Numerology Weekly Horoscope 07-13th November 2021

Numerology Weekly Horoscope 7 November – 13 November  2021  

How To Know Your Root Number (Moolank)? 

Numerology plays a vital role in your life. The date on which you are born during any month and after converting it into one unit number is your Root Number. The Root Number can be anything from 1 to 9, for example – if you were born on the 23rd of a month, your root number would be 2 + 3 i.e. 5. In this way, you can read your weekly numerology horoscope by knowing your root number.

Know Your Weekly Horoscope With Your Birth Date (7 – 13 November 2021)

Numerology has a massive impact on our lives as the numbers have everything to do with our birth dates. As we have already cited above, a person’s root number happens to be an addition of his or her birth date and it comes under the administration of various planets.

The number 1 is ruled by the Sun, 2nd by the Moon, 3rd by Jupiter, 4th by Rahu, 5th by Mercury, 6th by Venus, 7th by Ketu, and 8th by Saturn, and 9th by Mars. Many changes take place in one’s life because of the movement of these planets and the numbers administered by them have a major role.  

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Root Number 1

(If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month)

For the natives of root number 1, this week will be full of confusion and indecisiveness. You will find it hard to make decisions even with day to day tasks and may feel a bit lonely, so it is advised to spend time with family members and enjoy quality time with them. For career professionals during this week, you will find that rational thinking is not going to provide you with all the information you need to get ahead. It is important that you rely on your intuition. This is where you will find the true answers. For lovers, you are likely to feel encouraged to socialize more than you have for some time. Make use of a certainly acquired boldness to go and speak to that person whom you have been admiring from afar. You don’t have to be aggressive, but you would benefit by speaking your mind and being honest about what appeals to you. From a health point of view, when making choices about what you eat, always choose for the benefit of your body. Your taste buds may give rise to some ulcers and bristols, therefore eat light, nutritious foods.


Offer jaggery to cows every morning.

Root Number 2

(If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month)

The natives with root number 2 will remain low on energy at the beginning of the week, as you may feel too sensitive and emotional. You can sometimes give too much and ask too little. Resolve to stand up for what you need. The working professionals will find that people around them are extra supportive of them and their needs. Feel free to lean on others and ask for advice. In the love life, make use of the positive emotional energy around to sort out a situation with your current love interest. This is an excellent week for a frank and honest discussion with your beloved and disclose some of your hidden feelings. This will pave the way to real forgiveness. You may catch a cold and flu during this week healthwise, therefore you are advised to take good care of your health.


Offer raw milk & water at Shivalinga while chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ on Monday.

Root Number 3

(If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month)

You will be at your creative peak this week. Such natives are expected to be on the leading edge at home and work, both personally and professionally, when it comes to thinking of new and innovative ways to approach something. You are sure to be a powerful contributor to any projects, as your innate artistic talent will be flourishing this week. In group situations, don’t hesitate to voice your ideas. Chances are that your ideas will be unique and well-received. Once you have some spare time, pick up that instrument of choice for some creative expression of your own.  Nothing will help you get through hard times more than regular exercise that involves deep breathing when it comes to your health. It sorts out the body and mind by generating the flow of freshly oxygenated blood and improving your circulation. Yoga is probably something you do already. Try to find the best time of day to practice for you and make it a healthy habit.


Respect your tutors and donate bananas at a temple on Thursday.

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Root Number 4

(If you are born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month)

Natives with root number four will find it challenging to go about their usual logical and practical way of thinking. Consider giving your mind a rest this week and allowing your heart and spirit to take the call. If there has been something you had thought about trying, why not go for it this week. Allowing yourself to experience this kind of balance will bring greater contentment and a sharper mind. If you are looking for that perfect romance, be warned it may not start out this way. In terms of love life, you may actually dislike each other at the first part of the week or become embroiled in a spirited conversation that takes you to the edge of a complete fall-out. However, just as rapidly, you can also make up, and this is where the story could get interesting by the end of the week.


