Budhaditya Yoga & Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga After 50 Years; Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs!

When a planet transits, its position changes and it results in the formation of some yogas & conjunctions. Other than that, planets also move retrograde & direct and it has similar effects as that of planetary transits. 

On 09 April 2024, Mercury will transit into Pisces in its retrograde state and this movement of Mercury forms an auspicious yoga. The auspicious yoga due to Mercury retrograde will ensure immense success for natives of some zodiac signs. 

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As Mercury transits into the Pisces zodiac, there will be a conjunction with Venus and the Sun. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus forms Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga in the Pisces sign. Also, the conjunction of Sun and Mercury Budhaditya Yoga. Such combinations are being formed after many years and this Rajyoga will be lucky for the natives of some zodiac signs. Now let us check more information about Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga and Budhaditya Yoga. 

What Is Budhaditya Yoga?

As per Vedic astrology, Budhaditya Yoga is considered very auspicious and fortunate for natives. All the 12 zodiac signs will be affected due to this Rajyoga, and it will shower blessings on the natives of these signs. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in different houses of the horoscope will create Budhaditya Rajyoga. The auspiciousness of this yoga will ensure respect, success, prestige, and financial prosperity in the lives of people. 

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What Is Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga?

As per Vedic Astrology, the Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga is considered very fortunate and auspicious. The combination of Mercury and Venus in any house in the horoscope will result in the formation of Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga. Venus is referred to as Lakshmi and the planet Mercury is given the title of Narayan. Thus the conjunction of the planets results in the creation of Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga. 

The belief is that the auspicious effects of this yoga bring a lot of peace, prosperity, peace, and success in life. Venus is the planet that represents material happiness, beauty, & success. While the planet Mercury represents intelligence, communication skills, and business. There will be a lot of financial gains for people due to the formation of Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga. This will also result in success in business life and love & peace in your relationship. 

So, let us move ahead and check the zodiac signs that will benefit due to the formation of Budhaditya Rajyoga and Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga. 

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List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs Due To Budhaditya & Lakshmi Narayan Rajyoga


The formation of Budhaditya Yoga and Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will bring favorable outcomes for the Aries natives. They will be successful in their careers and can grow across different sectors. Along with it, the wishes of natives will be fulfilled and they will feel happy about it. There will be mutual understanding between the husband & wife and this will make them happy. The respect and honor in the society will increase and the prestige also rises. They can also buy a new vehicle or property that will provide auspicious results. 


The Budhaditya Yoga and Lakshmi Narayan Yoga bear fruitful outcomes in the lives of Taurus natives. Your source of income also increases in this period and thus can meet the needs & expectations of your family. The time will be very useful for investment and thus can earn profits from it. There are also possibilities of gains from abroad.  The natives can expect good news from their children. The people involved in the import-export business can earn favorable profits from various deals. 


The Budhaditya Yoga and Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will turn out to be very lucky for the Leo natives. There are chances of buying a vehicle or property that will be very favorable for them. You can start a new business and earn favorable profits in this period. The self-confidence of people also increases and they will take part in different activities with full enthusiasm. There are chances of travel for the Leo natives that will prove fruitful for the natives. All your activities will bring success to the lives of people. 

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