Venus-Jupiter Combust After 24 Years Could Be Problematic For These Zodiacs

Astrology places particular emphasis on Jupiter and Venus out of the nine planets. The Guru of the devils is Venus, and the guru of the gods is Jupiter. As a result, Venus and Jupiter have a hostile relationship. The favorable and unfavorable positions of these two planets have an impact on good and auspicious tasks.

Important and auspicious activities are prohibited while these two planets are in combust position. Find out more about Venus and Jupiter’s combusting times.

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Jupiter-Venus Combustion: Date & Time 

Venus will now rise on July 11, 2024 at 07:59 am after combusting in Aries on April 28 at 07:27 am.

On May 3 at 10:08 p.m., Jupiter will set in Taurus; it will rise again on June 3 at 3:21 p.m.

Thus, after 24 years, the combustion of Jupiter and Venus is occurring at the same time. Certain zodiac signs are more prone to have unfavorable outcomes while these two big planets are in their respective positions. This blog post only addresses signs of the zodiac that call for caution at this time of year.

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Venus-Jupiter Combust: These Zodiacs Needs To Be Cautious


When Venus and Jupiter are combusting, Taurus people should exercise extreme caution. At work, you can run across some difficulties. It’s possible that your career will encounter some difficulties as well.

Even little chores could require a lot of effort on your part. You can also experience a decline in your relationship with your superiors at this time. It’s possible that your coworkers will oppose you and put roadblocks in your way. You will have signs of stress as a result of this. Entrepreneurs can also need to put in a lot of effort to turn a profit.

There’s a good possibility your expenses may go up significantly. It will be a little harder for you to satisfy your wants and expenses in such a situation. You might also be unable to save any money. There can be medical expenses if a family member’s condition worsens. Additionally, this is not a good period for married life. You can be at odds with your partner or boyfriend.

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Venus is combusting in the ninth house of Leo while Jupiter is combusting in the tenth. You might suffer from this situation. Your child’s development may be hampered by certain issues. It’s possible that a job requires you to travel, but there’s very little likelihood you’ll accomplish your goals there. You’ll need to put in more effort to reach your objectives.

Workers may experience extreme job dissatisfaction during this period, which could lead to repeated job changes. Additionally, it is a bad moment for business people. They will have to satisfy themselves with less profits in their field. You might experience financial loss, so avoid making any financial decisions at this time. Speaking of relationships, you might argue with your partner. There are indications of discord in your marriage to your partner. Aside from this, take no chances with your health.

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Venus is combusting in the sixth house of this zodiac sign, and Jupiter in the seventh house. This is the time when you need to exercise caution. You won’t be able to find success at work. Also, you still have very little possibility of succeeding in your career. Even small activities may require a lot of effort on your part. It’s a challenging moment for business owners as well. Even for lower profits, you will need to put in additional effort. Individuals doing business in partnerships could also encounter difficulties. In your married life, It’s possible that you and your spouse don’t coordinate well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What happens when Jupiter combusts?

Answer: It is advisable to stop auspicious work after sunset.

Question. What to do if the planet combusts?

Answer. Offer prayers or worship to the designated planets and perform planetary-related remedies.

Question. What happens when Venus combusts?

Answer. Some people begin to experience marital problems at this point.

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