Offer water to the Banyan tree every morning and light a lamp in front of the tree.  

Root Number 5

(If you are born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month)

For natives with number 5, this week is an excellent time to get involved in projects that require creativity. Even if you are at home with children, rallying up the troops to do a craft project or some other form of artistic expression will prove to be a lot of fun, not to mention you will also be successful. If for some reason you are on your own, let your natural social nature combine with your creative streak by writing some content or making something special for those who stay away. You will be riding a lucky streak this week. You will be at the right place at the right time and in order to be successful this week, you just need to follow your heart. This shouldn’t be too hard to do. Your intuition will point the way. To avoid being afflicted, make your diet and exercise the priority no matter what. When you take care of yourself physically, you notice all your other needs more readily.


Offer two boondi ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and worship him.

Root Number 6

(If you are born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month)

The vibration of this number is of creativity and expansion, making it an opportunity to take some time just for yourself. Given your dedication and commitment to your family, chances are you won’t get nearly enough time for yourself during this period. Try to remember that some opportunities will be there during this time to give you the chance to refill yourself well. Whatever your favourite art form or craft activity is, make time to indulge yourself during this week. Express the deeper feelings of your soul in any style that suits you. Be good to yourself. You may see hiccups over a certain issue connected with an important relationship. In this situation, it is better not to lose your temper because there is too much at stake. Take some time to calm down, and some space to think things through. Then when you feel ready, do some real talking, as it may solve the problem once for all. It would be fruitful getting some exercise before you get to work in the morning.


Recite Durga Saptshati every day and donate a meal to a needy girl on Friday.

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Root Number 7

(If you are born on 7th, 16th, 25th of any month)

For the natives with root number 7, it’s the perfect time to take all of your insights and recent awareness out into the rest of the world through physical release. If you paint, let the canvas speak your thoughts. And if music is your thing, express your soul through the notes. Writing is also another excellent means to solidify your understanding and beliefs during this week. If you were planning to have a journal, consider using this week to start. By allowing yourself a creative release, the flow within you is renewed. The employed natives will have a smooth week, your relations with seniors and bosses will improve during this week. Your stuck-up projects can be streamlined with the help of a female colleague or boss. The casual relationships will develop into intense love affairs and you will witness closeness in your bond.  In the context of health, this week is going to be average and you will be prone to skin allergies, therefore be careful when you move out in dust, pollution and Sun.


Feed seven grains to the birds every morning.

Root Number 8

(If you were born on 8th, 17th, 26th of any month)

Expect to bring the best in your creativity to everything you do this week. Being number eight you have a solid injection of hard work and talent into your spirit, which will be blooming during this period. There has been something you struggled with at work in past weeks, try looking at it from a different perspective. This may show you the perfect means for tackling the complex situations of today. The same can be applied on the home front. If you allow yourself to truly express what is inside of you this week then you will be able to resolve a number of compromised situations and conflicts. There is a lot of energy around this week that you could express by taking a loved one out somewhere exciting. It could be a great idea to go off on an adventure together. Your health will be fragile and you will complain of body aches and headaches during this week.


Read Shani Chalisa and light a lamp in front of Lord Shani on Saturday evening.

Root Number 9

(If you were born on 9th, 18th, 27th of any month)

This week will be welcoming for natives with root number 9. The creative and expressive nature of this number will provide you with the opportunity to communicate through alternative means such as writing, drawing, or music. This can be particularly helpful to you, as speaking your mind doesn’t always come easily. Don’t hesitate to say when you are in any critical situation this week. “Just do it” is the mantra for this period as that will truly work for you. The loving couples will share some loving moments with their partner, you may plan a day trip of long drives with them during this week. Your performance at work and task completing capabilities will be appreciated. You will maintain your reputation in the good books of your seniors and employer. The health concerns may bother, especially those who have blood pressure issues during the beginning of the week. You are advised to intake lots of liquid and avoid spicy food.


Donate red lentils at a temple on Tuesday.

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