Find The Auspicious Karnavedha Muhurat In May 2024 To Awaken The Positivity In Your Child

Through this blog of AstroSage, we are going to tell you about the auspicious dates for Karnavedha or in better words, Karnavedha Muhurat in May 2024. If you also want to perform the Karnavedha Sanskar of your child this year, then we are deeply going to tell you the auspicious dates and times to celebrate or carry out this Sanskar

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Importance Of Karnavedha In Vedic Astrology And Our Religion

To do anything auspicious in Hindu religion, we always look for an auspicious Muhurat. Six months after the birth of a child, Annarshan and Karnavedha Sanskar are performed. Out of the 16 principles of rituals, Karnavedha holds the ninth position and in this Sanskar, the child’s ear is pierced and a gold or silver wire is worn by them in the ear. In this Sanskar, there is a tradition of piercing the right ear of the boy and the left ear of the girl. It is said that by performing Karnvedha Sanskar, the child’s hearing ability becomes sharper, and negativity is removed from their lives. 

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Karnavedha Auspicious Muhurat In May 2024 

Date Muhurat
1 May, Wednesday First Muhurat: From Morning 06:57 am to Morning 8:53 am. Second Muhurat: Morning, 11:07 am to evening,06:01 pm
6 May, Monday From Morning 06:38 am to afternoon, 01:08 pm  
10 May, FridayFrom afternoon 12:52 pm to evening, 07:26 pm 
12 May, SundayFrom afternoon 12:44 pm to 07:38 pm  in the evening 
13 May, Monday First Muhurat: Morning 06:10 am to afternoon, 12:42 pm. Second Muhurat: From the afternoon, 02:58 pm to evening 07:34 pm. 
19 May, Sunday From afternoon 02: 34 pm to 04:47 pm in the evening. 
20 May, Monday From morning 09 : 52 am to evening 04:47 pm. 
23 May, Thursday From afternoon, 02:!9 am to 06:54 pm evening. 

What Is The Best Age For Karnavedha? 

In Hindu religious texts, the right or the best age and time to do Karnavedha is clearly described. So, the 6th, 7th, or 8th month from the childbirth or the odd years of a child like; 1, 3, or 5 are considered the best ages for Karnavedha. However, it can be done between the first three to five years of a newborn. 

Benefits Of Karnavedha Sanskar 

  • It is believed that performing the Karnavedha Sanskar enhances the hearing ability and the eyesight also gets brighter.
  • By performing this Sanskar, one gets protection from diseases like paralysis, hernia, deafness, mental illness, etc. 
  • Performing this ritual kills all the negativity at home and blesses the child with longevity. 
  • Blood flows easily in the brain and the brain works faster. 
  • According to mythological belief, performing the Karnavedha ceremony makes the personality of the child attractive. 
  • The troubles and adversities in life go away. 

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