Mars Transit In Aquarius: Quite Auspicious For These Zodiac Signs

Mars Transit In Aquarius: Mars is considered the planets’ commander in Vedic astrology. This planet has a significant impact on the lives of people. Apart from that, Mars is a fiery planet by nature. To find out which zodiac signs will benefit from Mars Transit in Aquarius and which will suffer from its negative effects, read this blog.

First and foremost, for your information, if Mars is in its Mooltrikona sign Aries, people have fortunate outcomes; nevertheless, if Mars is in an unfavorable position or is afflicted, individuals suffer a variety of troubles in their lives. You may have to deal with issues. 

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Mars Transit In Aquarius- Date And Time 

First and foremost, in terms of timing, Mars, the planet of the God of War, will transit in Aquarius at 05:42 pm on March 15, 2024.

It is natural that this significant Mars transit would have an impact on the lives of people of all zodiac signs. Let us now proceed to learn some intriguing facts about Mars, such as what affects Mars will have when in Aquarius, as well as what effect Mars is anticipated to have on all twelve zodiac signs.

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Mars In Vedic Astrology 

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is associated with vitality, brotherhood, land, power, courage, and other qualities. Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio, but Cancer is considered its debilitated sign. Apart from that, Capricorn is Mars’ exalted sign. Mars owns Mrigashira Nakshatra, Chitra Nakshatra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Astrologers say that when Mars appears in a fortunate position in a person’s horoscope, they are naturally fearless and courageous. People with an unlucky Mars in their horoscope, on the other hand, will have challenges in a variety of spheres of life.

When Mars is in an unlucky house in a person’s horoscope or gets involved with malefic planets, it might cause blood-related disorders. Aside from that, there are difficulties in marriage owing to the Mangal Dosh produced by Mars.

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Manglik Dosha: Actually, according to astrology, when Mars appears in a person’s first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house, Manglik Dosh begins to form. People with Mangal Dosh in their horoscopes experience delays in marriage due to its negative repercussions. Even if marriage occurs, one must deal with challenges; the potential of various marriage-related issues increases as a result of this flaw. 

Aside from that, if a person’s horoscope contains Mangal Dosh or any other Mars-related fault, they are at danger of developing cancer, tumors, or blood disorders. This is why astrologers advise taking gentle steps to eliminate Mangal Dosh as soon as possible. What are the remedies? Let us have a look at this also.

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Effective Remedies To Remove Mangal Dosha 

  • If Mangal Dosh is also forming in your horoscope (or if you want to know if Mangal Dosh occurs in your horoscope, visit expert astrologers today), you should begin the fast on Tuesday and pray to Hanuman. Worship God on a regular basis.
  • Aside from that, reciting Sunderkand on Tuesday is also considered auspicious.
  • A person suffering from Mangal Dosh should wear coral gemstones.
  • Aside from that, if possible, you can remove the Mangal Dosh from your horoscope by offering jaggery to the poor and needy according to your ability.

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Impact Of Mars Transit In Aquarius 

When Mars transits in Aquarius, people tend to feel more hopeful, enthusiastic, and free. Mars is the planet of the fire element, whilst Aquarius is associated with the air element. When both of these factors are present, a person’s energy, excitement, and curiosity and passion to try new things grow. Such people appear to be eager to look ahead; they enjoy exploring and discovering new things. 

Mars Transit in Aquarius might have a positive impact on work. During this point, the native will be seen exploring for opportunities in a new environment. Mars and Aquarius together also give people an urge to engage in dangerous activities. Aside from that, the person will prove to be a good speaker throughout this time, and he or she will be successful in any field involving communication or marketing. When it comes to love and marital relationships, people may appear to be too romantic during this time. You’ll be ahead in loving and expressing it.

Finally, let us look at how Mars Transit in Aquarius will affect people in all 12 zodiac signs. Let us know some basic remedies to take during this time.

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Mars Transit In Aquarius: Zodiac Wise Impact And Remedies 


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