Sun-Mars Conjunction In Virgo: 3 Zodiacs’ Lives Will Turn 360 Degrees!

Sun-Mars Conjunction In Virgo: In astrology, the Sun refers to the Soul and Mars represents the will power of individuals. Both have specific importance in the astrology world and their positioning plays a critical role in the lives of people. The planets keep on shifting their positions across different signs and it results in the creation of Yogas and an auspicious time for the natives. Sun-Mars conjunction has happened after 1 year and it is going to have a different impact on the lives of zodiacs. The AstroSage blog focuses on the 3 Zodiacs benefitting from the Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo and the list of relevant benefits.

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Date For Sun-Mars Conjunction In Virgo

The Sun and Mars conjunction in the Virgo sign happens from 17 September 2023 to 3 October 2023. 

3 Lucky Zodiacs Due To Sun-Mars Conjunction In Virgo


The Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo will bring luck in favor of Aries natives and it will be the best time to complete the unfinished activities. Taking part in different activities will also bring fruitful results and expect the best outcomes within the timeline. There are chances of the creation of new income sources in the period and also tackling the enemies in a firm way. For Aries natives, it is also a favorable time to come out of earlier struggles with relevant solutions. The expenses will be low and thus save your income for better results. The health will remain intact and the chances of deterioration are also minimal. 

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The Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo sign will be amazing for the Cancer people in terms of your career prospects. It will make the natives courageous to face tough life situations smartly. Both the planets are strong in the third house and result in the rise of wealth levels. For businessmen, it will be the best time to expand their operations and earn good profits from it. There are also huge chances of new job offers and joining new organizations can deliver the best outcomes in life. Be safe in driving as there are chances of accidents, or else the health of natives will remain protected.


The Mars-Sun conjunction in Virgo sign will be fruitful for Scorpio natives to make relevant changes in life. Move ahead of the competitors and make a presence in your professional life with the right steps. For businessmen, the chances of earning good profit margins are prominent. People preparing for government jobs can get success in the period and there are also chances of securing government tenders. The time is also suitable for making the right investment calls and increasing the overall capacity of wealth. The Scorpio natives will also be able to make relevant changes in their lifestyle to make new advancements in career goals. 

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Q1. Which is the malefic planet ascending Virgo?

Ans. Mars is one of the most malefic planets that works wonders for the ascending Virgo.

Q2. What happens in the presence of the Sun and Mars in the same house?

Ans. It is easy to tackle tough challenges and accomplish the goals with Sun & Mars in the same house.

Q3. Which house is not favorable for the Mars planet?

Ans. The placement of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 12th houses will deliver the best outcomes.

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