Mercury Rise In Pisces Creates Troubles For Careers Of These Zodiacs!

In astrology, other than the planetary transits, the rise and combust of planets affect all the 12 zodiacs and the lives of natives. As the planets rise and combust in any zodiac sign, there will be a deep impact on the lives of natives. This will result in auspicious and inauspicious effects for different activities. The planet Mercury will rise in the month of April 2024 and due to it, there will be ups and downs in the lives of natives belonging to all 12 zodiac signs. 

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As per Vedic astrology, there are chances of a decline in the careers of natives due to the Mercury rise in the Pisces zodiac. This blog contains information related to the correct date of Mercury rise in Pisces and the zodiac signs facing downfall in careers due to it. 

Date Of Mercury Rise In Pisces 

On 19 April 2024, at 10:23 am, Mercury will rise in the Pisces zodiac sign. During the Mercury rise in Pisces, the natives need to be careful with their careers. Now, let us move ahead and check the importance of Mercury’s rise in the Pisces zodiac. 

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Importance Of Mercury In Astrology 

In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be the factor of intelligence and with its grace, the intelligence level of natives will increase significantly. The comfort levels and luxuries in the lives of natives will rise and they can attain good health. The auspicious influence of Mercury results in higher knowledge of people and the chances of acquiring positive results are very high. With the use of appropriate knowledge, people will be able to make the right decisions in life in the business field. They will be able to perform brilliantly in their business and stock market. In the same period, the natives associated with astrology, mysticism, etc. will achieve success in their respective fields. 

What Do You Mean By Rise In Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic astrology, the planetary rise refers to the planet that rises in a specific zodiac sign. This time Mercury rises in the water element, that is Pisces zodiac. Mercury will stay in a debilitated position in the Pisces zodiac, and when it rises in the Pisces, the planet also regains its power. Despite being in the debilitated sign, Mercury will stay in the first house and rise. Thus, it will be in a stronger position than before. 

Mercury Rise In Pisces: Careers Of These Zodiac Will Be Affected Negatively 


There are clear signs that there will be troubles in the careers of Aries natives due to Mercury rise in Pisces. In the workplace, the work pressure will increase and due to it, the natives might face different challenges at their workplace. There are chances that you might lose your job. During this period, the natives can feel disappointed with their current job role, and due to it, they might think about changing their present-day jobs. The new job opportunities will attract the natives. There can be thoughts in your mind of settling abroad by taking the right job. However, taking such a step won’t be favorable for the Aries natives. There can be disappointments in this period if you are expecting some kind of benefits in your career. The colleagues may take advantage of your friendship or innocence. Due to this, there are fewer chances of achieving good results in the work area. 

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As Mercury rises in Pisces, the Taurus natives need to be careful in their careers. But, some unwanted situations can arise in this period that can affect the careers adversely. The workload of natives can increase significantly and the superiors too can turn their back on them. There will be new job opportunities for the Taurus natives. However, you will be a little disappointed with the available opportunities. It is advised to create some harmony in your current workplace. This can improve the situation a little bit and the natives will feel less stressed with their careers. 

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The careers of the Cancer natives will be a little difficult to manage as a result of Mercury rise in Pisces. There are chances of frequent transfers to varied places for the employed people. You will remain tense and sad with the frequent changes in your careers. Due to this, you can think about changing the job. However, if you are planning to start a new job, then there is very little indication of getting positive results in your career. Your feelings related to your career can change constantly. Because of this, you will feel satisfied at times and sometimes there can be dissatisfaction. 

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The Libra natives need to be very careful with their careers due to Mercury rise in Pisces. You might not be very happy with your career and work. The natives can feel dissatisfied with their current job or work. You might also need to change the job due to some worthless reasons. The frequent changes at the workplace will enhance the worries of Libra natives. In this period, try to focus on the improvement of your overall performance. 

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In this period, the Aquarius natives need to stay cautious with their careers. Because of the Mercury rise in Pisces, the natives might miss the job opportunities that can enhance their prosperity. You might feel sad or disappointed due to missing out on relevant opportunities. They might also need to undertake some journeys that can waste both time and energy. There can also be thoughts of changing the job. The chances of getting positive results in your career are very minimal. 

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The Mercury rise in Pisces won’t be favorable for the careers or work life of Sagittarius natives. You might be able to prove your worth in your office or workplace. There are chances of getting big targets in your office but can fail to achieve the major targets. The natives might also fail to achieve any kind of major investments. The work pressure will also increase in this period. 

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