Mercury Transit In Cancer; Know About Fortunate & Unfortunate Zodiacs

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Mercury is considered the prince of planets in astrology, and mythical literature, including Hinduism, describe him in great detail. In addition, Aryabhata’s Sanskrit work “Aryabhatiya,” which dates back to the fifth century, contains a description of Budh Maharaj. The current transit of Mercury through Cancer will have varying effects on all 12 signs of the zodiac. The stock market, the nation, and the globe will all be able to witness the positive or bad effects of this transit.  What effects will the Mercury transit in Cancer have on your zodiac sign under these situations? To find out more, let’s start this blog and discover how the Mercury transit affects each sign of the zodiac and how to avoid its adverse effects.

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According to Vedic astrology, Lord Mercury is a highly auspicious planet that bestows results based on the associations of the planets. As a result, a change in Mercury’s movement, Dasha, or location can bring about both positive and negative outcomes in the universe. In addition, Mercury is said to be the planet of reason, business, logical thinking, intelligence, and the stock market. 

Mercury Transit in Cancer: Date And Time

Since Mercury is believed to be the planet with the fastest speed, it only spends a brief period of time in any one sign of the zodiac. On June 29, 2024, at 12:13 p.m., Mercury will enter Cancer. Let us inform you that Mercury is viewed as having an enemy in the Moon, which is the ruling planet of Cancer. Under such circumstances, Mercury will transit in its enemy sign. Therefore, the world, including the zodiac signs, will undoubtedly be impacted by Mercury’s transit in Cancer. 

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Significance Of Mercury Planet In Astrology

Mercury is the benevolent planet in astrology, as it is the planet of speech and intelligence. Additionally, it rules friends, arithmetic, intelligence, and communication, among other things. Mercury controls the third and sixth houses in the horoscope and the signs of Gemini and Virgo in the zodiac at the same time. Exalted in Virgo, Mercury is weak in Pisces. They stay in each sign of the zodiac for roughly twenty-four days.

In terms of constellations, the deity of Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati is Mercury. Nonetheless, out of the nine planets, they are friendly with the Sun and Venus, but they are regarded as adversaries of Mercury with the Moon and Ketu, and they are neutral with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In contrast, Wednesday is the planet Mercury’s day, and they have an extreme liking for the color green. You may be surprised to learn that the names Rauhineya, Tunga Saumya (son of the Moon), and so on refer to the planet Mercury. Mercury is the Greek mythological figure for Hermes. 

Significance Of Mercury In Scientific Point Of View

Located closest to the Sun in the solar system, Mercury is believed to be the smallest and fastest-moving planet. Mercury has a solid, rock-like surface, yet its atmosphere is composed of many elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, sodium, potassium, and helium. However, as Mercury lacks a Moon of its own, life on this planet is impossible.

The planet Mercury has both positive and negative effects on human life. Now let’s continue and look at the signs of a strong Mercury in the horoscope. 

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Signs Of Strong Mercury In Horoscope

  • A person experiences numerous rewards in life if Mercury is strong or fortunate in his horoscope. Let’s discuss the signs of stronger Mercury. 
  • With Mercury’s blessings, the individual has outstanding communication abilities and the ability to sway people with his words.
  • Individuals with a strong Mercury placement in their horoscope are skilled traders who make large sums of money from it.
  • When Lord Mercury is in an auspicious position, the person benefits from traits like strong intelligence and analytical abilities.
  • A person is logical and highly skilled in politics if Mercury is dominant in their horoscope. These people also have a tendency to become experts in a wide range of disciplines.
  • In terms of personality, those who have Mercury in an auspicious place in their horoscope tend to have exceptionally attractive physical features. These people have radiant eyes and seem younger than they actually are. The sound is also extremely thin.
  • Mercury rules the skin, gallbladder, neurological system, tongue, hair, chest, face, and other parts of the human body.
  • The person benefits from Mercury’s favorable influence by becoming a skilled communicator, spokesperson, police officer, insurance agent, etc.

Signs Of Weak Mercury In Horoscope

Astrologers claim that a person will experience a variety of issues or hardships in life when Mercury is weak in the horoscope. These issues include the following:

  • When Mercury is in an unfavorable sign in a person’s horoscope, that person is likely to experience both mental and physical difficulties.
  • A person who has a weak Mercury in their horoscope finds it difficult to communicate and share his ideas with others.
  • An individual’s status, respect, fame, and prominence all decline as a result of weak Mercury’s unfavorable impacts.
  • Individuals with weak Mercury are naturally perceptive and moody. They also exhibit a propensity to lie or cheat.
  • Additionally, there is an impact on the individual’s ability to speak and interact.

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Surefire Remedies To Strengthen Mercury In Your Horoscope

  • Mercury is strengthened when a white Sandalwood Tilak is applied to the forehead on a daily basis.
  • Wearing Char Mukhi or Das Mukhi Rudraksha can boost Mercury in the horoscope. But for this, speak with an astrologer first.
  • Feed the cow green vegetables like spinach, soy, fenugreek, etc. or green fodder.
  • This Wednesday, observe a fast in honor of Mercury. Mercury in the horoscope becomes stronger as a result of this.
  • According to knowledgeable and skilled astrologers, if Mercury is in a state of anger in a person’s horoscope, you should wear Emerald gemstones.
  • It is beneficial to worship Lord Ganesha in order to strengthen the weak Mercury. Donate green clothing, whole green grams, and blue flowers as well.
  • Mercury Beej Mantra: Om Bram Breem Braun Sah Budhay Namah; Mercury Gayatri Mantra: Om Soumya-Rupay Vidamahe Vaneshay Dhimahi Tanno Soumyaah Prachodayat. Recite these Mantras on a regular basis to receive good fortune from Mercury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. In how many days Mercury changes its zodiac? 

Answer 1. Mercury changes its zodiacs after 24 days. 

Question 2. When will Mercury transit in Cancer occur? 

Answer 2. Mercury will transit in Cancer on 29 June, 2024.

Question 3. What happens when Mercury is strong in the horoscope?

Answer 3. A person with a strong Mercury is intelligent and has great communication skills.



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