Mercury Combust In Aries Highlights The Negative Side Of Zodiacs & World!

Mercury Combust In Aries: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury Transits in the sign of Aries on the 04th April, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Combust In Aries will have on the zodiac signs. 

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Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system and the closest planet to the Sun. As per vedic astrology, Mercury, the smallest and fastest-moving planet in our solar system, holds significance in Vedic astrology as the planet of intelligence, communication, and logic. 

Mercury’s placement in an individual’s horoscope is closely associated with matters of the mind, your thoughts, how your mind functions, etc so the zodiac sign Mercury occupies in your birth chart reveals both how you think and express your thoughts to others. 

Mercury In Aries: Characteristics

When Mercury is in Aries, people don’t say things they don’t mean to say and they won’t hold back from saying things they’re considering. Your honest, frank criticism from an Aries Mercury could come in the form of a single sharp sentence or multiple eye-catching pages. Holding back is something an Aries Mercury does not do, though. For them, lying is like having their teeth pulled. You’re most likely the friend who offers the most frank advice as a result. 

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. The relationship between Mars and Mercury is inimical and both are contradictory in nature. However, this placement of Mercury is still considered average in Vedic Astrology. Such people are quite witty and wise. They seem to be equipped with innovative ideas and solutions. When working, Aries Mercury tends to do so in spurts. They prefer being on their feet and seeing instant results for the effort they have put in. When they get an idea, they want to see that idea implemented almost instantaneously and, if that’s not possible, they demand to know why. They also like a bit of physical risk and are likely to enjoy doing things such as speeding along in their bikes on highways on a Sunday.

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These natives can excel in activities such as dancing, music, and the arts. Someone with this placement of Mercury wants to get things done right away. These people are not good at putting off or postponing tasks. At work, they are good at meeting deadlines. They also have excellent communication, which benefits them in every aspect of life. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: Timing 

On 4th April 2024 at 10:36 hrs Mercury will become combust in Aries due to its close proximity to the Sun as both Mercury and the Sun will  be placed in the same zodiac. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


Mercury becomes the 3rd house lord and also rules the 6th house of enemies, debt, government job, diseases, etc for Aries natives and will become combust in the 1st house. As Mercury becomes combust in the 1st house, you may face confusions and delays in work. However there are possibilities of short term benefits, but you may still not be satisfied. This is a time when you could consider changing jobs or the ones engaged in government jobs could get transferred.

Financially, this period may include travel losses, making major monetary progress difficult. Taking major decisions quickly may not be good, and good care is advisable in long-term investments. It is essential to recognize that important decisions might not produce the expected financial gains, and even if they do, large-scale savings may be impossible.


Mercury rules the 3rd house and the 12th house for Cancer natives and will now become combust in the 10th house of profession. Regarding your career, Mercury Combust in Aries may cause you to experience increased work pressure and a lack of support from your superiors, which could leave you dissatisfied with the quality of your work. As a result of this deficiency, you may unexpectedly find yourself in a new role at an unexpected time.

You might not be able to make the kind of significant profits you had hoped for in terms of business. You can even be losing out on significant opportunities and large revenues in relation to the same. Competitors may present you with fierce competition, and such matters may be worrying you. As a result, you might be losing more business to your rivals, which would instead drag you down to deal with a losing situation.

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Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 11th house for Leo natives and will now become combust in the 9th house. Regarding your career, you can be dealing with issues from superiors and colleagues in your profession. You could not receive the necessary rewards if you were hoping for a promotion or other advantages during Mercury’s combustion in Aries. You may experience a bit of anxiety because you think your career is going to take a turn for the worse. During this transit, you might not receive the bonuses and other benefits you were hoping for.

You can experience fierce competition from your rivals in the business world and lose money as a result. Competitors who might be making more money than you are could pose a greater threat to you. You might be losing money because you are unable to take advantage of the difficult circumstances you are now facing in your business. Financially speaking, you could have to deal with additional costs and the possibility of losing money while traveling. Additionally, while traveling, you can be losing priceless stuff like gems. Thus, you must exercise caution when managing your money.


