Sun Transit In Pisces Speeds Up Progress For These Zodiacs & The World!

Sun Transit In Pisces: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. The Sun Transits in the sign of Pisces on the 14th March, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Sun Transit In Pisces will have on the zodiac signs. 

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The Sun represents our sense of self and our identity. Its placement in our birth chart can indicate our confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose. The Sun is associated with our vitality and life force. Its placement can reveal our energy levels, physical health, and well-being. Sun in astrology is also considered to have a regal air so it rules royalty, state and the higher positions as well. It also signifies good health, vitality and wellbeing. A strong Sun in horoscope indicates a person with leadership qualities. Such a person usually enjoys a higher position in society and shares a cordial relationship with father. Native with a positively placed Sun is also dependable, generous, and mature.

This fiery planet can be detrimental to health if negatively placed causing baldness, headaches, weak eyesight, blood circulation related problems, bone weakness, and heart problems. A weak Sun in horoscope can also affect one’s relation with father or cause problems to father. Natives with weak Sun usually suffer from low stamina, self-esteem, and indecisiveness. Too strong Sun can result in a domineering or aggressive personality. 

Sun Transit In Pisces: Timing

Sun transit in Pisces is set to take place on the 14th of March, 2024 at 12:23 hrs. The ball of fire will enter the water sign Pisces. Two opposite energies will mingle together and it will be interesting to see the outcome. Let us read further to know the impact of this transit on the zodiac signs, impacts on the world, nation and the stock market. 

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Sun Transit In Pisces: Characteristics

Pisces is a dual water sign ruled by Jupiter. Since both the planets can be termed friendly towards each other, Sun in Pisces brings a lot of positive results. People having this placement of Sun are quite friendly in nature. They enjoy the comfort of servants and have a good partner and children. Male natives having Sun in Pisces tend to be fond of women. These natives are fond of traveling too. They live a happy life and earn a lot of wealth. And their intellect and intuition supports them in all endeavors. They are introspective in nature. They can be good thinkers and speakers too. Generally, these natives earn wealth through the medium of water. Some of them do well in fields like astrology too. 

Sun in Pisces also gives a moody temperament to the native. Sometimes, these people find it hard to understand themselves. They are in fact quite emotional. Others’ opinions affect them to a large extent. They are quite adaptable and flexible; adjust their attitude as per the situation. They tend to be helpful too, always there for friends and loved ones. When it comes to career, these natives work hard and often become a workaholic.

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Sun Transit In Pisces: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


Sun as the 4th house lord transits in the 11th house for Taurus individuals. The present Sun Transit in Pisces may be giving good returns and guide you to sustain the pace of gaining more financial benefits. You may be getting all the benefits related to your house and gaining comforts. Further you may be gaining support from your family and well wishers during this transit.

On the career front, you may be lucky enough during this transit to get new on site chances with respect to your job. You may get good opportunities abroad for your job and such chances may be fruitful as you may get elated with the new chances that you are getting. You may gain good support from your superiors and colleagues during this transit.


The Sun becomes the 3rd house lord for Gemini natives and would be placed in the 10th house in Pisces. The Sun Transit In Pisces will be very good for the native as the Sun gains ‘Digbala’ in the 10th house. So due to this transit in your 10th house you will get great benefits in your professional life. 

You will be loaded with new opportunities to prove yourself and get promotion and reach to authoritative posts, especially the Gemini natives who are on the post like teachers, professors or in any government organization. You can even think of starting some business with your younger sibling or you will be benefited in your professional life due to your younger sibling. And from the tenth house it is aspecting the fourth house, so the property dealers will get good clients and will be able to make outstanding deals during this time period.

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The Sun is the 2nd house lord and will transit to the 9th house for Cancer natives. You will get the support of your father but you need to take care of his health as he may suffer from some health problems at this time. You could also face some ego clashes with him. The problems you were facing in your professional life will get relieved and come to an end with this Sun transit. 

