Solar Eclipse 2024: Know Date, Time, Remedies & More…

Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse are considered inauspicious in Vedic Astrology which not only affects the world or country but also the lives of all humans. We all know that solar and lunar eclipses occur from time to time and in this series, the first solar eclipse of the year occurred last April and now the second solar eclipse of 2024 is going to occur soon. This special AstroSage blog will provide you with complete information about the second and last solar eclipse of 2024 such as its date, time, etc. Also, the remedies to avoid the inauspicious impacts of solar eclipse. We are going to tell you everything about the solar eclipse 2024. 

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As we have mentioned above, the first solar eclipse happened on 8th April 2024. This Solar eclipse is going to be extremely special because it is happening after 57 years but it will not be seen in India. Now, the second solar eclipse is going to be special and it will also be the last solar eclipse of 2024 as well. The second solar eclipse of the year will be annular and will appear ring-shaped. Now, let’s move ahead and tell you about the second solar eclipse. 

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Second Solar Eclipse 2024: Date And Time 

According to Vedic Panchang, the second solar eclipse of 2024 will fall on the Amavasya date of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month which means on 2nd October 2024, Wednesday. According to Indian Standard Time, it will begin at 09:13 in the night and will end at 03:17. We have already told you that this is an annular solar eclipse which will be 6 hours and 4 minutes long. Come, let us find out what an annular solar eclipse is! 

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What Is The Annular Solar Eclipse? 

From a scientific point of view, solar eclipses are considered to be very important. Let us tell you that when an annular solar eclipse occurs, the Sun appears like a ring of fire in the sky, which is also known as the ring of fire. During this eclipse, the Sun appears like a bright ring. 

However, an annular solar eclipse is a unique and rare phenomenon that occurs when the Sun comes in front of the Moon, but the latter is unable to cover the Sun completely. During this eclipse, the Moon covers the major part of the Sun, but it is unable to cover the outer part of the Sun and when we look at it from Earth, it appears like a bright and shiny ring. 

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Will The Second Solar Eclipse Be Seen In India? 

The second and last solar eclipse occurring in 2024 will not be seen in India like the first solar eclipse. But, apart from India, it can be seen in countries like Argentina, the Arctic, South America, the Pacific Ocean, and Peru. 

Will the Sutak Period Be Valid In India? 

The solar eclipse occurring in October will not be seen in India and that’s why, the Sutak period will not be valid as well. According to the religious scriptures, Sutak is an inauspicious period and it is prohibited to perform any religious practice during this period. The Sutak period of solar eclipse lasts for 12 hours while the lunar eclipse lasts for 9 hours. 

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Dos And Don’ts During Solar Eclipse 

  • Avoid doing oil massages during the eclipse. Along with this, avoid cutting hair, beard, or nails. 
  • If possible, avoid traveling anywhere during the eclipse. 
  • Before the eclipse starts, you should keep Kusha or Tulsi leaves in food items like milk, curd, ghee, pickles, condiments (Chutney), and Murabba. 
  • Take medicine if you feel like you are sick. 
  • Avoid sewing like work during the eclipse and Sutak periods if you are a pregnant woman. Also, avoid sleeping during these periods. 
  • You can read religious scriptures and recite mantras during the eclipse. 
  • After the eclipse ends, fresh drinking water should be filled. 

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Remedies To Perform During Solar Eclipse 

  • You can recite the Rahu-Ketu mantras during the solar eclipse. Apart from this, reciting the Surya mantra during the solar eclipse is also favorable. 
  • Keep remembering God during the solar eclipse and you can perform auspicious activities like donation. You can donate as per your wish. 
  • Donating wheat during the solar eclipse can offer you financial benefits. Also, it offers you respect and honor. 
  • It is favorable to do yoga and meditation during a solar eclipse because the Sun is the planet of the soul. 
  • After the eclipse ends, it is important to take a bath. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will the second Solar eclipse of 2024 occur?

The second and last solar eclipse of 2024 will occur on 2nd October 2024, Wednesday. 

Will the solar eclipse be seen in India? 

No, the solar eclipse will not be seen in India. 

How many kinds of solar eclipse occur? 

There are three kinds of solar eclipse; partial, annular, and complete. 

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