Rare Yoga On Solar Eclipse 2023 After 178 Years: Lucky For 3 Zodiacs

Solar Eclipse 2023: In Vedic Astrology, eclipses play a crucial role in changing the fortune of natives, and the last Solar Eclipse 2023 in October will be very special. In 2023, the second and last solar eclipse is falling on Sarva Pitru Amavasya. It will be an auspicious occasion, where the Sun and Mercury will be present in Virgo. This will result in the formation of Budhaditya Yoga which will bless zodiacs with good fortune. 

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As mentioned, the last solar eclipse will occur on Sarvapitri Amavasya and the belief is that such an eclipse occurred earlier in the year 1845. This is also happening just before the Navratri celebrations, making it a promising situation. As per astrology, such a coincidence is taking place after 178 years and will impact all the 12 zodiacs.  

Fascinating Fact: The Amavasya that will share the same day as the last solar eclipse 2023 is falling on Saturday, so it will be a Shanischari Amavasya. 

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Date Of Auspicious Budhaditya Yoga On Solar Eclipse 2023 After 178 Years

The last Solar Eclipse 2023 will take place on 14 October on the occasion of Sarva Pitru Amavasya. 

List Of 3 Lucky Zodiacs Benefiting Out Of Rare Yoga On Solar Eclipse 2023


The Budhaditya Yoga on the last Solar Eclipse 2023, will prove auspicious for the Gemini people. There are chances of getting back your money and the chances of happiness are prominent. The luck will favor the natives to accumulate a good amount of wealth and profit. Also, the Gemini natives will get appreciation at their workplace for suitable activities. It will also be a favorable time to spend quality time with family members. The business persons will be able to get into new deals and thus increase the profit levels. The time is also fitting to buy new properties and products. 

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For the Capricorn natives, the Solar Eclipses 2023 will be the best time to fulfill the unfinished activities. The new sources of income will rise and the natives will be able to enhance the overall wealth. It will also be a fitting opportunity to get into new businesses or job roles. The right investments will get you higher profit levels. The buying of new properties will provide natives with suitable outcomes. Get relief from the financial crunches due to the rare yoga and the idle time to complete the long pending work. The health of Capricorn people will also be secured. 


The last Solar Eclipse in 2023 will shine the luck of Libra natives to get higher profits in their businesses. These people will also experience a higher reputation in society. It will also be the opportunity for the lucky natives to make good savings and earn the right amount of money. There will be more chances to explore new income sources and also get news from invested properties. There will be peace in the family and also solve the troubled matters swiftly. The health will remain stable and pave the way to complete pending activities together. 

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Q1. What will be the impact of solar eclipse on zodiacs?

Ans. The Solar Eclipse 2023 will affect the attitude, emotions, and mentality of natives. 

Q2. What does Solar Eclipse 2023 mean spiritually?

Ans. It will be the best occasion to set realistic goals in life and make the individuals lean more towards spirituality. 

Q3. Is a solar eclipse good or bad for zodiacs?

Ans. The eclipses affect all the 12 zodiacs and the natives in some way or the other. It can have both positive and negative effects on people. 

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