Mercury Direct In Virgo Will Be Lucky For These 5 Signs!

On October 2, 2022, Mercury will make its first direct motion in Virgo. It is going to be considered a significant astrological event. Mercury is seen as a fortunate planet in astrology and is associated with intelligence, reasoning, knowledge, speaking, mathematics, wit, and friendship. Today’s blog will teach us about how Mercury affects various zodiac signs, the nation, and the entire world.

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Mercury rules the Virgo zodiac, hence the direct motion of Mercury in Virgo on October 2 will have positive effects compared to usual. Mercury’s blessings will especially benefit those born under the Virgo zodiac, who will gain knowledge, prospects for financial gain, family harmony, educational advancement, and children of married natives who will do better in their line of work. Additionally, from an astrological perspective, Mercury’s placement in the Virgo sign will be viewed as favorable. As a result, the natives will experience a period of increased life stability throughout this time. Significantly, the subtle impacts will entirely depend on the horoscope’s placement of Mercury and whether it has a favorable or unfavorable influence. 

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Time Duration Of Mercury Direct In Virgo 

On September 10th, the god of knowledge, Mercury, retrograded in Virgo. On Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 2:03 pm, Mercury will retrograde once again in Virgo. This period will bring harmony in the lives of some zodiac signs due to the God of Wisdom moving into its own sign of Virgo, therefore some natives will need to exercise caution.

Planetary Direct Motion In Astrology 

The “Margi” position of the planets in astrology describes their position or motion when a retrograde planet exits its retrograde position and resumes its regular forward motion. As a result, the Margi phase is directly opposed to the planets’ retrograde phases, and during this time it begins to produce effects normally. However, from the viewpoint of astronomy, while a planet is moving backwards during a retrograde, it actually looks to us on earth that the planet has stopped moving backwards at a particular location. However, when they pause there, they actually begin to get ready to move straight again.  

Astrologer’s Advice On Mercury Direct In Virgo 

-On October 2, as Mercury directs through its own sign of Virgo, Venus will enter Hasta Nakshatra and form a constellation conjunction with the Sun God that is placed there.

When it comes to the stock market, the cost of gemstones like gold, silver, and pearls will suddenly rise.

Additionally, there is a possibility that sales of wheat, barley, gramme, cereals, granules, jaggery, and sugar will initially slow down before progressively picking up in the retail sector.

-The Samsaptak Yoga, which is already in progress with Jupiter in Virgo, will suddenly produce favourable outcomes for the natives. Mercury being in the path will benefit everyone, but especially those who desire to take their future exams overseas. Along with this, many people will be seen developing into effective communicators and speakers.

Many national leaders will succeed in expressing their opinions in front of the public thanks to Mercury’s journey. He will, however, have to deal with criticism from some opposition parties as a result of this.   

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Mercury Will Direct Through These Auspicious Yogas!  

Numerous auspicious festivals and other celebrations will take place nationwide on Sunday, October 2, when Mercury exits its retrograde phase. Because of this, the natives will experience more favourable and fruitful outcomes if they are on Mercury’s path on this day. These festivities will be observed around the nation due to Mercury’s path:

Let us now see which zodiac signs and people will benefit from Mercury’s path in Virgo and who will experience difficulties due to it: 

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Mercury Direct Will Bless These Zodiac Signs 

  1. Gemini: Mercury, the ruler of your zodiac, will be in your own fourth house when it is directed in Virgo. Some people may decide to purchase a vehicle during this time in such a situation. Family life will also be full of joy and success. You will also be seen receiving your mother’s assistance in addition to this. From a professional standpoint, your expertise will help you achieve success in the marketplace. 
  2. Cancer: Mercury is directing in your zodiac’s third house. This Mercury path will assist you in this situation by fostering better interactions with your siblings. You’ll have the chance to make short trips that will bring in a decent profit. During this time, your communication skills will also be good, and you can use them to draw many influential members of society to you. 
  3. Virgo: For you, Mercury’s course will be of vital importance. because Mercury is passing through your first house and your own zodiac sign. In this case, you will notice positive changes in your nature at this time. Your education and intelligence will advance at this period, and you will be noticed attempting to enhance your appearance. Mercury will help you succeed in all areas of your life, including your health. If there was ever a problem that was bothering you, you will be able to solve it.
  4. Scorpio: Mercury will have an impact on your eleventh house while it is in Virgo. The Mercury path in this house, which is also known as the house of profit, will give you the greatest financial compatibility in this situation. Your earnings will rise, and people will perceive you as becoming more famous in society. Some natives will also make an effort to satisfy their unmet desires, and they will be successful in doing so. You will also be successful in recovering your money if it was lost or misplaced.  
  5. Pisces: Your marriage’s seventh house is where Mercury is currently travelling. Mercury will be in a compatible position for your marital life in such a case. If you were fighting with your spouse, it would appear that you were working out your differences with them. This time period will also bring sweetness to the way you speak to your partner, allowing you to be more candid in your explanations of your points. Your career will advance as you gain experience and keep moving forward as you gain knowledge.   

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Mercury Direct Could Be Unlucky To These Zodiac Signs

  1. Aries: Mercury is currently moving through your zodiac’s sixth house, which symbolizes disease. In this case, you will need to take a bit extra care to protect your health at this time. At this time, you might feel a little worn out. Students will also need to put in more effort than usual to perform well in competitive exams during this time. During this time, it will also be noticeable that certain people are having issues because of their limited resources. 
  2. Libra: Mercury will move into your zodiac’s twelfth house of finances on October 2. There will be a small rise in your spending during this time if this is the case. Even if you’ll have the chance to travel overseas at this time, you could have to spend a lot of your money on it. Those working in import-export business must be careful with their vocabulary and voice when transacting at this time; failing to make your message clearly enough could result in the cancellation of your contract.   
  3. Aquarius: Mercury will go through the ninth house of your zodiac sign. You will need to use a little bit more caution when dealing with challenges during this time due to the situation. Because there is a chance that you could suffer as a result of a sudden break downs or have an accident doing this. Even in a healthy life, you are advised to eat well and rest your body as needed, always working to improve your health.

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Astrological Remedies for Mercury Direct in Virgo:

  • Every day, recite at least one rosary of mantras for the planet Mercury.
  • The Vidhara Mool root can be worn or soaked in water overnight and consumed the next morning, according to the method.
  • You should also wear a Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha, which would be very lucky for you.
  • It will be beneficial for you if you wear an Emerald gemstone in accordance with the rules or on an astrologer’s recommendation. 
  • Install a Budh Yantra according to the principles in your house or business to achieve compatibility at work.
  • The position of Mercury in your horoscope can now be strengthened with the help of an online Grah Shanti Pooja, allowing you to reap the rewards of this path while relaxing at home.
  • Donate educational materials to a student in need on Wednesday.
  • Take the eunuchs’ blessings and present them in reverence.
  • Serve the cow and give it fresh grass to eat.
  • worship the Ganesha god.
  • Give your mother something green.
  • Keep a green handkerchief or piece of cloth in your pocket, if you can. 

Mantra Related To Mercury 

  •  Mercury Planet Vedic Mantra:

“oṃ udbudhyasvāgne prati jāgṛhi tvamiṣṭāpūrte saṃ sṛjethāmayaṃ ca। 

asmintsadhasthe adhyuttarasmin viśvedevā yajamānaśca sīdata।।”

  • Mercury Planet Tantrik Mantra:

“oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ !”

  • Mercury Planet Beej Mantra:

“oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ !”

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