Astrological Tips: Donating Without Complete Knowledge Can Be Dangerous; Take Note Of These Do’s & Don’ts Now!

Although making donations and doing charity is a good deed, one should get his birth chart checked while making donations. Because some things bring problems to your life if donated by mistake. Also, it is important to understand that from clothes to water each donation has its own day and a method to be followed.

It is also mentioned in the mythological scriptures that even the great warrior Karna faced near-to-death experiences due to making donations without knowing its ill-effects. One should make donations but need to keep these things in mind. According to the learned astrologers of AstroSage, sometimes people in the lure of getting respect, donate things that can affect their lives. Because, hurting anyone, doing donations under pressure, or getting fame can bring bad impacts on your life. So, it is important to do donations without any intention to get returns from them. There are many do’s and don’ts that will be discussed here, so let’s start with them.

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Wise Advice From Learned Astrologers- Don’ts

  • From the astrological perspective, those natives who have the moon placed in the illness house of the horoscope, should not donate water or beverages. If these natives make arrangements for water in public places then he/she will be deprived of happiness in the family.
  • Nowadays, people often donate to building Dharamshalas to influence others or to increase their social prestige. However, if Saturn is present in the house of age and if this person is making donations, then he will lose his own house.
  • Donating wheat or flour also doesn’t suit everyone. That person who has Saturn in his ascendant house or Jupiter in the 6th house, should not do such donations as it can affect the health of the children in the house.
  • Venus’ presence in the religious house of the horoscope is not good. If such natives provide financial support to poor students or widows then their partner’s health will be at stake. This also drops the financial status.

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  • The donations related to education or knowledge are very much high. However, if the moon is present in the expenses house then you should never make donations. As its ill effects can result in your loss of knowledge.
  • Donating clothes in temples can affect that person who has Jupiter presence in their 7th house. That person also faces challenges to maintain the daily expenses of the house.

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What To Donate What Not To Donate?

Items that should not be donated:

  • Broom: It symbolizes Maa Lakshmi, that’s why one should not donate a broom as it angers Maa Lakshmi, and this brings financial issues in life. 
  • Old clothes: There is a tradition of donating grains, money, or clothes to the poor. However, donating old clothes to old people can lead to troubles in life.
  • Oil: It symbolizes Shai Dev. Therefore, donating oil makes Shani Dev angry. Every task that you perform will go against your will. Along with this, the natives may suffer from physical and mental problems.

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  • Plastic Items: Never donate plastic items to the poor as this hinders the growth of the family members of the natives. Along with this, the natives might face financial problems, and their debts increase.
  • Steel: Natives should stay away from donating steep vessels or any other steel items to the poor as it disrupts the peace and harmony in the life of the natives.

Items That Should Be Donated: 

Donate food grains, money, or clothes to the poor and make sure you exchange them with some amount, that should be less and the poor can afford it. Astrologically, if you keep this amount or coins in your vault then you will have financial gains.

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Day-Wise Items Which Should Be Donated

In this section, we will provide you the details about the items to be donated on each day of the week that can give you auspicious results:

Sunday: Sunday is the day for the lord Sun who is the king of all the planets, it is responsible for the fame and respect of a person in the society. So, donating jaggery, wheat, ruby gems, khas, and red flowers will strengthen the position of the Sun in your horoscope.

Monday: It is the day of Lord Shiva, Donating rice, white clothes, white flowers, milk, pearls, conch shell and other white items to the poor will strengthen the position of the moon in the horoscope which makes you mentally strong. 

Tuesday: This day is dedicated to the planet Mars and Lord Hanuman. Mars is the owner planet of wealth. Donating red lentils, red clothes, fennel, moong daal, and copper utensils can strengthen the position of Mars in your horoscope.

Wednesday: This day is dedicated to Mercury and Lord Ganesha. Mercury is the benefactor of intelligence, communication and business. One should donate spinach, green and blue clothes, green grass, bronze utensils etc to strengthen the position of Mercury.

Thursday: This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Jupiter. This planet is the benefactor of education, spirituality, humility, progress, children etc. Donating topaz gemstone, gram dal, raw salt, turmeric, gold and saffron color will strengthen the position of Jupiter.

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Friday: This is the day of Goddess Lakshmi and planet Venus. Venus is the ruler of married life and material happiness. Donate Kheer, perfume, curd, colorful clothes, silver and rice to strengthen the position of Venus and to please Goddess Lakshmi.

Saturday: This day is dedicated to Shani Dev. Worshiping Lord Shani will give you special benefits. Saturn is responsible for any diseases, and the cause of science. If Saturn is strong in the horoscope of a person then there will be justice, love and hard work in the life of the native. Donating black clothes, iron, oil, sesame seeds etc can strengthen Saturn.

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