Numbers Reveal Secrets Of Past Life!

Many people are interested in learning about their past lives. Everybody is interested in learning about their past lives. Where did we birth? Or what womb did we arrive at? Should we have felt joy or grief? And so forth. If you are wondering about something similar, we will answer your queries through this unique AstroSage blog.

According to Numerology, it is possible to determine in astrology what a person was at a former birth. We shall reveal to you what you were in your former life today using numerology. However, you must first go through two numbers, the Jeevan Marg Number and Internal Number, to discover this mystery.

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Now the question is, what are these internal and life path numbers? To start, let’s find out the answers to these two questions.

Life Path Number

The Life Path Number is a unique number created by adding the numbers from your date of birth, the month of birth, and the year of birth. Let’s take the scenario that you were born on April 12, 1991. You need to combine all these digits to get their single number, in this case, to determine your way of life.

(1+2+0+4+1+9+9+1)= (27)=(9)

In other words, if we subtract the Jeevan Marg number from the previous date of birth, the life number of that person is 9.

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Internal Number

After then, discuss the internal number that must be calculated by adding all the vowels in your name. Each vowel has a digit as (a) is a one, (e) is a 5, (i) is a 9, (o) is a 6 and (u) is a number 3.

In this instance, your name has the letter E twice, with the letter A. We would receive 10 points for adding two E’s, but an A would only receive one. This will add up to 11. We will divide by two to get a single number. The number assigned to the name Lena internally is 2.

Now that we are aware of the following rule, we must combine the Jeevan Marg number with the internal number to create a single number. The life path number is nine, and our internal number is two (9) by adding these (and making 11 and 1 into a single number).

Similarly, by multiplying your internal number by your Jeevan Marg number and eliminating the last digit, you can discover your past. Let’s move forward and learn how we can determine our former lives’ corresponding numbers.

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Numerology Reveals The Secret Of Past Life

  • Number 1: Number one is associated with leadership in numerology. In this case, if your number is 1, you must probably have previously served as a leader, king, queen, or head of a community. There must have been a lot of respect in your life and a lot of comfort in your life.
  • Number 2: If the total of your numbers is 2, you might have once shared a body with a twin brother or sister. Your former life must have been filled with many difficulties, and this raises your risk of experiencing romantic betrayal.
  • Number 3: If your number is 3, your family must have thought highly of you and held you in high regard. You likely had a prior existence as a landowner, landlord, farmer, or jagirdar. In addition, you probably have a creative bent, which would allow you to pursue other creative endeavours such as writing, painting, etc.
  • Number 4: If the total of your numbers is 4, either you were a highly good person, or you experienced challenging circumstances in your former life. Your life will be filled with suspense and exploration. You can be an army soldier or a prisoner.
  • Number 5: If the total of your marks is 5, you may have previously served as a brave soldier and won numerous awards, among other things. It’s also possible that you were once a famous person whose subject is still being spoken about today.
  • Number 6: Concerning number 6, you may have previously practised Satsang, followed a spiritual path, or served as a spiritual teacher.
  • Number 7: Speaking of number 7, you may have been a very generous person in the past. We will probably still hear about your motivational stories. In addition, you must have enjoyed a high level of respect in your family and community.

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  • Number 8: Speaking of the number 8, it’s probable that you were once a Tantra Mantra master and expert in occult sciences. In addition, it’s also plausible that you were formerly extraordinarily wealthy and well-known.
  • Number 9: When it comes to number 9, these individuals must have formerly served as the community’s leaders. You would not have experienced a lot of prosperity or poverty. You had to have been a very loyal person who respected other people.

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