New Year 2024 Begins In Pious Yoga- Know Remedies For Good Luck!

New Year 2024: The new year 2024 is arriving soon and with it, new aspirations and hopes will awaken in the minds of people. Let us inform the readers that the new year 2024 will begin this time with an auspicious coincidence. The first day of the New Year i.e. 01 January 2024 is Monday and it is dedicated to Bholenath. Thus, the start of the new year is considered very auspicious. 

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If on the first day of the year, you please Lord Shiva somehow with some astrological measures, then the entire year will be full of happiness and prosperity in the lives of devotees. You will get the blessings of Lord Shiva throughout the year with it. 

New Year 2024: Formation Of Auspicious Yoga On 01 January 

On 01 January 2024, Ayushman Yoga will be formed which is considered very auspicious. This yoga will start on 01 January, at 03:39 pm, and will end on 02 January, at 04:34 am. In Vedic Astrology, Ayushman Yoga is considered very auspicious, and the good effects of this yoga result in happiness, longevity, good health, and peace in the lives of people. 

So, without any delay let us move ahead and check the measures to be taken to please Lord Bholenath on the first day of the New Year. 

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New Year 2024: Rudrabhishek Of Lord Shiva 

Bholenath is considered such a lord who is pleased with the devotion of devotees with a true heart. On 01 January 2024, fill water in a pot and do abhishek of the Shivalinga. After taking a bath in the morning, visit the nearby Shiva temple and do Abhishek. Worship Lord Bholenath, pray to him, and offer your prayers to get appropriate blessings from the lord. 

New Year 2024: Lord Shiva Loves Belpatra 

Bholenath loves Belpatra very much and the devotees can take the help of Belpatra to please the lord. You need to definitely offer Belpatra on the Shivalinga on the day of the New Year. It is believed that Bholenath can be pleased quickly with Belpatra and it fulfills all the desires of the devotees. 

New Year 2024: Wear White Clothes 

As per Vedic Astrology, Lord Shiva likes Lord Shiva. If you desire the blessing of the lord throughout the year 2024, then take a bath on 01 January, wear white clothes, and apply sandalwood Tilak on your forehead. 

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New Year 2024: Donate Relevant Items 

The best way to please any God or Goddess is through appropriate donations to the poor and needy people. On the first day of the year, donate materials like curd, white clothes, milk, and sugar. The devotees can please Bholenath with this simple remedy. 

New Year 2024: Offer Bhog Of These Items 

As mentioned earlier, it will be simple to please Bholenath by offering Belpatra and Dhatura. On 01 January, offer Bhog made of ghee, sugar, and flour. The devotees will get the blessing of the lord with this solution. 

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