Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra Transit In 2024: Impact On 12 Zodiac Signs!

Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra Transit: In the astrology world, there is special importance of change in the zodiac signs. When a planet leaves one zodiac sign and travels to another sign, it brings relevant changes in the country and the world. The movement of planets from one zodiac to another will have a deep impact on human lives. Other than the zodiac signs, the planet also moves from one nakshatra to another and its impact can be seen across all the 12 zodiac signs. The RahuKetu Nakshatra transit in 2024 will create an effective time for different zodiacs. 

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On 01 January 2024, Rahu entered the Revati Nakshatra’s third phase and Ketu entered Chitra Nakshatra’s first phase. This will result in different impacts on the 12 zodiac signs. 

Let us move forward and know about the Rahu-Ketu nakshatra transit on 01 January 2024 & the zodiacs facing troubles in their lives due to it. 

Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra Transit: The Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs 


In the Aries zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will remain in the seventh house. All the troubles in your married life will be resolved successfully due to the Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra transit in 2024. Persons facing hindrances or obstacles in married life can solve the problems promptly. All obstacles coming in the way of your marriage will be removed swiftly. People doing business in partnership will get the best results. 

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In the Taurus zodiac, Rahu and Ketu will be present in the sixth house. During this period, there are good chances of traveling abroad. If the Taurus natives are facing any kind of auspicious Mahadasha, then they will get the opportunity to settle abroad. Students will get success in the competitive exams due to Rahu-Ketu transit. If Venus is in an auspicious position in the horoscope of Taurus natives, then they will be able to defeat the enemies successfully. 

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In the Gemini zodiac, Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in the fifth house. Their influence will result in signs of trouble in your love relationship. This will also result in an increase in troubles with your love partner. There is also a strong possibility of distraction for students in their studies because of the Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra transit. You may get bad news from your children. For people involved in the creative field, it is the best time. 

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In the Cancer zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will be situated in the fourth house. There is a strong possibility of health deterioration for the mother of Cancer natives. The inauspicious effects of Ketu results in troubles in the family life of Cancer people. Your family’s peace will be troubled due to Rahu-Ketu Nakshatra transit. 

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In the Leo zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will be located in the third house. The placement of Mars in the auspicious place in your horoscope of Leo zodiacs will result in a rise of courage. But, there are chances of health deterioration in your love relationship. Be careful as there are chances of difference with your younger brothers & sisters. 

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In the Virgo zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will be located in the second house and it impacts the speech of natives. There can be harshness in your speech and this results in misunderstanding among Virgo natives. Rahu-Ketu nakshatra transit shows clear signs of an increase in distance between the family members. 

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In the Libra zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in the first house. This will result in a rise of creativity among the natives and you will be able to make honest decisions in life. During this period, there are also chances of getting involved in research and study work. 

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In the Scorpio zodiac, Rahu and Ketu sit in the twelfth house. Other than that, if other planets are positioned in the auspicious place in your horoscope, then it will result in the rise of spirituality in the lives of Scorpio natives. During Rahu-Ketu nakshatra transit, you will try to follow the religious path. There are also possible chances of traveling abroad and you will get possible benefits from the abroad trip. 

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In the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu are going to be in the eleventh house. The strong position of Venus in the horoscope of Sagittarius natives, results in financial strength in the lives of people. Luck will be on the side of Sagittarius people and they will feel the shortage of money. With hard work, natives will be able to succeed in reaching heights of success. The natives will feel financially prosperous due to its effects because of Rahu-Ketu nakshatra transit. 

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In the Capricorn zodiac, Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in the tenth house. The natives will experience a rise in intelligence during this period. There are chances of disputes with your father and the business persons will get the desired results with relevant hard work. But, sometimes you might be bothered with some thoughts. In this period, the focus of the natives will be on career and financial improvement. 

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In the Aquarius zodiac sign, Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in the ninth house. The health condition of the natives will improve due to Rahu-Ketu nakshatra transit and will be able to advance their business needs successfully. But, the efforts to save money might fail badly. The business persons will progress across different operations and the present time conflict with father will come to an end. The natives will have an interest in spirituality and there are possible chances of traveling due to spiritual purposes. 

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In the Pisces zodiac, Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in the eighth house. There are chances of health deterioration for the Pisces natives and different problems may arise in the lives of people due to Ketu. Individuals need to be careful while driving and the Pisces natives need to be careful & alert during this period. 

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