Angarak Yoga – Fiery Yoga That Fuels Unrelenting Anger & Disrupts Lives!

In Vedic astrology, there is mention of many auspicious and inauspicious yogas. They have both negative & positive effects on the lives of people. The Angarak Yoga falls in the list of inauspicious or negative yogas. It is referred to as Angarak Dosh. 

The formation of Angarak Yoga results in negative energies and experiences in the lives of people. The negative effects on various aspects & areas of life will depend on their zodiac signs. 

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This AstroSage blog explains Angarak Yoga or Dosh, its effects, and ways to reduce the inauspicious effects of Angarak Yoga. Also, check how to find out Angarak Dosh in the horoscope. 

What Is Angarak Yoga?

The Angarak Yoga is linked to anger, jealousy, fights, disputes, depression, mental & physical pain, etc. Angarak Yoga is formed due to Mars and Rahu. This yoga is formed when there is a conjunction of Mars and Rahu in any zodiac sign. 

The planet Mars represents energy, courage, and enthusiasm. It is also responsible for anger, aggression, fights, negative thoughts, fire, blood, surgery, weapons, police, etc. If we talk about Rahu, it is the factor of illusion, expansion, poison, dirty surroundings, material pleasures, etc. 

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The negative effects of Mars increase with the conjunction of Mars and Rahu. A state of confusion is created by Rahu and the person starts only thinking about himself. At times, the person remains dissatisfied and angry with their life condition. Angarak Yoga also proves fatal for mental health. 

Effect Of Conjunction Of Rahu And Mars 

The conjunction of Rahu and Mars creates both positive & negative effects on the lives of people. The influence of planets results in higher commitment and diligence in achieving the set targets & goals. The conjunction occurs every 18 months and this leads to many important changes in the lives of people. 

How To Reduce The Inauspicious Effects Of Angarak Yoga?

The conjunction of Rahu and Mars can be challenging for individuals. The inauspicious effects of yoga can be limited with the help of certain measures. These astrological steps include religious rituals, chanting mantras, and wearing gems to please the planets. 

To avoid the ill effects of Angarak Yoga, it is advised to do yoga, meditation, etc. as the defects can affect the mental well-being of individuals. 

How Are People Affected By Angarak Yoga?

Persons affected by Angarak Yoga can be identified with their behavior. The person becomes very angry due to the effects of the yoga. They become incapable of making the right decisions. Although, they have a helpful nature. A person gets a job in a government post or becomes an administrative agent under the influence of Angarak Yoga. 

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How To Check Angarak Yoga In The Horoscope?

After the confirmation of Angarak Yoga in the horoscope, other things like the position of Mars and Rahu, Nakshatra and Navamsha horoscope, etc. also need to be checked. As per astrology, if the Angarak Yoga is formed in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Pisces, then it results in a reduction of the auspiciousness. It is because Mars is stronger than Rahu in these places and Rahu doesn’t have that much effect on Mars. 

At the same time, difficulties can arise as Angarak Yoga is formed in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, or Aquarius signs. It is vital to understand such signals in the horoscope that increase or decrease the defects of Angarak Yoga. 

The other thing to note is that Angarak Yoga is formed when Rahu and Mars are placed in the horoscope of the person. The negative effects of the Angarak Yoga can increase if Rahu and Mars are positioned at inauspicious places in the horoscope. 

On the other hand, when Rahu and Mars are positioned at auspicious places, the negative effects of the Angarak Yoga are reduced. It also helps to reduce the inauspicious effects of Angarak Yoga. 

Angarak Yoga Or Dosh In Marriage

The presence of Angarak Dosh in married life will result in anger and ego-related matters between the husband & wife. The persons affected with Angarak Yoga or defects get angry without thinking and thus create troubles for themselves. 

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As the Angarak Dosh becomes serious, it increases sourness in the married relationship. The persons affected by Angarak Yoga won’t be ready to listen or adjust to their spouse. Due to it, challenges and troubles arise in the married life of people. 

How To Find Angarak Dosh In Your Horoscope?

The Angarak Dosh is formed in the horoscope if Rahu and Mars are positioned together at one place in the horoscope. At the same time, if the person gets angry very easily or quickly, then it means that they might be suffering from Angarak Dosh. 

The first signs of Angarak Dosh are anger, envy or jealousy, excitement, and high energy. The Angarak Dosh can be good or bad, but it is advisable to behave the right way to avoid the negative consequences. 


Q1. What happens with Angarak Dosh?

Ans. The Angarak Dosh results in the violent and angry nature of individuals.

Q2. How to cool down Angarak Dosh?

Ans. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily to reduce the effects of Angarak Dosh.

Q3. When is the Angarak Dosh formed?

Ans. The conjunction of Rahu and Mars results in the formation of Angarak Dosh.

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