Pongal : All you need to know about this 4 day long festival!

India is a diverse country. The festivals of this country add beauty to its diversity. Every city has its own festivals and they have their own significance and grace. Let us know about the festival of Pongal which is celebrated in South India. On one hand, the festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated in North India every year while on the other, the tradition of celebrating this day as Pongal has been followed in South India.

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The special festival of Pongal lasts for 4 days. It is believed about this festival that Tamil people sacrifice their bad habits on this very day. As per traditional point of view, the festival of Pongal is considered to bring prosperity. Rain, Sun, animals related to agriculture are worshipped to bring prosperity in this festival. Let us know when and how the festival of Pongal is celebrated. Also, know about its Muhurat of this year.    

When will Pongal be Celebrated in 2021?

January 14, 2021 i.e. Thursday

Thai Pongal Sankranti Time For New Delhi, India

   Sankranti Moment : 08:03:07

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Religious Works and Other Events Performed on Pongal

  • The festival of Pongal is celebrated continuously for 4 days. 
  • The first day of this festival is known as Bhogi Pongal.  
  • The second day is called Surya Pongal. 
  • Mattu Pongal is considered to be the third day. 
  • Kanya Pongal is the fourth day of this festival. 

As the above mentioned names are different, all the days have different ways of worshipping. It is mainly said about this festival that people of South India pray to god for a good crop in the next season and express their joy for the harvested crop on this very day. People worship Sun, Indra Dev, animals related to agriculture to bring prosperity in this festival and express their gratitude.       

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Religious Significance of Pongal

  • Indra Dev is worshipped on the very first day of Pongal. He is directly associated with rain and it is very essential for farming. Therefore, people pray to Indra Dev for good rain for farming on this very day. They remove old and waste items from their home on the same day.       
  • Lord Sun is venerated on the second day of Pongal. Like rain, he is also very important for farming. People make special kind of Kheer on this very day and offer the same to Lord Sun. 
  • The third day of Pongal is directly associated with the animals of agriculture. Animals like cow, bull etc. are venerated on this very day. People give them a bath and adorn them. The horns of the bulls are adorned beautifully on this very day.     
  • The fourth and last day of Pongal is celebrated as Kanya Pongal. People decorate their houses with flowers on this day. Women make Rangoli in their courtyard, distribute sweets and wish each other. People make archways by using mango and coconut leaves and hang them at the entrance.         

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Usually, the festival of Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu but its religious and spiritual significance is extremely important for the human community. Boiling cow’s milk is considered to be important on this festival. Just like boiling milk is considered auspicious, similarly, the pious and pure ideas should also come in the minds of people.     

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