Saturn Retrograde’s Riches – 5 Zodiacs To Reap Huge Gains Till Nov 2024!

Saturn or Shani Dev, the son of the Sun and the giver of Karma retrogrades in Aquarius sign on 29 June 2024, at 11:40 pm. Till 15 November 2024, Saturn stays in the Aquarius sign in its retrograde state. As Saturn retrogrades, it has a deep impact on all the zodiac signs, including the country and world. 

Saturn’s retrograde will have different effects on varied zodiac signs. For some zodiac signs, Saturn retrograde will prove auspicious, while for some zodiacs there are chances of losses in this period. Till November 2024, Saturn’s retrograde position will benefit the natives of five zodiac signs. 

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Due to Saturn’s retrograde in the Aquarius sign, the natives of different zodiacs will progress in their careers. They will get happiness & prosperity in their lives and all their desires also will be fulfilled. Let us now move ahead and check the zodiac signs whose natives will benefit due to Saturn’s retrograde. 

Zodiac SignsThat Benefit From Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius 


Saturn retrogrades in the eleventh house of the Aries zodiac sign. In this period, the natives will get immense financial benefits and they will get the support of their brothers & sisters. The respect and prestige of the Aries natives will enhance significantly in the society. People will converse with you respectfully and they can expect support from their friends to move ahead in their careers. All their wishes will be fulfilled in this period and Shani Dev will be very kind to them. 

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Saturn retrogrades in the tenth house of the Taurus zodiac sign. The period will be great for the careers of Taurus natives and they will get auspicious results in their workplace. The natives involved in government jobs will get major success in their work. There are chances that the superiors can assign some vital task or responsibility at the job. Their social circle also enhances and they have a good chance to get big success or achievement by November 2024. The income levels will increase and their financial condition will become stronger. 

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Leo natives can benefit greatly from the Saturn retrograde in the Aquarius sign. They can achieve success and progress in their careers. Along with it, there are chances of big profits in the economic sector and the business persons can earn a lot of profit. 

All their pending tasks can be completed in this period. All their plans will be successful and they will be happy in their lives. They will get peace in their married life and all their problems will go away. All their stuck money can be recovered due to Saturn retrograde. 

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As Saturn retrogrades in the Aquarius zodiac, the luck of Sagittarius natives improves greatly. Their careers will gain momentum in this period. They will get full support from their colleagues in their offices. They can achieve success in their careers. The natives can make the workplace their own and thus the reputation will increase in the society. 

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The luck of Sagittarius natives will outshine in this period and their hard work will deliver fantastic results. They will get wealth & prosperity in their careers. 

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Saturn retrograde in the Aquarius zodiac will prove auspicious for the Capricorn natives. Their financial condition will improve greatly and can earn great benefits due to it. They can meet their family needs and will save money successfully. They can invest in a new property and thus will get all kinds of comforts in their lives. 

The period will be favorable for the love life of Capricorn natives. They will gain honor & respect in society due to their efforts at work. They can influence others with their speech. 

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Importance Of Saturn In Vedic Astrology 

Saturn or Shani Dev is considered the provider of Karma and provides results to people as per their deeds. As a teacher, they teach others to be disciplined in their lives. They can achieve different goals in their lives. 

The influence of Shani Dev makes the person a lover of justice and high on punctuality. Along with it, Saturn also guides individuals to use their energies efficiently. 

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Q1. What are the results of Saturn retrograde?

Ans. There will be different economic gains for the natives due to Saturn’s retrograde.

Q2. What is the time of Saturn retrograde?

Ans. On 29 June 2024, Saturn retrogrades in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Q3. What does Saturn retrograde mean?

Ans. It means that the planet moves in the reverse direction.

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