The Sun’s aspect on the third house will provide you with confidence in your communication skills, you will come into the limelight due to your talent and hobbies, and you will even spend time in improving those skills. Your competitors and enemies at the workplace will be destroyed. People in media or stage performers will have a very favorable time for growth in professional life. You will also get the support of your younger siblings.


The Sun becomes the 10th house lord for Scorpio natives and will now transit to the 5th house of education, love, children, past life, etc. This transit of Sun in Pisces may bring some sudden changes in your professional life; the result will be positive or negative mostly depending on the Dasha you are running through, but yes Pisces have the energy of foreign land, isolation, and far away places. So we can say that this Sun Transit in Pisces is giving the sign of change in workplace or transfer.

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However, from the 5th house it is aspecting your 11th house of financial gains, so you can expect monetary gains like a hike in salary during this time. Fifth house is the house of speculation so you can earn monetary benefit from speculation and share markets. And you will also build an influential network system for your growth in future. This is a very good time for the students who want to go for higher education for their masters and PhD. You will get the direction ahead, all confusion will come to an end, and you’ll be more clear about your goals. 

Sun Transit In Pisces: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


For Leo natives the Sun is your Lagna or the 1st house lord and is transiting in the 8th house, the house of longevity, sudden happenings, occult and all things hidden. Dear Leo natives, this transit of your Lagna lord sun in the 8th house is full of transformation for you but not the easy one. Sun in the 8th house is a placement not easy to handle and may be a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs in your career and professional life. 

You may also need to be a bit conscious about your health, issues related to eyesight, heart and bones could occur. So if you face any problem don’t ignore it and consult the doctor. You are advised to give up the unnecessary ego, and anger in you because if you don’t, negative situations and problems will occur in your life, so stay alert that you are not harsh to others.


Dear Virgo natives, the Sun is the Lord of the 12th house for you and is transiting to the 7th house of marriage and partnership. Your married life could go through a difficult phase during this period. You may face conflict and ego clashes with your partner. The Sun being a cruel and hot planet is not considered auspicious for married life and for you it’s also the 12th lord so, it will create more problems for you. You are advised to take care of your partner’s health and avoid being egoistic and argumentative as due to unnecessary ego clashes and arguments, your relationship with your partner and your married life may suffer.

From the 7th house, the Sun is aspecting your Lagna as well, so you may also behave harshly and become egoistic and irritated due to this transit and as it is also the 12th lord. You may also face health issues like high BP, migraine pain and some similar diseases. 

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Sun Transit In Pisces: Impactful Remedies

  • Recite the Hridaya Aditya Stotram.
  • Donate red colored clothes to the poor.
  • Donate Pomegranates in temples on Sunday.
  • Offer water or Arghya to the Sun in a copper vessel with a pinch of vermilion in it.
  • Worship the Surya Yantra.
  • Recite the Vishnu Sahasranamam daily

Sun Transit In Pisces: Worldwide Impacts 

The Government

  • During this time, we may see the Government and some important political leaders take important decisions which may impact the country positively but in a significant way.
  • This Sun Transit in Pisces is an excellent transit for politicians, teachers, scholars, spiritual preachers, counselors, public relations, writers, artists, sculptors, government officers, administrators, etc. 
  • The Government may be able to manage the internal system of the country altogether remarkably during this time. 
  • People at high ranks or within the government will carry out their duties exceptionally well and may garner appreciation for their work. 

Business & Finance

  • Financial institutions like banks, the health care system of the country and the judicial system may experience sudden improvements and new policies could be implemented to further strengthen all these sectors.
  • Most of the businesses and business owners around the world may experience a renewed enthusiasm in the marketplace and things will move in the right direction.
  • Teachers, Educationalists, Counselors, Public Speakers, Life Coaches, etc around the world will benefit from this transit of the Sun in Pisces.

Sun Transit In Pisces: Stock Market Predictions

  • The chemical industry, public sector, pharmaceutical sector, power sector, and cement industry will perform well.
  • Electrical products industry, electrical, power, tea and coffee industry, cement industry, diamond industry, chemical, heavy engineering will all perform well due to the Sun and Mars being in good positions.
  • Ed-tech firms and educational institutions may perform well during this period. 

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