Shasha Rajyoga Forms In Aquarius, 5 Zodiacs To Write Success Stories!

The planet Saturn has vast importance in the Vedic Astrology. It is considered the God of justice and the giver of karma meaning it offers results based on your karma. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the slowest planet of all the nine planets. It stays in a zodiac for 2.5 years which is known as Saturn Dhaiya. It takes almost 30 years to come back to a zodiac. At present, it is present in its Mooltrikona sign, Aquarius. Moon will also take a position in this zodiac on 26th June 2024 and stay here till 27th June. In such a circumstance, the presence of Saturn and Moon will form Shasha Rajyoga. 

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This Rajyoga will impact the lives of all the 12 zodiacs. Still, amongst all of them, 5 zodiacs including Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius are going to get the blessings of progress, auspiciousness, and prosperity in their lives. Also, due to the impact of Saturn and Moon in their life, their financial condition will stabilize. So, without waiting further ado, let’s move ahead and find out who those 5 fortunate zodiacs are! 

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Five Zodiacs To Benefit Out Of The Saturn-Moon Conjunction


For the Gemini natives, this will be a favorable period. Whatever decisions these natives will make, will offer them positive results. You will be satisfied with your career and will get several unexpected gains in your financial life. Along with this, you are going to get the complete support of your luck in this period. Your interest will majorly lie in spirituality and you will be highly engrossed in religious activities as well, which will offer you peace and satisfaction. 

From a financial point of view, you are going to earn a lot of money.  Along with this, you will get great opportunities to earn a lot of money. On the other hand, the people who are associated with activities like betting may also make a good amount of profit. In these circumstances, you will be able to fulfill all your needs in this period. This is also a great time for your love life and your relationship will be filled with love in this duration. You will feel energetic in this period and your immune system will be strong as well and due to this reason, your health will be good as well. You will also not have to face a major health issue in this period. 

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For the Cancer natives as well, Shasha Rajyoga is going to be extremely favorable and fortunate. If you have taken a debt previously or taken a loan from the bank then you will be able to pay it off in this duration. There will be financial stability in your life which will give you a sense of satisfaction and make you happy. Apart from this, you may get a financial benefit from ancestral property which will resolve all your money-related problems. 

You will get the opportunities to make progress in your career and business. This time is extremely favorable for your familial happiness. You will get the support of your family while making decisions for them. Your decisions will be appreciated by people. Something auspicious is going to happen at home and due to this, there can be guests at your place. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in your family. Your marital life will be happy and prosperous. And, you will feel fit and healthy in this period. 


This time is going to be a fruitful time for your Sagittarius natives. In the field of career, you are going to get great results. You will also get the support of your colleagues at your workplace. There are going to be new projects and your seniors will be impressed by your work. There are chances of promotion or increment due to your work. You may plan to switch your job with the idea of progressing in your career and earning good money; chances are that this is going to be a success. 

During this period, whatever direction you try with full dedication, you will get auspicious results. Along with this, you are going to get wishful profits in your business. You may meet a special person this week. The natives who are in a love affair will strengthen their relationship with their partner. If you are thinking of proposing to someone this week, then the answer will be a “Yes.” There will be money inflow from several income sources and you will be able to save money for your future as well. This period will be really good and you will not have to face a major health issue. 

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This Yoga is going to be very good for the Capricorn natives concerning income. There will be several sources of income in your life. Apart from this, you can spend money on your comfort and luxury, as well as the renovation of your home. You will be able to earn good money and along with this, you will make great savings as well. The people who are living abroad will also be able to earn a great amount of money and as a result, they will also be able to make enough savings. To conclude, you will be able to make money from more than one source and will make good savings as well. 

Before investing in a business, you must take advice from your well-wishers. You must be careful before kidding someone in this period because people can take out different meanings of your words. 

Talking about your married life, then it will be extremely blissful. To make the week auspicious and successful, take full care of your health and time. If we talk about your love life, then you will be able to understand your partner and loved one better now. As a result, your relationship will strengthen with your life partner. 

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The moment this period begins, the Pisces natives will get great results in this period. As a result, you may have to travel short or long distances during this period. However, these trips will be extremely auspicious and fruitful for you. The young natives are going to spend their time having fun and enjoying themselves.  If we talk about your career, you will get good results from your extreme hard work and efforts. You will be in a situation to show supremacy over your colleagues and seniors as well. Your seniors are going to appreciate you for your work and energy at your workplace and you can be awarded for the same as well. You are going to make great profit and move ahead at a fast pace. 

The natives who are running a business will make profits in this period which will make you successful in your business and results will be in your favor as well.  You will be filled with energy and complete all your tasks with enthusiasm. Also, during the Mars transit, the business natives will get a hack to achieve success in their business, and through the same mantra, they will be successful in giving tough competition to their opponents. It will be good for you to work in a partnership business. You will also make great profits in your financial life and will be able to earn a great amount of money too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When Will Saturn Transit? 

Saturn will move out of Aquarius to enter Pisces in 2025. 

Where is Saturn right now? 

Saturn is present in Aquarius right now. 

Who is the enemy of the Moon? 

Mercury and Venus are considered as the enemy of the Moon. 

Who is the ruling lord of Saturn?

Lord Bhairav is the ruling lord of Saturn.

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