Paap Kartari Yoga After 200 Years; 4 Zodiacs Must Beware!

In Vedic Astrology, we get to know the creation of auspicious & inauspicious timelines by planets and their effects on the zodiac. Chaturgun Paap Kartari Yoga is one of the dangerous timelines and it affects the lives of four zodiac natives. Paap Kartari Yoga is the time period when inauspicious planets are positioned in the 2nd and 12th house from any planet or house. Lives of people come under stress due to the inauspicious yoga and the confidence of individuals goes down significantly.

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The formation of Chaturgun Paap Kartari Yoga after 200 years will be tough for four major zodiacs and the individuals need to be careful about the situation. The negative effects of yoga will range from ill health & negative impact on the attitude. There are chances of your strength diminishing due to the yoga and the right solutions from the astrologers will help deal with the situations.

List of Zodiacs Facing Challenges Due to Chaturgun Paap Kartari Yoga


The Chaturgun Paap Kartari Yoga brings back luck to the Taurus people and there will be chances of miscommunication in the relationship. Venus is the lord of Taurus and combined with Mars and also there is the presence of the sinful planet Rahu in the horoscope. The sinful planet creates health troubles in the life of individuals and the chances of business troubles are also prominent. All the plans prepared by individuals will also fail due to yoga.

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Yoga brings harm to the lives of Cancer people and the chances of failure also increases. People need to drive safely during this period as the chances of accidents are real. The income levels will go down due to it and the health of parents will be impacted negatively. If you’re expecting promotions in your job, then the person should be more careful of the period. The peace and satisfaction level decreases in life.

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The virgo natives will face different kinds of troubles in the workplace and the overall productivity will be low. You might get hurt due to certain circumstances during the period and avoid lending money to anyone. Also, don’t join a new job during the period as it will deliver unfavorable results. Avoid investing any funds in the share market and the chances of financial losses are high.


The period is very harmful for natives and they will find it hard to get quick solutions in life. There is the third vision of Shani on the planet and also there is the presence of Rahu Dev. It might lead to health troubles in human lives and the chances of road accidents are also prominent. The natives will always be dissatisfied with the outcomes of activities in life and improper actions will result in bad times.

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