Tarot Weekly Horoscope (28 Apr – 04 May): Lucky Zodiac Signs Of The Week!

Are you eagerly waiting for the Tarot Weekly details? AstroSage is back with its weekly prediction report. Tarot Cards hold all the secrets of your past, present, & future. This traditional method has been used by people for years to make relevant decisions in life. Do you have plans to take certain steps this week that will yield profits? In this AstroSage blog, the readers will get to know about the lucky zodiac signs of the week whose natives will get multiple benefits according to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (28 Apr – 04 May). 

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List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs Of The Week As Per Weekly Tarot Report 


For Gemini natives, it will be one of the best periods to get involved in a new relationship or start a new one. The week will be financially secure and the income levels will rise. According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (28 Apr – 04 May), there are chances of family trips this week and also may get engaged in family business. All your projects will be successful and will get an all-round appreciation for your efforts. Get 100% positive results for your hard work at the workplace. You can also overcome some injuries with the assistance of friends & family. The lucky charm of the week is ‘Jade Crystal’. 

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For the Cancer natives, the week will turn out to be an eventful one. There will be ample opportunities to excel in your profession and achieve success. Your hard work at the office or workplace will yield a lot of profit. There will be love and enthusiasm in the love relationship. Your business will get the relevant investment for its stability and growth. You will have the relevant willpower to overcome illness. The period is also favorable for getting involved in different projects. The chances of success are very high in whatever task you do. The lucky charm of the week is ‘A Silver Block’.

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The financial condition of the Scorpio natives will be stable for the Scorpio natives. According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (28 Apr – 04 May), the right efforts will yield the best results in family life. Get ample opportunity to spend quality time with your life partner in this period. The work life will also be very comforting and yield appropriate results. There are also chances of good investments this week. There are chances of business travels and can meet foreign delegates for meetings. You will feel healthy and rejuvenated for the entire week to complete various tasks. The lucky charm of the week is ‘Coral Crystal’. 

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Q1. How will be the financial life of Sagittarius natives?

Ans. The Sagittarius natives can face different types of hardships & challenges in their financial lives. They need to spend this week cautiously.

Q2. How will be the health condition of Aries natives?

Ans. They will feel rejuvenated and have a renewed drive to recover from different types of illnesses.

Q3. What will be the financial condition of Pisces natives?

Ans. It is advised to avoid any kind of investment this week and the Pisces natives need to make the right plans for savings. 

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