Upcoming Mercury Transit On 06 March To Change The Fate Of These 3 Signs: Know Global Impact

Mercury is the smallest as well as the fastest moving planet in our solar system after the Moon. It represents our intelligence, memory, and learning ability. It controls our reflexes, nervous system, flexibility, speech, language communication (written or verbal) and anything related to numbers. And now it’s transiting in the sign of Aquarius ruled by Saturn. It is an airy sign, fixed and masculine in nature. It controls the natural eleventh house of the zodiac system which represents our desires, financial gains. So the transit of Mercury will  impact economic growth, financial gains and many others.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius: Timing

The prince of our zodiac Mercury is going to transit in the sign of Aquarius on 6 March 2022; Sunday at 11:10 AM from the sign of Capricorn and will remain there till 24 March.

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Impact of Mercury Transit in Aquarius On India and the World 

  • Improvement in the world economy and share market will be seen.
  • The people who are in the fields of media, mass communication, accounts, finances and investment banking will witness a favorable period. 
  • Communication and telecom market will grow, and people will spend money upgrading their gadgets. 
  • There will be a lot of socialization among people.

Impact of Upcoming Mercury Transit on Individuals

  • Finances will improve.
  • Communication skills will improve.
  • Image in social circles will improve.
  • You’ll find yourself more expressive about your desires.

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Signwise Effects Of Upcoming Major Mercury Transit 


During this time, you’ll be under the limelight of your social circle and financially benefited due to your communication skills. You can even impress others with your hobbies or writing skills, poetry or other similar skills as it will be praised. And if you were waiting for some stuck-up money to arrive or any loan application to be approved, that would be done during this time.


Taurus natives will get the result of all the hard work they have put in their profession or business in the last one year. Natives working in the field of banking, finance sector, mass communication will be benefited because their communication and management skills will impress the authorities at the workplace. People involved in the family business will take the business to the next level and multiply the profit figures. 


For Gemini natives, this transit will prove lucky for you. You’ll find yourself inclined towards the religious and mythological books and texts in the hunger for new and more knowledge. On the professional front, if you are a philosopher, consultant, mentor, teacher at this time, you will be good at counselling and can easily influence others. 


This transit of Mercury can be prove a bit tricky for you as the transit of Mercury is not very good from a health point of view. You may face some skin-related, nerve-related issues, therefore you are advised to take good care of your health. But if you are involved in the research field, pursuing your PhD or any other research work or trying to learn astrology or occult studies, then you’ll be benefited from this transit. 


For Leo natives, Mercury is the lord of finances for you, so this transit of Mercury will prove beneficial for the natives in business or willing to start a new business partnership. Mercury’s aspect on your ascendant will give you a charming and young personality and people will be attracted towards you. Love will increase between husband and wife.


Dear Virgo natives, Mercury is your ascendant lord and transiting in your sixth house. This is the time when you must pay attention to your health and body. This period will improve your health as ignorance can generate many health problems. Those in the service sector will undergo a favourable time. Just try to avoid getting involved in debts or any sort of disputes.

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This is a very good time for Libra students. Especially those who are studying maths, mass communication, writing, and any language course. Libra natives can also make money in the share market during this time. Love birds will enjoy the romantic time and their relationship will strengthen. Also, your bond with your children will grow.


Scorpio natives during this time will spend money on buying luxuries gadgets for their home. Your domestic atmosphere will remain full of joy and happiness. You just need to be a bit alert about the health of your mother. During this period, you may earn from the ancestral property or get a share from the heritage property of your ancestors.


For Sagittarius natives, this transit will make you very impactful in your communication skills in your professional life. Natives in the field of marketing, journalism, media will get a number of opportunities to prove your talent. In your personal life, you will get the support of your younger siblings and cousins and you will plan a short trip with them to enjoy some quality time.


During this time, your savings and joint finances with your partner will increase. Natives in the banking sector and financial market will be benefited with this transit. Also investing in property or houses will bring good results. You will spend good quality time with your family. This transit of Mercury will make you charming in your speech.


Dear Aquarius natives, this transit of Mercury in lagna will bless you with a younger looking and charming personality. This is a very good time for data scientists, managers in the export-import business, negotiators, bankers, medical officers and business owners. Even the aspect of Mercury on the seventh house will improve your professional partnerships and you will get their support. Married couples will enjoy a peaceful and loving relationship with their spouse. 


Pisces natives who are in export import business or working in MNC or Global companies will be benefited with this transit. During this time, Pisces natives need to pay attention to their health. Maintain good hygiene and have a balanced diet. The twelfth house is also the house of expenses and losses, so this transit may increase your expenses or losses, so be careful to avoid that.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mercury During this Period

  • Feed green fodder to the cows daily.
  • Worship Lord Ganesh and offer him Durva (grass).
  • Recite the beej mantra of planet Mercury daily.
  • Respect the transgender community and gift them something.
  • Install Budh Yantra within the house and workplace.
  • Light an oil lamp and worship the Tulsi plant every day.
  •  Offer green bangles to young girls on Wednesday.

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