Mercury Combust In Capricorn (8 Feb): How Does It Impact 12 Zodiacs?

Mercury Combust in Capricorn: In the month of February 2024, there will be multiple changes in the movement of Mercury planet. In this month, Mercury transits in the Capricorn sign, also Mercury combust in Capricorn, and then on 20 February, Mercury will transit in the Aquarius sign. It means that three vital changes to the Mercury planet are going to take place within 20 days. 

In this special AstroSage blog, we discuss the Mercury combust that is going to take place on 08 February. Here we present the correct information to readers about the effects of Mercury combust on different zodiac signs and the right measures to be taken in this period. Firstly, let us start and know about the time of Mercury combust in Capricorn sign. 

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Mercury Combust In Capricorn: What Will Be The Time?

On 08 February 2024, Mercury combust in Capricorn will happen at 21:17 pm. 

If we talk about Mercury planet, the strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in higher satisfaction, good health, sharp intelligence, strong mind, etc. in the lives of natives. On the contrary, if the Mercury is in a weak or afflicted position in the horoscope, then the person faces different kinds of business troubles, problems in life, memory weakness, etc. 

What Is Mercury Combust?

The astrologers believe that, when the Mercury combusts then the auspicious effects of the planet start decreasing. The direct effects can be witnessed on the career and financial condition of the natives. 

Vital Information: When does any planet combust? Moon combust at 12 degrees, Mars at 7 degrees, Mercury at 13 degrees, Jupiter at 11 degrees, Venus at 9 degrees, and Saturn at 15 degrees. It means that when any planet comes within that radius of the Sun, then it combusts. For example, Mercury combusts when it comes 13 degrees from the Sun. 

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In the event of combust, the planet does not provide auspicious results of its Karaka, but as Mercury remains close to the Sun, then it is said that three degrees is considered for Mercury planet. If any planet is positioned with the Sun and it is at a distance of 15 degrees from it, then it is considered fully risen. If the distance is 8 degrees then it is considered to be medium and if the distance is less than 7 degrees, then it is considered to be completely combust, except the Mercury planet. 

If we discuss the effects of Mercury combust, then as the planet combusts, it doesn’t create any kind of trouble for the natives, but the astrologers say that Mercury doesn’t provide any good effect as Mercury combusts. Other than that, in such a situation, the person may face troubles like loss of respect in society and skin troubles. 

Now also the question arises whether a combust planet provides auspicious results or not. So the answer is, surely it does. Astrology experts believe that if the lord of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house of a person’s horoscope combusts, then the individual gets auspicious outcomes. It means that these planets do reveal auspicious results in the same house. If seen in a specific way, it turns out to provide the results of Vipreet Rajyoga. 

Strong And Weak Position Of Mercury Planet 

As per astrology, the strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in the soft-spoken and funny nature of the natives. On the other hand, if Mercury is positioned in the afflicted state in the horoscope, then it results in the confused intellect of individuals. For further information, let us inform the readers that when Mercury is placed in the second house of the horoscope along with a debilitated planet, then it weakens the Mercury. In such conditions, the natives can encounter different diseases in their lives. The weak position of Mercury in the horoscope results in financial troubles, lack of respect, and lack of fame in life. It will also make it hard for individuals to concentrate on their studies and may be troubled with intellectual corruption. To strengthen the position of Mercury in the horoscope, the astrologers advise adopting relevant measures as per the situation. Let us check some of the solutions. 

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Relevant Astrological Measures To Strengthen Planet Mercury 

  • It is advised to worship Lord Vishnu if the planet Mercury is not in a strong state in the horoscope. 
  • On Wednesday, visit a Ganesha Temple and offer laddus to the lord. 
  • On Wednesday, start fasting to get the desired outcomes. 
  • On Wednesday, feed green grass to the cows. 
  • If possible, the person with a weak horoscope needs to wear an Emerald Gemstone. This will power the position of Mercury in the horoscope. Take the advice of an experienced astrologer before wearing the gemstone to get suitable results. 
  • Other than that, donate clothes and bangles to the transgenders to strengthen Mercury’s position in the horoscope. 
  • Offer water to the Tulsi tree. 
  • On Wednesday, consume basil leaves and also avoid consumption of eggs, meat, & alcohol. 
  • Visit a temple and donate items like milk and rice. 

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Importance Of Mercury Planet From Astronomy And Religious Point Of View

As per astronomy, Mercury is considered one of the smallest planets in the solar system. The planet is closest to the Sun and it completes the revolution of the Sun in 87 days and 23 hours. One day on Mercury is equal to 90 days on Earth. 

From the religious point of view, if we talk about Mercury planet, Mercury is worshiped as the deity in the Sanatan dharma. Mercury is considered the lord of wisdom. It is very crucial that Mercury is placed in a strong position in the horoscope, to get business success and also acquire good intelligence. To achieve it, there has been a long tradition of worshiping and fasting on Wednesday for years. 

Talking about a religious point of view, Mercury is considered the lord of growth and prosperity in the lives of people. They are represented by Lord Vishnu and the life of people becomes prosperous with the strong position of Mercury in the horoscope. As per the directions, the North direction which is also the direction of Lord Kuber is considered to be related to the Mercury planet. 

Let us now move ahead and learn about the effects on 12 zodiacs due to Mercury combust in Capricorn sign. Also, check the measures that should be taken in this period to avoid the bad effects. 

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Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Zodiac Wise Effects And Solutions 

Aries (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Taurus (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

For Taurus natives, Mercury is the second and fifth house lord and combusts in the ninth house. Due to the above, you ……………(read in details)

Gemini (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

For Gemini natives, Mercury is the first and fourth house lord and it gets combust in the eighth house. Due to the above ……………(read in details)

Cancer (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Leo (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

For Leo natives, Mercury is the second and eleventh house lord and combusts in the sixth house. Due ……………(read in details)

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Virgo (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Libra (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Scorpio (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

For Scorpio natives, Mercury is the eighth and eleventh house lord and during this time, it gets combust in the third house. Due to ……………(read in details)

Sagittarius (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

For Sagittarius natives, Mercury is the seventh and tenth house lord and during this transit, it gets combust in the second house. ……………(read in details)

Capricorn (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Aquarius (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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Pisces (Mercury Combust in Capricorn)

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