Mercury Retrograde In Aries Brings Medical Suffering & Illness For 6 Zodiacs!

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: As per Vedic astrology, Mercury, the planet considered to be the factor of intelligence will retrograde in Aries on 02 April 2024, at 03:18 am. The retrograde movement of the planet Mercury will have effects on individual countries & the world, along with all the 12 zodiac signs. But, due to the retrograde movement, some zodiacs can face different health troubles or illnesses. This AstroSage blog contains details about the zodiac signs that can face health deterioration due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. 

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries: What Will Be The Effects?

The ruling planet of the Aries zodiac is Mars and the planet Mercury, which represents intelligence, will retrograde in the Aries sign. Because of this, an impulsive feeling can be witnessed in the behavior of natives in this period. There are chances of emotional turmoil in the lives of people. As Mercury enters the retrograde state, the speaking ability of natives can be affected and enhances the aggressive nature of natives. Such people start working impulsively and without much rational thinking. They get angry with different incidents very easily and there are chances of travel delays for them. 

So, without any delay let us move ahead and check the list of zodiac signs facing different types of health troubles due to it. 

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Zodiacs Facing Health Deterioration Due To It 


The Aries natives might face health troubles due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. They can suffer from headaches, sinus, or eye-related troubles in this period. It is advisable not to avoid small health concerns due to the planetary movement. As Mercury affects the speaking ability of individuals, there are chances of troubles in different aspects of life. They might feel disappointed or stressed due to it and there are chances of a negative impact in their lives. To stay healthy during this period, individuals need to exercise daily and eat the right diet. Other than that, they can remain happy by staying away from stress. 

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The Taurus natives will be worried about their career and financial crunch due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. The stress related to these factors can result in health deterioration. During this period, the natives will face trouble like headaches and there can also be stomach problems due to the Mercury retrograde. The focus should be on exercising in such a timeline. Other than that, the natives need to follow the right eating habits and bring some positive changes in their lifestyle. Such measures can keep the natives healthy during this period. 

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Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, the health of Cancer natives can be impacted negatively in such a timeline. There can be complaints related to headaches and stomach concerns. The decline in health will be a cause of worry for the natives. They need to keep their health on top in this period. In case of health troubles, avoid curing it with home remedies. The advice is to visit the doctor and get the right treatment for them. Even a little bit of carelessness related to your health can prove costly for the natives. To fix the health troubles, include exercise, follow the right diet, and avoid any kind of stress. 

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Mercury retrograde in Aries will prove detrimental to the health of Virgo natives. Due to it, the natives can suffer eye or head-related troubles. To stay healthy, the natives can take some therapy. For health improvement, it is vital to reduce stress and keep the focus on exercise & good diet. In this period, it is advisable to avoid even minor health concerns. 

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The Libra natives need to stay careful with their health during this period. They may also feel mentally unwell due to different health concerns. The stress can increase so much that it can negatively impact the health of natives. Also, stress in life can result in sleep troubles of persons and can cause dark circles under the eyes. During this period, there are signs of headaches and nervous system-related troubles. The natives should try to keep their minds calm and remove stress from life with meditation & yoga. 

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The health of Sagittarius natives can deteriorate due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. The health of your child can become a cause of concern and thus need to take the relevant steps from medical experts. Your money can be spent on the treatment of your spouse and this can make the mind of Sagittarius natives very tired. The focus should be on the health of the natives and they need to reduce their stress levels. To fix the health troubles, natives need to try yoga and meditation. 

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