All About Paap Kartari Yoga In Vedic Astrology

In the domain of Vedic astrology, Paap Kartari Yoga is considered to be inauspicious and you must have heard the same from others too. When the astrologers go through a horoscope, they come across several Doshas and Yogas, and all the future events, either they can be good or bad, are revealed on their basis. Paap Kartari Dosha obstructs other planets to benefit the natives of different zodiac signs and engulfs them with problems. In this blog, we will learn about Paap Kartari Yoga in detail.  If you wish to know about Raj Yoga in your kundli before knowing in detail about Paap Kartari Yoga, then Raj Yoga Report can stand by you and help you in decoding fame and fortune in life.

A learned astrologer can predict all favourable and unfavourable outcomes by reading Yogas and Doshas present in one’s horoscope. There is one such inauspicious Yoga, termed Paap Kartari Yoga. Often, you must have heard that if a person falls under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga, they are unable to achieve favourable things in life. In this context, we are shedding light on what Paap Kartari Yoga stands for, its results in astrology, and the remedies to ward off its bad effects.   

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What is Paap Kartari Yoga?

Kartari is like a scissor, which is used to cut certain things. Similarly, Paap Kartari Yoga cuts short the fruits of a house or a specific planet that falls under this dosha. 

Kartari Yoga is of two types: Shubh Kartari and Paap Kartari

Shubh Kartari Yoga is the one when auspicious planets are present in both the 2nd house and 12th house from any house or planet. 

Paap Kartari Yoga is formed when inauspicious planets are present in both the 2nd house and 12th from any house or planet.

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For example, seeing from the first house i.e. Lagna, if Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house and Venus is present in the 12th house, as both these planets are auspicious by nature so it will be a Shubh Kartari Yoga and it will increase the impact of the first house.  

Opposed to it, if Saturn is placed in the 2nd house and Rahu is posited in the 12th house, then, it will be called Paap Kartari Yoga and this will impact Lagna adversely.

When no planet is placed in the 2nd and 12th house or if one planet is auspicious while the other is inauspicious then, no Kartari Yoga is formed. 

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Impact of Paap Kartari Yoga

In the context of Vedic astrology, if there is any impact of Paap Kartari Yoga on any house or any planet, it eliminates the auspicious outcomes or reduces them. For example, when Saturn transits in the 12th house from the moon sign, it marks the beginning of Sade Sati. When Saturn is placed on the moon sign then, Sade Sati reaches its middle phase while when Saturn approaches the second house, it implies the last phase i.e. end of Sade Sati. Like this, the transit of Saturn from the 12th house to the 2nd house from the moon sign is considered to be inauspicious. Based on this, we can say that 2nd and 12th house is extremely important from any house or planet. This is the very reason that special importance is attached to the 2nd and 12th house because if any planet rests in the second and twelfth house, the strength of giving benefits is affected.     

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To make it more clear, wherever you are staying, then the neighbours of both sides do cast their shadow on you. It implies that if the neighbours are intelligent and peace-loving, you don’t face any problem, but you may have to live under stress if they are disturbed by themselves. Similarly, many kinds of problems crop up in life because of Paap Kartari Yoga. The influence of Paap Kartari Yoga on any planet or house diminishes its strength but where there is a problem, the solution also lies there. 

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Special Remedies to Mitigate the Impact of Paap Kartari Yoga

If Paap Kartari Dosha is present in your horoscope and if you feel that you are not benefitting properly, then you can perform some remedies to eradicate the impact of Paap Kartari Dosha. Let’s know what these remedies are. 

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  • The effects of Paap Kartari Yoga can be controlled to a great extent by reciting Gayatri Mantra.
  • Maa Durga is considered to be a destroyer of all bad effects and therefore if the formation of Paap Kartari Yoga is taking place in your horoscope, you can lean to the feet of Maa Durga.
  • You also have an option to worship Hanuman Ji, the Rudra incarnation of Bhagwan Shankar.
  • If any house is under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga, then recite the Mantras of the ruling lord of that house and the planet residing in the same house to negate the effect of Paap Kartari Yoga.
  • Those planets forming Paap Kartari Yoga and if they are in favourable position in one’s horoscope, then recite the Mantras of those ruling lords. If they are placed in unfavourable position, then donate the items of their choice.
  • Total submission to Lord Shankar and performing Rudrabhishek can be beneficial.

Kundli Depicting the Paap Kartari Yoga

In the above Kundali, you will observe that Libra Ascendant is emerging but the second house is occupied by Rahu and the twelfth by Saturn from Lagna or Ascendant. Like this, a strong Paap Kartari Yoga is being formed which will adversely affect the first house or Ascendant. It can be said that the native can face health problems. He/She can face some other personal problems also. If a person is born under Libra Lagna, the personal characteristics which should be very strong enough in one’s horoscope tend to decline. This also can happen that he/she may not be in a position to make quick decisions, maintain balance in life, and there may be a lack of attraction in them. 

From the above information, we can conjecture the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga, its influence, and the remedies thereby. 

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