Mercury becomes the lord of the 8th house and the 11th house for Scorpio natives and will now become combust in the 6th house. On the career front, you may be facing more job pressure and a lack of good recognition from superiors. Due to this, you may be losing satisfaction and may decide to switch over to a new job which may provide you with growth. But such a good situation may not be easily possible during this time. You may be prone to severe job pressure and toughness that you may be facing in carrying out work with good efficiency.

On the financial side, you may not be in a good position to earn more money, but at the same time, you may get chances to earn money from unexpected sources. Saving more money may not be initially possible for you during Mercury Combust In Aries. You may be put to meet with more expenses also. Expenses during this time may be obvious for you and it will be valid. Due to such situations, you may not be in a position to save good money during this course of time.


Capricorn natives, Mercury is set to become combust in Aries in the 4th house. Mercury in general rules over the 6th house and the 9th house. On the career front, if you are doing a job, you may need to take care as there could be chances for more job pressure during this time. If you put more attention and focus on the same then you may be able to create high success stories in work. You may be put in the situation of changing your job immediately which may be giving you a lot of worries.

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If you are doing business, you may find this duration to be less profitable. To fetch more profits, you may need to catch up with the latest business techniques which may guide you to witness good profitable gains. On the financial side, earning a good amount of money might not be easily possible for you during this time as you could be left with more expenses which may be unwanted. You may need to cover your expenses with some concise planning or else you may be meeting with problems. The scope for savings during this time may not be present. You may even face the danger of losing heavy money during this transit.

Mercury Combust In Aries: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


For Taurus natives, Mercury is the second and fifth house lord and will combust in the twelfth house. You may be concerned about your personal life, maintaining good relationships, etc but may feel a little relieved as far as your career and finances are concerned. Your sincere efforts towards improving your finances may get you benefits. On the other hand, on the positive side, you may be able to gain business through foreign lands. People working in creative fields may travel abroad for work. 

On the business front, if you are doing business, then this time may not be highly good for you to gain sound profits but people may get relief through foreign clients. If you’re a business owner and had been unable to pay your creditors earlier, now you will be able to pay them and get over some of your financial woes. However, you could be worried about your future savings. On the financial front, this Mercury combustion in Aries may not give you the essential success in gaining more money as the scope for you to gain and save may be moderate.


Mercury becomes the 1st house or the Lagna lord for Virgo natives and also the 10th house lord. It will now become combust in the 8th house. On the financial front, you may have substantial financial issues within your family during this time, raising concerns. Lending money to close relatives should be done with careful consideration, as regaining it may be difficult. There are chances you may earn through hidden sources or inheritance. Sudden gains are also possible. 

In order to prevent mistakes, you can encounter circumstances in your work life where you need to exercise greater caution and control over your work. You may experience increased work pressure at this time, but you may also receive small rewards that will make you feel relieved and happy. Scientists, researchers, and others will profit from this phenomenon. Mercury is directly aspecting the second house, thus even if your business may not be making as much money as you had hoped, you will still make some money. It would be wiser for you to continue operating small businesses and seeking small-scale ventures.

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Mercury Combust In Aries: Worldwide Impacts

Business & Finance

  • The export business owners may thrive but could experience some delays in receiving money from overseas. 
  • The creative businesses and artists in India and abroad may also experience a slump in business for sure.
  • Miscommunication, misunderstandings and mismanagement would largely impact big organizations  and their business. 

Media & Artists

  • People involved in professions related to communication such as journalism, counseling, etc may get in trouble with authorities and people in power because of their choice of words. 
  • The music industry and entertainment industry worldwide may experience a slight slump in business or the music albums and movies may perform below expectations. 

Government & Leaders

  • Important leaders from the government may end up making wrong remarks and get into trouble or may have to seek apology.
  • Some foreign countries could try to create problems for India but we should respond or take any action after careful thought as Mercury combustion is not a very good time.

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  • The Government representatives and officials could be seen making immature remarks or statements and may get into trouble or face opposition. 
  • Public figures and people at important positions might also seem impatient and irritable when questioned about different subjects and could get into trouble.

Mercury Combust In Aries: Stock Market Report

  • The chemical industry, public sector, pharmaceutical sector, power sector, and cement industry will perform well.
  • Electrical products industry, electrical, power, tea and coffee industry, cement industry, diamond industry, chemical, heavy engineering will all perform well.
  • There may even be a risk of recession for a few industries, especially in the information technology sector. 

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