 Zodiacs

Today is the ninth day of Krishna Paksha of Vaishak month which is celebrated as Sita Navami. It is believed that Maa Sita appeared on earth on this fortunate day. This day is even more special because an auspicious combination of Ravi Yoga, Dhruva Yoga, and Magha Nakshatra has also formed today. This fortunate phenomena have increased the importance of this day. 

Now, when it is a significant day today, some 4 zodiacs are surely destined to get favorable results out of this auspiciousness. The natives of these zodiacs will be successful in all the fields of their lives and will get good profits from their investments. Curious who are the lucky 4 zodiacs and how? Well, you have got to follow this blog further to get the answers to your questions. We have mentioned those 4 zodiac signs and along with that, an astrological remedy for each one of them to enhance the position of Jupiter in their birth chart.  These remedies will help the natives get the special blessings of Lord Vishnu as well. So, if you are ready then let’s dig into the blog to know about Sita saptami first and then the 4 zodiacs and a remedy for each one of them. 

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Sita Saptami – To The Divine Strength Of Maa Sita 

According to Hindu Panchang, each ninth tithi of Krishna paksha of Vaishak month is observed as Sita Saptami. It is believed that Goddess Sita incarnated on earth on this fortunate day.. 

According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, once there was a drought in Mithila, the kingdom of King Janak which left the entire state worried. Then, King Janak went to ask for a solution of this problem to the sages. The sages then told him to plow the field himself to please Lord Indra which would bring rain to King Janak’s land. So, King Janak with his wife, Sunayana plowed the field with their own hands. When plowing, his plow collided with a stone which left him confused. When he removed the stone, he found a beautiful newborn baby girl in an urn. As King Janak was childless himself, he took that baby girl in and both King Janak and Sunayana named her “Sita.”  

As soon as Goddess Sita came to earth, it started raining heavily in Mithila. As Maa Sita appeared on earth on the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishak month, since then, this day started being celebrated as Sita Navami or Janaki Navami.

Worshiping Goddess Sita and Lord Rama on this day also brings the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. We should worship Maa Sita and offer her Solah Shringaar to get her auspicious blessings. 

This Sita Navami, Maa Sita has blessed the 4 zodiacs whom we are going to reveal further in this blog. 

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Goddess Sita Has Blessed These 4 Zodiacs Today 


It is going to be a fortunate day for Aries zodiac. The natives will get new opportunities to develop and make progress in life. They will also be honored with continuous success in their work. The employed natives will be successful in expanding their careers and may even get a new job offer. The students, if wanting to study abroad, can get the opportunity today. Also, the ones who are running their business abroad will make sure to earn profit today. To stabilize your financial condition, you must try budgeting so that you can yield better results in the future. Apart from all this, the married natives can achieve success with their life partners and they will also be ready to help each other through thick and thin.

Remedy: Visit a Vishnu temple during the auspicious morning hours. Offer yellow flowers and Tulsi. You can also donate yellow lentils or yellow sweets in the  Prasad. 

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The Leo natives are adorned with happiness on the day of Sita Saptami. There will be an increase in their wealth and with the grace of Lord Vishnu, all their tasks are going to be accomplished as well. The employed natives will notice an increase in their influence, they will get the support of their seniors and a chance to lead the team. On the other hand, traders will achieve their objective of earning good profit and will also give tough competition to their opponents. There are chances of money to come from investments as well. Besides, the family life of the natives will be happy and they will be strong physically and mentally. Also, the natives who are involved in a relationship will strengthen their love with their partners. 

Remedy: To avoid facing money-related problems, wash a peepal leaf with Gangajal and write the mantra, “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah” with Sindoor, and keep it in the purse. Also, keep a silver coin engraved with the image of Goddess Lakshmi. 

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This is a promising day in the lives of Capricorn natives. They are known for their talent today and will be able to keep themselves free from all kinds of tension in life. The natives are going to follow their heart and do what they really like doing which will make them very happy. The employed natives can go for an interview in some other company today. On the other hand, the natives running their business will have a newfound confidence in them which will help them earn good profit today and increase their name in the market. The natives running a partnership business also have a huge chance of making a profit today and will share a good relationship with their partners. You will be interested in religious activities and may even spend money for a cause. Besides, the happiness and peace in the family will be intact. 

Remedy: To fulfill your wishes, on Thursday evening, tie a coin, a branch of jaggery, and seven lumps of whole turmeric in a yellow cloth, then throw it near the railway line, and then go to the temple. 

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The Aquarius is one of the many zodiacs blessed by Maa Sita in Sita Spatami. They will create an identity for themselves today with their luck accompanying them. The employed natives will get ease and stability in their workplace and will also showcase their talent and skills better. The natives will be able to move ahead in their work by adopting new strategies in their business which will help them efficiently operate their business. Apart from this, your health will also be very good. And, if you can maintain your expenses now, you will be successful in accumulating wealth for the future. Now talking about the personal life, the married natives will spend a good time with their partner and the advice of their partner can be helpful to the natives. 

Remedy: For professional progress, hang turmeric Mala in the Pooja room on Thursday, use yellow color at the workplace, and offer Ladoos in Laxmi Narayana temple. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What to do on Sita Navami? 

The devotees should wake up early and take a holy bath. Then, worship Maa Sita and offer her Sola Shringaar. They can also offer Makhana Kheer to her.

Which month did Ram Sita marry?

According to the scriptures, Lord Rama and Maa Sita got married on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month.

Who are the lucky zodiacs today?

The zodiacs who are lucky today include Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

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