Sagittarius Horoscope 2024: Will Your Finances Grow This Year?

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024: Two months from the year 2024 has already passed and a lot of us are still confused and curious as to what will happen next. For the people who had a great year in the past, will it continue, or if the last year was not your year then what will happen in 2024?  In Vedic astrology, they predict for the new year and these predictions tell us what changes will happen in different aspects of the lives of people of all the 12 zodiacs. And, in this series, next up is Sagittarius. We are going to talk about how 2024 will be for them in different aspects of their lives. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the life of Sagittarius natives for the year 2024 and see what will happen to them. 

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About Love Life 

Talking about the love life of the Sagittarius natives, it is going to be favorable for them. The lord of Gods, Jupiter will be in your fifth house which means that your love life will be amazing. However, Mars and the Sun sitting in your zodiac sign will bring changes in your behavior at the start of the year and you may behave rudely with your partners which may bring tension in your relationship. The time from the end of February till April will be good for you. Due to Lord Saturn aspect your fifth house, you may notice a few uncertainties in your love life, but the first half of the year will be good for you because of Jupiter’s presence in a favorable position. 

The time between April to May will be more romantic for you. During this period, you will notice better understanding in your relationship with your partner and the two of you will get close to each other. Also, you two will spend quality time with each other and this will also be better to understand each other because Venus will reside in your fifth house. 

Between 1 June to 12 July, you will promise to do anything for your love and will try everything to keep them happy. This period will strengthen your relationship with them. However,  there will be uncertainties in your relationship and the two of you will have arguments on small or minor things. You may even go out with your partner or plan a romantic date for them during this period. To conclude, you will have great and memorable moments with your partner. 

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About Your Career Or Professional Life 

Mentioning the career or professional life of Sagittarius natives, this year will be filled with uncertainties for you. Throughout the year, Ketu will be present in your tenth house which may cause you to struggle at your workplace. You may lose your focus from work often during this period. There are likely to be times when you think that the place you are working isn’t meant for you or you are not getting work according to your skills or talent. This may create frustration in your heart and between April to August, you may plan to leave your current job. Under these circumstances, you are asked to not act on impulse or make a decision to leave your job. When you get another job offer, then take this decision. There are even chances of finding a new job between April to August. During this period, if you change your job, it will be very fruitful for you. 

From a career perspective, the month of September will be best for you. You might get an authoritative position. Your colleagues will support you the best and due to their help, you will perform even better. There are even chances that because of your performance, you may get a promotion or an increment. During this period, your words will be given importance but you need to be careful and are advised not to share everything with your co-workers. The months of November and December will be good for you. 

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About Education Life

The onset of the year will be good for you. Lord of Gods, Jupiter will reside in your fifth house till 1st May and Rahu will be in your fourth house, which as a result will enhance your intelligence or knowledge and you will be able to gain more knowledge. Saturn will aspect your fifth house, which as a result may create certain obstacles in your studies. However, these obstacles will not be there for long. Post May 1st, Jupiter will transit in your sixth house and Mars will transit in the fifth house which will increase your interest in your studies and you will passionately focus on them, but the time from August to October may again bring challenges. 

On the other hand, if any student is preparing for a competitive exam, then they will be successful at the beginning of the year. If you have to sit for any exam in January, May, or June, then there are chances of getting successful in the same. In the rest of the months, you may have to work extra hard, and then only, you will get successful. For the students who are planning to study further, the beginning of the year will be great. The months of February, April, and August will bring great success for you, and September, you may also get a good achievement. 

The students related to the field of Information Technology (IT), Computer Programming, or Pedagogy will have a progressive year. The students who are dreaming to study abroad can get great success in June and July. During this period, your dream of going abroad will be successful. 

About Financial Situation 

Talking about the financial situation of the Sagittarius natives, the first half of the year will be extremely favorable for them. But, they may have to face certain problems in the second half of the year. The lord of Gods, Jupiter will reside in your fifth house and from there aspect your eleventh house, first house, and the house of luck which in result will reduce the problems coming to your financial life. But, you should still be wise and think a lot before making any decision in matters related to finances. When Jupiter will move to your sixth house at the beginning of May is the time when your expenses may increase which is not favorable for your financial situation. That’s why you are advised to control your expenses. 

Lord Saturn will aspect your fifth, ninth, and twelfth house which can bring a reduction in your expenses. However, you are advised to not lend money to anyone during this phase because there are chances that the money will never find your way back and you may get into trouble. You should find a balance in your income and expenses, and you should try that from the beginning of the year otherwise you may have to face problems later. 

