Palmistry Lines In Your Hand Can Get You A Government Job!

Everyone wants a government job. It is extremely important in India, which is why many people work so hard to obtain a government position. Some are successful, while others are disappointed. You’ve probably heard that a government job isn’t for everyone, and that fate is determined by one’s area of work. 

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It is believed that the lines of a person’s hands contain all of their life secrets. Palmistry experts can reveal secrets about a person’s past and future by examining the palm’s lines, mountains, and symbols. Palmistry can help you forecast a person’s personality, life path, and career. Today, we’ll tell you which Palmistry lines imply that a person will acquire a government position. So let’s get into detail.

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Palmistry Lines Reveals The Secret Of Life 

Sun Mount

If the Sun Mountain is raised on your palm and a straight line appears, such persons have a better chance of landing a government position. Everyone is drawn to a government job and aspires to get one since it provides life security and many other benefits, thus everyone works hard to achieve one. However, due to a less posts, everyone’s desire does not come true. Luck, in addition to hard work, is vital in obtaining a government position.

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Line Of Fate 

The government employment line in the palm connects to the fate line. The individual in whose hand the fate line intersects the life line and travels between Jupiter and Saturn. Those people are fortunate to have a government job. The condition is that this line be clearly visible and not cut in the middle.

Shortened Sun Mount

A person with a modest line of Sun Mount in his palm lines has a very good chance of landing a government position. If the Sun line travels through a person’s life line and ends directly at the Sun Mount, that person will almost certainly acquire a government job. 

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A person with curved or crooked hand lines may have to deal with a lot of ups and downs at work. Even if such a person secures a job, he is frequently transferred. 

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The Sun Mount on the palm holds immense significance. When the Sun is powerful, a person’s regard grows quickly. The Sun Mount is located on the palm below the first finger of the smallest finger, also known as the ring finger. If the Sun Mount is raised and a straight line emerges from it, such people will soon be employed by the government.

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Jupiter Mount

If Jupiter Mount is located below the index finger or on the palm, the bulge is considered extremely lucky. Also, because there is a straight line on it, such persons have a good chance of acquiring a government position. The individual in whose palm a line arises from the fate line and leads to the Mount of Jupiter is extremely lucky. Such a person becomes a senior officer or holds a top position in the government sector. If a line coming from the fate line intersects the Mount of Sun, such persons continue to be linked with government service or become high-ranking officials in the government sector.

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Triangle On Jupiter Mount

If we believe in palmistry, any symbol in the Jupiter mountain of a person’s palm indicates that they work in government. In addition, if there is a triangular sign in the Mount of Jupiter on the lines of the hand, or if any line touches the fate line, such persons are able to receive government posts.

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These Natives Face Troubles

People who do not have a clear vision of the lines on their hands, or whose lines have broken, have a tough time securing a government job. However, such people are never short of money.

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