Sun Transit In Capricorn Soon: Which Zodiac’s Luck Will Shine Bright As The Sun?

In astrology, the Sun represents our ego, it is the soul, the father, the government, power, and authority, as well as your public persona and interpersonal interactions. Simply said, a strong Sun offers you the ability to fight off all adverse situations in life including internal battles with diseases, willpower, immunity, and life-giving vitality. 

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The Sun is referred to as Ravi or Suryadev. Sun is a character who is male. It governs the Leo zodiac in astrology. In Aries, it gets exalted at 19 degrees and gets debilitated in Libra up to 10 degrees. He is referred to as the Atmakaraka, which is the Sanskrit word for “the indicator of soul.”

When the Sun is positioned in the 10th house of the birth chart, it displays the strongest force as it attains Digbala or Directional Strength. The Sun is powerful in other locations, such as the first and fourth house. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs that benefit greatly from the Sun.

The Sun is entering Capricorn on 14 Jan 2023, at 20:22. Let’s find out which zodiacs will enjoy immense happiness during this transit.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn: Favorable For These Zodiacs

Aries: For Aries natives, sun rules the 5th house and will transit through the 10th house. Though the Sun is weak in Capricorn, this will be a good time for people involved in government jobs. People who are waiting for the results for any government related position will hear good news. Students studying Law, Political Science or Engineering would benefit during this transit. 

Taurus: For Taurus natives, the 4th house lord will be transiting through your 9th house. Some authoritative figure or your bosses could praise you for your work. People looking for jobs or students looking for higher studies may have to go away from their homes. Traveling may prove to be beneficial during this time. Taurus people should have a good month overall, but they may need to work more than usual to reach their goals. Your health should continue to be good.

Leo: Lord of your Moon sign moves to the 6th house of Capricorn. It would be a good time for people related to the judiciary and the law makers. If you are in government jobs it can be a time where your self-esteem and prestige may grow. Any pending legal cases could be in your favor. Students appearing for government exams such as the civil services, etc. Seems to be the right time if you’re looking for a change in career. 

Virgo: Results for the Virgo’s Sun transit in Capricorn would be good. Sun would be placed in the 5th house. Virgo natives could get promoted at work or new, exciting opportunities may knock at the door during this time. There is a good chance that you may host an event at home. The students appear to benefit from the time. Although, you could face minor troubles or issues regarding children or their health.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn: Unfavorable For These Zodiacs

Gemini: The 3rd house lord Sun is transiting the 8th house for Gemini ascendants. It’s a good time for people related to occult sciences but overall the transit is not a fulfilling one. People trying for government jobs may have to put in extra efforts to pass examinations or interviews. You may have to give multiple attempts to get through but if you continue working hard and make full use of your amazing willpower you can achieve your goals. Your relations with your younger siblings and elders of the family could get affected due to conflict arising between you. You could be a victim of conspiracy at the workplace. You might face health issues. 

Cancer: Lord of 10th house moves to the 7th house. The Cancer natives are advised to maintain their composure because any kind of engagement or relationship might not fare well during this time. Unnecessary confrontations with your spouse and conflicts with partners are likely to occur. Always exercising caution is important. A decline in health could also result in an increase in overall spending. Stomach issues or lower abdominal areas are likely to affect the native.

Libra: Sun being the 11th house lord transits to your 4th house. This period screams caution. Your parents’ health may be a point of concern during this period of Sun Transit in Capricorn. There could be delays in property related issues and not a very fruitful period for people involved in real estate. Students might find it difficult to concentrate on studies and get distracted easily. You could face issues at work too and your co-workers could create hurdles in your progress during this transit. 

Scorpio: For Scorpio natives, the Sun’s transit through Capricorn tends to be testing times. Sun will be in the 3rd house being the 10th lord. The siblings of the natives could experience stress. You will be courageous, however there is a potential that your  aggression might as well heighten. It is recommended to provide parents and elderly family members more attention. Additionally, consult your parents before implementing any plans. There is a possibility that you could also go on a trip.

Sagittarius: Not a very fruitful period for Sagittarians as well. The senior family members might engage in fights during this period. Keep a watch on how you communicate with others. Sun in the 2nd house could give resentment and anger in the way you speak, which could cause issues. Natives are advised to be extremely careful while driving during this transit.

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Capricorn: The 8th house lord will be in ascendant for Capricorn natives. This period is going to be a mixed bag of negatives and positives. Capricorns will become more self-confident and will feel energized and strong. On the other hand, they could attract issues and losses. Arguments between partners in both life and business are very likely to occur. Your career appears to be in a good place right now, and you might also receive some attractive offers.

Aquarius: For Aquarians this period will be very average as far as health and career growth are concerned. The Sun, which is already inimical to Saturn, will be placed in the 12th house. You could feel a little aloof during this period. It may however yield positive results for people involved in import export business or diplomats looking to make new foreign connections may benefit from this transit. 

Pisces: The 6th lord is transiting through the 11th house. This is not a very favorable time for you as you could be exploited by your enemies for financial gains. You could come in contact with people who are cunning and competitive or your friends could pose some threat for you. Chances of getting into arguments or conflicts with your network circle.

Remedies To Enhance The Benefic Influence of Sun

  • Offer Water in a Copper vessel with a pinch of Red Vermilion to the Sun everyday or every Sunday.
  • Always pay respect to your father, or father figure and Gurus.
  • Burry 7 copper Surya Yantras under the ground in any area of your home and offer water to the Sun on the same spot everyday. 
  • Perform Surya Namaskar daily.

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