Mars-Venus Conjunction in Gemini To Unfold The Fate Of 3 Zodiacs!

Mars-Venus Conjunction: Every person receives different effects of the transits of planets. Apart from this, the effects of conjunctions of planets also falls on our lives profoundly. These effects can be either positive or negative. In the month of May there will be a conjunction of two significant planets. On 2nd May 2023, at 1:46 pm, Venus will transit in the zodiac sign of Gemini. In Gemini, Mars will already be present. The conjunction of these two major planets, Mars and Venus will significantly and positively affect four zodiac signs. 

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Mars’s Position In Astrology

The cardinal planet Mars is known for its fiery nature and rules two zodiac signs of the zodiac cycle which are Aries and Scorpio. The Manglik Dosh is formed in the horoscopes of the natives due to the position of this planet. As a consequence of this effect, the natives suffer from challenges in getting married. A person becomes courageous, mighty, and fearless due to the blessings of Mars. The day of the week dedicated to Mars is Tuesday and the gemstone for Mars is Red Coral (Moonga). 

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How Astrology Sees Venus?

The planet Venus is the harbinger of materialistic and marital pleasure in the lives of natives. The beauty planet Venus rules over two zodiac signs which are Taurus and Libra. Venus takes 23 days to go from one zodiac sign to another. The two planets Sun and Moon do not share cordial or friendly relations with the feminine planet, Venus. Apart from this, Mercury and Saturn share friendly relations with Venus. The day of the week is Friday which is dedicated to Venus and among gemstones, Diamond is the one which represents this planet of beauty. 

Mars-Venus Conjunction To Bless 3 Zodiac Signs!


Mars-Venus Conjunction will happen in the third house of Aries natives and as a result of its effect the natives will get to spend pleasant times with their friends. Apart from this, the Aries natives will attain success in all spheres of life. If you are one of those natives who is preparing for competitive examinations then this period will be ideal for you. Overall, you will receive success in all fields of life. 

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For Taurus natives Mars-Venus Conjunction will happen in their second house. During this period you will receive various auspicious opportunities. With the effects of this conjunction you will receive financial gains and peace and prosperity will come into your lives. Taurus natives will receive benefits in their professional lives as well. In work you will receive complete support from your seniors. Apart from this, your familial lives will be filled with happiness. 


For Virgo natives, Venus will transit in their tenth house and Mars will be situated in their eighth house. For business natives this period will be good. As a result, you will receive more financial benefits. Apart from this, working Virgo natives will attain favorable changes in their jobs as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What profession is related to Mars in astrology?

Professions related to Mars are dentists, surgeons, chemists, and barbers.

Q2: Which planet is responsible for luck?

The planet responsible for luck is the beneficial planet Jupiter. 

Q3: Which god is for Venus?

In Indian Astrology it is represented by Shukracharya; in Roman it is Aphrodite.

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