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About Family 

If we talk about the relationship in your familial life, then it can be filled with average results for you because Saturn’s presence in your third house may cause certain problems. Rahu will be in your fourth house and Ketu in the tenth, which means that you may have to struggle in your familial relationships. Under these circumstances, you may need to find time for your family and spend time with them. You need to understand their needs. 

In the month of February and the start of April can be a stressful time for the natives because of the presence of Mars in the second house and due to the same, there will be rudeness in your speech. Because of this, there are chances for arguments, and fights, and may create a situation of tension. You are advised to handle the situations well and ignore minor things. 

When Mars will move to your fourth house between 23rd April to 1st June, where Rahu is already present, there may be chances of stress in the family and during this period, there are chances of your mother’s health getting negatively affected and that’s why, it is important to take care of her health and if necessary, connect with a doctor for her. After that, the situation will get better and improve. Post May, when Jupiter will move to your sixth house, a few property-related issues may arise, that’s why, it would be best if you work with patience and wait for the right time. 

About The Life Of Your Children 

From the perspective of children, the first half of the year will be very favorable for you. Jupiter will be present in your fifth house which means that whoever is longing for a child, they can get good news during this period. If there are good chances of having a child in your birth chart then Jupiter’s presence in your fifth house from the beginning of the year till May 1st will be very fruitful for you and you will get the happiness of bearing a child. 

The natives who already have children, then they will listen to you well and will be loyal to you. If your children are still studying then they will get good results during this period.  Post 1st May, Jupiter will enter your 6th house and from 1st June to 12th July, Mars being in the fifth house will make your child equipped with efficient leadership skills and your children will make progress in their field. However, between October to December, you need to take care of the health of your child because they may have ups and downs in their health. There are chances that they will get hurt physically or due to bad eating habits, their digestive system may get damaged. That’s why you need to look after your child in every possible way. 

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About Your Married Life 

For the married natives, the year may bring out mixed results because, in the beginning of the year itself, the Sun and Mars will stay in your first house and aspect your seventh house. As a result, the tension in your relationship will increase. Your voice may get rude and due to the same, your relationship may get disturbed. You are being advised to not pick up fights with your partner and act peacefully with them. Mars and the Sun will transit in your 2nd house which in result may make the time till the middle of March get very tense and there are also chances of your partner getting affected by some health-related issues. 

The time of June and July will be good for you as Venus will be present in your seventh house which means that the tension between you and your partner will reduce and the love will increase. The two of you will spend a good time together. You and your partner will come closer to each other in June and will understand the respective responsibilities. From July till 4th September, the two of you may fight for some reason but later, the relationship will slowly get back to normal. Towards the end of the year, you will spend your married life happily. You and your partner will understand each other and will do anything for each other’s happiness. You will trust your partner completely and will not let this trust break at any cost. 

About Business 

The Sagittarius natives who own a business, the beginning of the year is great for them. Because of the presence of Mars and Sun in your seventh house, your business will grow well and you will even get support from the government sector. This period will bring immense success for you. If you are involved in a business which is related to the government sector or related to supplying to the government, then you are going to make good profits from the start of the year. 

However, there may be tough times and uncertainties waiting for you in the months of April, August, November, and December which may also leave you tensed or stressed. But you are advised to be careful and not trust anyone easily. To expand or make progress in your business, you should start picking new strategies. In the middle of the year, around 1st July, you may happen to cross paths with a special person who can help you in progressing your business and the same person can give you excessive profits as well. There is immense success for your business in the middle of the year. If you want to start a business or expand your business, then this period is the best for you and you will get great success as well. 

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Best Time To Buy Property Or Vehicle 

If you are looking to buy property or a vehicle then the commencement of the year is not proven to be favorable for you. However, you can be successful in buying a property from February till the end of April. Apart from that, you may even buy a property with the help of your siblings. The beginning of the year, most likely, from February to April will be the most favorable time for you. You may buy a new property during this time or may renovate your current house. After this, you may have to wait to buy or sell anything. 

Throughout the year, Rahu will be sitting in your fourth house and that’s why there is a hope of profit in putting your property on rent. If you are interested in buying a vehicle then the month of April is the best time for you. After April, you can even be successful in buying one in May. If you are unable to buy a vehicle during these months, then your second chance comes in August and September. Buying a vehicle during these mentioned times will be the best and fortunate for you. If you are interested in buying a property during this period or may want to buy a constructed house then there is success in that as well. During this tenure, your dreams of buying a house can be fulfilled. However, don’t think of buying a property or vehicle beyond these durations as that can come across as unfortunate for you. 

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