Mars Forms Paashvik Rajyoga – These Zodiacs Need To Stay Cautious!

Planet Mars is considered to be the factor of war, courage, & valor and its change of zodiac sign after a period influences human lives. Mars transits from one zodiac sign to another after 45 days and will soon enter into the Taurus sign from Aries. This AstroSage blog contains details on Mars’s transit in the Taurus sign. This transit results in the creation of inauspicious Paashvik Rajyoga and this hurts natives of some zodiac signs. So, let’s move ahead and check the benefits availed by these unlucky zodiac signs. 

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Mars Transit Creates Inauspicious Paashvik Rajyoga 

As Mars transits into another zodiac sign, it affects the lives of every person in some way or the other. As per Vedic Astrology, on 12th July 2024, Mars transits into the Taurus sign at 07:03 pm. As a result, the effect of Mars transit will be visible across human lives in different ways. This Mars transit creates inauspicious Paashvik Rajyoga that negatively impacts some zodiac signs. This Rajyoga results in different types of troubles in people’s lives. 

Paashvik Rajyoga – List Of 3 Inauspicious Zodiac Signs 


The Paashvik Rajyoga formed in the horoscope proves inauspicious for the Gemini natives. They should avoid making big and vital decisions during this period, or else they might encounter many problems. However, the natives must make important decisions and then do that after consulting with an elder person. The chances of incurring losses are reduced due to it. 

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There can be ups and downs in the married life of Gemini natives. In such a situation, they need to stay patient and avoid any unnecessary anger during this period. They need to stay cautious with their parent’s health due to which they might get worried about the situation. Because of this, the expenses of Gemini can increase significantly. The employed people need to operate carefully at the workplace as they might face troubles one after the other. 


The Paashvik Rajyoga won’t be very fruitful for the Virgo natives because the Mars transit happens in the tenth house of the zodiac sign. Because of this, married people can face many problems in their marital life and in such a situation, they can get into unnecessary arguments with their partner. The marital relationship can break due to such troubles in married life.

But, if the Virgo natives live peacefully, then their lives will be filled with peace and happiness. The expenses can increase during this period and due to this, the natives may appear very worried. If you’re going on an abroad trip, then you need to be careful, or else they can suffer monetary losses. Some valuable items can be lost or stolen during this timeline and thus they need to stay cautious about it. Their interest in spiritual activities also increases. 

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The Paashvik Rajyoga proves inauspicious for the Sagittarius natives as Mars transits in the sixth house of the zodiac sign. This Rajyoga impacts the financial situation of people negatively and so, the expenses may increase significantly. You might also need to take out a loan to cover the expenses. The employed people need to operate cautiously at their workplace as there are clear signs of disagreements or arguments with the office colleagues or superiors. 

They have an aggressive nature and so need to proceed with caution. During this period, there are chances of arguments or disagreements with your partner because of some matter. The health of people remains delicate due to this Rajyoga and so, they need to take proper care of their health. The employed people can face troubles in their careers and thus they need to proceed carefully in such a situation. 

Symptoms Of Weak Mars In Horoscope 

Getting Angry Repeatedly: The weak position of Mars in the horoscope results in repeated anger of natives over unnecessary things. It makes the natives more irritable and inauspicious Mars causes anger & aggression.

Avoids New Beginnings: The weaker position of Mars in the horoscope makes them afraid of trying new things in their lives and they don’t like to meet new people. Also, weak Mars in the horoscope causes accidents in their lives. 

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Egoism Ignites In A Person: Weak Mars in the horoscope results in higher feelings of jealousy and ego within individuals. Also, they can be troubled with health-related problems like digestion problems. 

Relevant Measures To Strengthen Mars In The Horoscope 

  • If Mars is weaker in the horoscope, then take a bath on Tuesday, wear red-colored clothes, and chant the mantra “Om Kram Kreem Kraum Sa: Bhaumaya Namah” three, five, or seven times. 
  • Fasting on Tuesday strengthens the position of Mars in the horoscope. 
  • Offer Vermilion Oil to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday, if Mars is weaker in the horoscope. 
  • To strengthen Mars in the horoscope, offer Chola to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday. 

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Q1. What happens when there is Rajyoga in the horoscope?

Ans. If by birth, Rajyoga is formed in the person’s horoscope, then the person lives life like a king. 

Q2. How many types of Rajyogas are formed in the horoscope?

Ans. In Vedic Astrology, 32 types of Rajyogas are formed in the horoscope. 

Q3. In which zodiac sign will Mars transit?

Ans. On 12th July 2024, Mars transits into the Taurus sign at 07:03 pm. 

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