Mercury Direct In Pisces Brings Double Business Growth & Progress

On 25 April 2024, Mercury turned direct in the Pisces zodiac sign, at 05:49 pm. The effects of Mercury‘s movement to a new sign will have different impacts on different aspects of natives, like business, married life, education, career, and more. As per astrology, Pisces is the debilitated sign of the planet Mercury and among it, Mercury will prove very weak. However, the transit of Mercury in the debilitated sign will prove very auspicious for the business persons of some zodiac signs. 

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According to Vedic astrology, on 25 April, Mercury will direct in Pisces sign and the luck of business persons of some zodiac signs will improve significantly. Through this AstroSage blog, the readers can get details related to Mercury direct in Pisces and the list of zodiac signs that can face troubles due to it. 

Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

If Mercury is present in an auspicious position in the person’s horoscope, then it will provide positive results to the lucky natives. But, if Mercury is present with an inauspicious planet or in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house in the horoscope, then the natives can get positive results in their lives. In astrology, the planet Mercury is owned by Virgo and Gemini zodiacs. 

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Mercury is the planet that represents sharp intelligence and good knowledge in the person. But, as Mercury will be present in the inauspicious position in the horoscope and will be under the influence of Saturn or Mars, then the natives may face different troubles in their business life. Due to the bad effects of planet Mercury, the natives can face problems related to the nervous system, skin, ears, lungs, etc. 

So, let us move ahead and check the list of lucky zodiac signs whose business persons will get all kinds of profits and progress. 

Mercury Direct In Pisces: List Of Zodiac Signs Whose Business Persons Can Face Troubles 


Mercury direct in Pisces will prove very beneficial for the business persons of Gemini zodiac sign. They will get a chance to earn huge profits in their businesses and can compete with their competitors successfully. Natives involved in businesses across foreign countries will get immense profits from their operations. There are new chances of getting into new deals in your business that can earn huge profits. In your field, you can become a leader and progress by leaving the competitors behind by a good margin. 

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The Virgo natives will perform brilliantly in their business sector due to Mercury direct in Pisces. In this period, the natives will be able to provide tough competition to their rivals. The entrepreneurs will emerge successful across their fields due to Mercury direct. Along with it, there are indications of earning a lot of profits in the business sector from new or existing deals. They will be able to write a successful story that even the competitors will respect them. You will also achieve success in some new technology or innovation. There are clear chances of earning new profits across different business deals. The business persons may get a new deal or order from which they can earn a lot of profits. They will get a lot of opportunities to move ahead and make progress in the business field. 

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Due to Mercury direct in Pisces, there won’t be much trouble for the business persons. The time will be very wonderful for the Libra natives. They will shine in the field of business and can set a new example of success. The natives will attempt to make relevant new deals due to it. During this timeline, they can overcome their enemies and rivals. In this period, they will have complete control over their business and might face different obstacles. They can run their businesses efficiently and can earn huge profits. 

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The Sagittarius natives will get the chance to earn a lot of profits due to Mercury direct in Pisces. They will be successful and can earn a lot of money due to the right effects. The natives can get the best opportunities to accumulate profits from different business deals. You will get positive results in your business acts and will feel very satisfied with it. There will be tough competition from your rivals and thus will be motivated to make the right efforts towards it. In the field of business, you will be on the path of progress. All your business strategies will be appreciated very much and this will assist in making the right kind of profits. 

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The Capricorn natives will get profits and good progress due to Mercury direct in Pisces. There are chances of getting auspicious results from different deals and can get immense success in your field. There will be different opportunities in this period and can earn a lot of profits due to Mercury direct. The Capricorn natives also have the chance to start a new business in this period. This is a favorable time for completing different tasks. There will be a lot of success for business professionals to make remarkable progress and flourish across varied fields. Other than that, their position will be very strong in business matters and will get the right opportunities to defeat the rivals. The natives will feel satisfied after getting success in their businesses. 

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