Clarity & Fortunes For These Zodiacs – Tarot Weekly Horoscope (30 June – 06 July)!

Tarot Cards readings are one of the ancient practices that hold great significance in self-understanding & growth of individuals. It operates as the bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious offerings. The Tarot Card readings provide a unique perspective on different challenges and future timelines. The insights help people make the right decisions and approach uncertainties with confidence. AstroSage is back with weekly Tarot Cards predictions and this blog primarily focuses on the lucky zodiac signs of the week. Get to know the benefits availed by the natives of the lucky signs. To know more details about your future, reach out to experienced Tarot Card readers. 

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List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs According To Tarot Card Readings 


The Aries natives will enjoy their happy relationship this week as per Tarot Weekly Horoscope (30 June – 06 July). There are signs of travel that will prove very fruitful for them. The natives can expect financial gains and profits this week from different deals. If we talk about the careers of Aries natives, then there are chances of progress and promotions. 

The professional networks and colleagues will help them reach their goals in their careers. You can get new projects due to your good network and this will lead to huge gains. It is advised to take some time off and relax with the family. The lucky number of the week is ‘9’.

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The Leo natives will have the right communication with their partners which will help them to maintain the relationship. As per the Tarot Card readings, it is a fortunate time to progress in your career through effective deals. The finances will remain stable this week and the focus will be in the right direction. Your efforts at work will yield the best results. 

They can expect success in their careers and will be in the right position to avail the opportunities. There will be growth in the professional careers of natives. The business persons can expect great profits from different deals. If you’ve been suffering from some health problem, then it will be the week for recovery. The lucky number of the week is ‘1’.

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The Aquarius natives will be able to make the right decisions in their relationships. They will have compassion and tolerance in their marital life. The financial condition will remain stable and can expect a stable income. The Aquarius natives can expect promotions in their careers. It is also a favorable time to start a new venture. 

You can take up new roles & responsibilities with full confidence. They can expect a steady income this week and the finances will be overflowing. There is good flow in the career or education of Aquarius natives. There are chances of anxiety and you need to deal with negative thoughts smartly. The lucky number of the week is ‘4’.

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The Pisces natives will have less focus on getting into a relationship and enjoying singlehood. The focus will be on yourself and will try to improve in every condition. They will put the right efforts into stabilizing the financial condition and can expect profits from various deals. You can achieve all your financial goals this week. 

The natives will successfully sail through difficulties with full determination. There will be new career opportunities and they can achieve big success this week. You can get unexpected offers in this period and the wait for a new job can come to an end. They will be able to overcome their mental struggles with confidence. The lucky number of the week is ‘3’.

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Q1. How will be the financial condition of the Virgo natives?

Ans. There will be financial tensions all over the minds of Virgo natives this week. 

Q2. How will be the health of Sagittarius natives?

Ans. The Sagittarius natives won’t encounter any major health concerns this week. 

Q3. What is the lucky number for Capricorn natives?

Ans. The lucky number of Capricorn natives will be ‘10’

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