Mercury Transit In Aries: Lucky Period & Financial Gains For These Zodiacs!

The movement of the planets from one zodiac sign to another is referred to as planetary transits. When such transits happen, human lives get affected in some way or the other. But, the impact of transit will be different for everyone. While this transit will prove very fruitful for natives of some zodiac signs, for others it will be a challenging period. 

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The natives of some zodiac signs will face different challenging situations due to this transit. Due to Mercury transit in the month of May 2024, there are clear indications that natives of some zodiac signs will get huge monetary benefits. In this blog, the readers will get credible information related to the timing of Mercury transit in Aries and the list of zodiac signs getting financial benefits in this period. 

What Is The Date & Time Of Mercury Transit In Aries?

Mercury transit in Aries will happen on 10 May 2024 at 06:39 pm. In Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury is considered as the factor of intelligence and learning. Mercury stays in one zodiac sign for a month and then changes its position. This Mercury transit will have varied effects on the natives of different zodiac signs. 

Importance Of Mercury in Vedic Astrology 

The planet Mercury is given a prominent place in the world of Vedic astrology. Mercury represents the communication skills of individuals and your expression of thoughts depends on the position of Mercury in the horoscope. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. As per Hindu mythology, there is enmity between the Moon and Mercury, but this isn’t true at all. From the Moon’s side, there won’t be any kind of enmity relationship with Mercury. But, the planet Mercury has hostile feelings towards the Moon. 

With the grace of Mercury, individuals will gain intelligence and prosperity in their lives. This will also bring positive thoughts into the minds of people. For the worship of planet Mercury, ‘Wednesday’ is considered the most auspicious day. So, let us move ahead and let us know the details of lucky zodiac signs due to Mercury transit in Aries. 

List Of Zodiac Signs With Huge Financial Benefits Due To Mercury Transit In Aries 


Mercury is the lord of the first and fourth house for the Gemini natives. Mercury is going to transit in the eleventh house and it will result in huge financial gains for the people. Luck will favor you in this period and thus the overall strength of Gemini natives increases. Your hard work will yield the best results and there will be all kinds of monetary gains. They are expected to make higher profits in this period. 


Mercury is the lord of the second and eleventh house of the Leo natives and now it will transit in the ninth house. In this period, you will get positive outcomes for your hard work. There are chances of immense success for the Leo natives. Money flow will remain good for them and they can manage their expenses smartly. This resulted in a lot of savings for the Leo natives. You will be able to save more money than before. 


For the Libra natives, Mercury is the lord of the ninth & twelfth house and now it’s going to transit in the seventh house. There are clear indications of financial gains from promotions and salary hikes. Other than that, these natives will get huge benefits in their workplace. With the use of the share market and trading, you can earn a lot of money. It will strengthen the overall financial condition of natives. 


Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house for the Capricorn natives and it is going to transit in the fourth house. This will result in the stable financial condition of the Capricorn natives and they can make huge profits from different deals. During this Mercury transit, they are expected to make good profits from different investments. You’re also likely to get promotions in your workplace. There are chances of profits for business professionals and it will make you feel satisfied. Other than earning, you can save a good amount of money in this period. 

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