Sun-Mercury Auspicious Conjunction in Cancer; Lucky For Whom?

On the same day in the month of July, two benevolent planets will transit in the sign of Cancer. These planets are the Sun and Mercury, which when combined, constitute the auspicious Budhaditya Yoga. Read this special blog of ours to learn which zodiac signs will gain the most from the favorable conjunction of these planets in Cancer in this situation and which zodiac signs will experience the most significant increases in income.

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Sun-Mercury Transit In Cancer: Time, Date, & Duration

First, let’s discuss the Sun’s upcoming transit of Cancer on July 16, 2022. When it comes to the exact time of this transit, it will occur at 10:50 pm on July 16 and stay in this sign until 7:37 am on August 17 of 2022, or when it transits into Leo, which is its own sign.

The transit of Mercury in Cancer will take place on July 17, 2022, after this. In terms of timing, Mercury will enter Cancer at 12:01 am on July 17 and stay there until 3:51 am on August 1, 2022, or until it enters Leo.

This means that the transit of these two significant planets in Cancer will occur within a window of just one to one and a half hours. It would be fascinating to know which zodiac signs this transit would be particularly fortunate for in this case, but first, tell us what the impact of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer will be.

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Impact Of Mercury on Cancer 

Because of Mercury’s influence in Cancer, the natives are quite aggressive by nature and have no fear of anyone.

  • You prefer to be completely certain of something before beginning any task, which is why the pace of your work is frequently slow.
  • In addition, they have unmatched willpower and are incredibly determined.
  • You give your all to every task you complete.
  • You can express your ideas clearly, and you have a highly upbeat outlook on life.

Effect Of Sun In Cancer 

People whose Sun was in Cancer at the time of their birth tend to be protective of their loved ones and oneself.

  • They enjoy maintaining their safety and are slow to adapt to any sudden changes in their circumstances.
  • In addition, these people are very friendly and have a strong attachment to everything, regardless of how new or old it is.
  • Even if they are also highly reliant on others, people find them to be quite attractive since they care deeply and intensely about their family.
  • In addition, they tend to be honest, considerate, and emotional in character and take a while to open up to others.

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Budhaditya Yoga

On the one hand, Mercury is the planet of reasoning and speech in astrology, yet the Sun is regarded as the planet that causes the soul and is the causative planet of the natal chart. In addition, Mercury is the planet that is nearest to the Sun, hence Mercury’s masculine name has been removed. Mercury is said to strengthen any other planets it is in a relationship with, according to astrology.

However, when Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun, it can produce unique effects. Astrology refers to this as Budhaditya Yoga. The effects of this yoga vary depending on the horoscope’s house placement.

Budhaditya Yoga Result In Different Houses Of Horoscope

  • First House: Success in business, respect, and many other positive outcomes are attained.
  • Second House: Riches, luxury, a blissful marriage, and other favourable outcomes are attained. 
  • Third House: The natives obtain strong creative skills.
  • Fourth House: The natives benefit from a pleasant marital life, amenities like a home and car, and favorable conditions for international travel.
  • Fifth House:Such people acquire spiritual strength, leadership abilities, and success in every field. 
  • Sixth House: Successful careers lead to happiness. Such individuals succeed as astrologers, judges, lawyers, and doctors.
  • Seventh House: A successful marriage, social standing, and a position of wisdom are attained.
  • Eight House: Through a will, money is received. Such people also prosper in the fields of science and spirituality.
  • Ninth House: One gets success in every field of life. 
  • Tenth House: One receives success in profession and business. 
  • Eleventh House: One receives financial prosperity and abundant wealth. 
  • Twelfth House: Such natives have success overseas, marital contentment, and spiritual growth.

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Mercury-Venus Transit In Cancer: Lucky Zodiacs 

  • Aries

Aries is the sign that will benefit most from this remarkable conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. Almost every aspect of your life will turn out well for you at this time. Job seekers can succeed, grow, and promote. Additionally, if you are considering a work change, you may receive positive news in this regard as well. The Aries pupils’ academic focus will rise, and they’ll score exceptionally well in the competitive examination. Your personal life will also be pleasant, and family time will be favorable for you and your loved ones.

  • Gemini

The persons born under the sign of Gemini will also benefit from Mercury and the Sun being in conjunction. You’ll certainly experience a lot of financial advantages at this time. The salary of those who are employed will increase, and you will also receive the support and gratitude of your superiors. The time will also be in this sign’s favor for those in business. The plans and methods you’ve established in the context of expanding your firm will work out well for you. Aside from that, this time will be advantageous for you individually, and your bond with your mother will be solid.

  • Libra

Libra is the third sign for which this Sun and Mercury transit will be very fortunate. You will receive recognition from others in the industry, increase your chances of getting promoted, and progress. During this time, business people born under this sign will also have special advantages. Time is furthermore advantageous for individuals preparing to make stock market investments. You’ll experience success.

The timing is ideal if you’re planning on taking a trip abroad. You will undoubtedly see favorable outcomes in the future if you make an investment in land or real estate at this time as a Libra. In addition, there is a good chance you will be able to purchase any vehicle or piece of electrical equipment at this time. The outlook for your personal life is good. During this time, your father and you will become closer, and he will support you wholeheartedly.

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